Sunday, March 15, 2009

~~~Met Monday~~~

Another Met Monday hosted by none other than Susan at;)

I am showing a simple before and after with a few subtle changes in bathroom before and after....curtains which I had made as seen here using left over fabric from the bedroom drapes...

Before it matched the color scheme of the bedroom which was in the blues and browns...

Now it's lighter and more airy with the whites and corals..

Moved the light fixture from the bedroom to the bathroom..

Still haven't found the right artwork but eventually I will... just used what I had in the meantime;)

Hope you all enjoy the Monday before and after's and be sure to check out all the others listed at Susan above or use the Met Monday picture in my side bar;)

Hugs and have a great day!!

French;) xoxo

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Met Monday Make-over

Hosted by Susan at the above;)

I apologize for the quality of the pics but several were taken with my camera phone and somewhat blurry;) My client's table and chairs were a typical traditional cherry set with peach colored seats. She wanted a more contemporary room, so we began with painting the chairs and table black and replacing the fabric on the cushions!

The room before...

As some of you know I have been trying to help my friend decorate her new home. I guess you could say she has been my first client of sorts. Her budget was only $250.00 so we did the best we could with this budget;) Hope you enjoy the pics....she is really happy with the final outcome and I guess that's what truly matters.;) There are still a few things she wants to finish accessorizing the room but overall she is completely ecstatic with the outcome!

The first step....painting the chairs

The chairs re-covered...what a difference! They look new again!

We moved away from the typical builder beige to this green color.. and I sewed the drapes which are a tan linen... and added some bamboo blinds!!

The piece seen here on the wall was actually a headboard from a bed but was the right price and feel for the room at a $35.00 cost!

Added some shades to the current chandelier for a completely different look!

Took an existing gold framed mirror and painted it silver...took some scrap fabric that I had used in my son's room and framed them for some cheap artwork! Frames were only $5 each at Wally world;)

The buffet is actually an old stereo cabinet and actually the radio still works! It had been painted black already so it matched perfectly...cost FREE!!

So there you have it....some paint....fabric and a few gently used pieces and the room has been completely transformed into a cozy, contemporary updated space!

Still a few things needed, but overall a huge transformation with a minimal budget and best of all a happy homeowner!!

Hugs and thanks for taking the time to visit;)


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