Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

It felt like yesterday that I was screaming in pain and crying about being told I was going to have a C-section...my daughter even then was stubborn ( go figure) she comes by it honestly (lol)..and just Saturday I found myself standing at her side working on her hair trying to get it just right for senior prom night! I look in the mirror and think, where has the time gone, where have the years gone, thank goodness I still have my son who is only 10 now, but at the rate he is growing an inch a month it seems, he will be looking down at me in no time! And to think he is riding around in his 4 wheeler, and his best friend always at his side or in this case right behind him ( yikes) ! Life is so short, and seems to go so fast, if I had one dream it would be to slow life down just a bit so I could watch it in slow motion instead of at what seems like fast forward!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall

What an amazing shot taken by pure luck! Well not total luck I saw what occurred in the first few pictures and think I took 20 to get this one! I love photography and wish I knew more about it! Thanks to HGTV and RMS I am learning about decor and design as well as photography;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby;) You are my hero~~~

Well I can't believe it's been 18 years! Twenty one years together, and 18 married! Never in my life thought I could meet my soul mate and I did. Every time I look at you dear I am amazed that my feelings continue to grow each day, you are so kindhearted and you have the BEST sense of humor, you always know how to make me laugh and when I am sad, you hug me when I am feeling down. You have learned to tolerate my moods, and my silliness and despite the hardships we have had you have always remained my strong shoulder to lean on....You are my HERO in so many ways and the day I walked down the aisle and dedicated this song to you I believed that and still do. Tomorrow is the day we celebrate a glorious 18 years together and I would never imagine spending them with anyone but you! You are my heart, soul and strength. You have quietly always tried to stand in my shadow letting me shine when in fact YOU are the one that deserves to shine! I love you with all of my heart and soul and am humbled by your gentle kindness! I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow forever~~~Lisa xoxoxox

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vinyl you say??

Funny how as we get older we take things for granted such as, 8 tracks, cassettes, 45's and albums, to the CD and now to I Tunes and so on~~~we have had a revolution in the way the music is shared and listened to but one thing remains the same~~music is and will always be a universal language..We all have songs that bring us back to a day, a time, a place, a mood a moment...some happy and some sad but nevertheless music is an endless journey throughout our lives...So as I sat unpacking some old albums I thought what a waste to have them sitting in box collecting dust...then came the idea of using it in my decor..of course had to have the teenager agree but thankfully she thought the idea was really cool!! That wall holds many a memory for me and every time I walk in the room I can't help but journey back to the days when saving my allowance for the next album was the top priority in my life....I am sure if you could see the titles you too could find one song that would put a smile on your face! Hope you enjoy the music.....Lisa

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Understanding the makeover....

Just for those that may take the time to hear about the before and after project Kelly and I have been working on....I without the help of Kelly would never have been able to take on this kind of project, not because I couldn't do it but because she gave me the strength to do it even on days I cried at the thought of going back but also because of my friend Bobbie for whom we did it for...upon moving to SC and not knowing a soul she was the first person that be-friended me so to speak...we grew very close very quickly because at the age of only 33 her husband passed away and I was there for her during the most difficult time of her life. She is a gentle soul who always does for others and rarely for herself. She has re-married and has since had another child , and is very happy. Now the one thing she has always wanted was a nice home but truly never knew how to achieve it and most of her attempts were unsuccessful and without any help from family or friends without a price. She has after 11 years of knowing her decided to buy and build her dream home for her and her new husband, and despite his inability to do anything around the home he is a kind and supportive soul. So in my heart I truly felt this was something she not only wanted but truly needed help with, so began the project. She became very frustrated at times, and our friendship was tested because honesty at times may not be pleasant, but necessary. So we began what seemed to be an impossible task, and at every turn there seemed to be a barrier, or detour , a brick wall on our journey making things seem impossible, and with a deadline which we totally knew we would never meet..Then finally the day came where the first room was completed and as she walked into the room, a proud and humble woman crumbled and cried on my shoulder, thanking me and Kelly for giving her something she had always wanted but never had....I held back the tears and at that moment realized why I had been put on this journey....what goes around comes back around I thought to myself...a selfless act being shown out of love for a friend...Last Wednesday should have been our last visit but we decided to go back for one more visit and tweak things a little but before we arrived at our usual Wednesday morning I got a call from Bobbie saying that her husband had been rushed to the hospital to have emergency surgery, and although he is fine right now will have to be brought home with a wound vac and, and very large open incision which will mean he will be down for several weeks...So I guess, after all the grumbling I became humbled by the fact that God had put us there at that time to prepare her to take care of her husband.... she had a clean home, an organized home and finally she would realize how important it was while caring for him. So life does work in mysterious ways, and I am thankful that Kelly and I could be a part of his healthy and speedy recovery! Lisa

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Living Room After and Before~~~

Room two finished, at least as much as we can do, now just a few more touches and voila, our first finished project, go team Kiakilt!!! Better known as Lucy and Ethel;)

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