Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vinyl you say??

Funny how as we get older we take things for granted such as, 8 tracks, cassettes, 45's and albums, to the CD and now to I Tunes and so on~~~we have had a revolution in the way the music is shared and listened to but one thing remains the same~~music is and will always be a universal language..We all have songs that bring us back to a day, a time, a place, a mood a moment...some happy and some sad but nevertheless music is an endless journey throughout our lives...So as I sat unpacking some old albums I thought what a waste to have them sitting in box collecting dust...then came the idea of using it in my decor..of course had to have the teenager agree but thankfully she thought the idea was really cool!! That wall holds many a memory for me and every time I walk in the room I can't help but journey back to the days when saving my allowance for the next album was the top priority in my life....I am sure if you could see the titles you too could find one song that would put a smile on your face! Hope you enjoy the music.....Lisa


twintoo10292 said...

Hi French-I remember this post on RMS. It is such a great teenage room with a touch of class and sophistication. I wish I would have thought of this before I parted with my dust collection. Felt good about purging then but now I'd like to have them back!! I'm starting to get into reuse and recycle what you already have and this is a great example of that. Hope your friends hubby is doing better and keep us posted on your next adventure.

Cottage Dreaming said...

Hi French, I have always loved your daughters room. The color choice is so fresh. I laughed the other day, we were watching Idol and I said "Oh he will sell some records" and my seven year old said "What is a record?" Too funny. They look fabulous on the wall and I love the little punches on color in the middle. Have a great day, Heather

Rue said...

What's a record?! I can't even remember what I was going to write, now that I read that... ugh! I'm old! I guess we all are. We're old together :D LOLOL

I love this room. Alex asked for all of my old vinyl. Did you know that they're making them again? Weird, huh?


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Hey! This is Terriedj/Doxieluvr from RMS. Gatorgirl/Marti just told me you have a blog. There are getting to be quite a few of us RMS gals over here. I love your blog. I have always loved your daughter's room. It's so.. creative. Stop by my blog sometime!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...
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Deb said...

Hi French, I remember you from RMS also. I love this room.Deb

twintoo10292 said...

Hi French--I just showed this to my 16 year old son and he thought it was cool too. We're redoing his room and I was wondering how you hung the records to minimize the holes in the wall. I was thinking about using T-pins as they only leave a hole the size of a pin when removed but wasn't sure. Write me back on RMS. I'm off to garage sales to buy albums.LOL. thanks Twin

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