Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6 Quirky things about me!

1. I am not nearly as anal retentive as Donna (lol) I like things to be organized but mine seems to be organized clutter ----but don't move it or I will know!

2. If someone (husband or my kids) take a sip out of my milk~~it's all theirs! There is just something about it that turns my stomach...I will share anything else just not milk!

3. I don't balance my checkbook, well at least not on paper it's in my head and I worry about the day I won't be able to do that anymore!

4. I have an addictive personality---I used to be at Bingo all the time when we lived in Canada! Yeah can you picture me with all my dabbers lined up and my Troll dolls (don't laugh it's true)! But hey I used to win a lot! Thus I could never live in Vegas I would be broke!

5. I had no idea I would enjoy writing so much it's addictive to me, see above comment (lol)! I just want to keep going and going, I have plots all over my head going in every direction!

6. I love to travel, but I am a total chicken shit with other things! I am a total city girl if you threw me into the jungle I would surely perish!

I was tagged by both Chris and Donna;) I think most have already done this so only do it if you want to!

I couldn't wait so~~~~~ Chapter 1 is NOW available!

Hugs French;)

Monday, September 29, 2008

G-man at large!!

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't catch this picture of me coloring his gray hair (lol)

Here are my answers to the questions about my hubby.

1. He's sitting in front of the tv, what is on the screen? House, Ghost Hunters, Anthony Bourdain, Chef Gordon Ramsay
2. You're out to eat what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? Ranch

3. What's one food he doesn't like? Vegetables, but he's getting better!
4. You go out to the bar, what does he order? Michelob light

5. Where did he go to high school? Oshawa, Ontario Canada
6. What size shoe does he wear? 10

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be? Old cars

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich? Philly cheese steak
9. What would this person eat every day if he could? Meat and potatoes kind of guy

10. What is his favorite cereal? Honey Combs, or Captain Crunch (lol)
11. What would he never wear? Speedo

12. What is his favorite sports team? Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Cowboys, college football of any kind
13. Who will he vote for? We can't vote...enuf said

14. Who is his best friend? Me, Mick or anyone that he can rope into playing a round of golf.

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do? Stay up late all the time
16. How many states has he lived in? One.... this one

17. What is his heritage? Scottish on his mother's side, we think Austrian on his dad's side
18. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake? Chocolate, or home made apple pie
19. Did he play sports in high school? Hockey eh!

20. What could he spend hours doing? Watching golf tournaments, or college football
A few facts about the man in my life;)
PS Thanks for all the support on the soap opera I am having a blast doing it!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So it begins...

Here is the link to the site it will be available at 12:01 EST, my goal is to do this once a week, haven't decided which day yet....after all I have to keep you all interested, but not overly bombarded with trying to keep up! Please remember to add yourself as a follower if reading it regularly..Thanks

Hope you enjoy it;)

Hugs French


Head Count

Have I missed anyone? Here is the list I have so far...

1. Beulah and Dexter Montague (school teacher and wife)

2. Kathy -(the local recluse and artist)

3. Raquel- Angelique (the model)

4. Shannon- Dr. and Mrs. Leigh Lexington

5. Deb- Mrs. Plumbward (nosy busy body friend to Beaudine Gaunch)

6. Mrs. Ben- Dr. Alexus Stran (therapist)

7. Naz- Cosima Greenwood (the gambler, snobby country club socialite mother to Shania)

8. Cindy- Pam Tanna (the private investigator)

9. Justine -Scarlett O Hairy-(the town slut)

10.Donna- Savannah Jones (aspiring model/actress)

11.Pumpkin Lisa- Kate Carliall (lonely housewife)

12. Squaw - Roxy LaRue (party girl friend to all, sister to Sheriff Nikki)

13 Elizabeth Betsy Bainbridge (snarky friend)

14. Nikki- Sheriff La Rue (sister to Roxy)

15.Brown-eyes- Beaudine Gaunch (town busy body, best friends with Mrs Plumbward)

16. Cindy (onlymehere) Shania Greenwood (daughter of Cosima)

17.Twice as Nice- Mrs. Lauren Von Schnauzer

18. Imjacobsmom- Brooke Lexus Von Schnauzer

19.Sherylthe Canadian- assistant to Crystal

20. Gollum- Crystal "Boom Boom" Jones

21. Kathy-(mama)Daphne Primrose Cunliffe (best friends with Bunny)

22. Bridget-Bunny Montana (best friends with Daphne they are drinking, socialites)

23. Schmecky- Antonella Bianchi (daughter of Antonio Bianchi)

24. Antonio Bianchi (mob boss)

25. Kyle - The pool boy

26. French- Taylor Diggle (attorney at law)

27. Mr Von Schnauzer (owns the automobile enterprise)

28. Dr.Anthony Montana - (town vet- husband to Bunny Montana)

29. Dustin Hooker ( the town golf pro)

30. Tootise Dahl- (therapist to Taylor Diggle)

31. Dr. Mc Hott

32. JD Jeremy- (the pool boy)

Holy cow! That's it I can handle no more at this point.......speak now or forever hold your peace if I have missed you!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time is running out~~~~

OK ladies due to the interest in this soap opera I will actually be making a new blog for just this story..... I have decided that my name will be Taylor Diggle..... DH says he want to play along also.... he will be Dustin Hooker the resident hunky golf pro who all the ladies are lusting after....the rest remains to be seen as the introduction begins...all that I ask is when I do get the blog up and running please add yourself the list of followers if reading it regularly...this is going to be a ton of fun! I am really excited about it and so many of you have made my job so easy, with the characters and ideas.....I am however a little overwhelmed with the turn out! (yikes) Hope I can live up to every one's standards (lol) The story begins after midnight Sunday so I will post the link here so you can access it easily at that time;) Let the fun begin! Oh I have taken the liberty of choosing some pictures of the character's based on what you have posted or requested, so if anyone has a specific person or look in mind please let me know so I can have a copy to upload ...you can email it to me at frenchkilt@aol.com. Hope we all enjoy the ride~~~French;)
Please keep in mind I may inadvertently miss someone and if I do just give me a gentle reminder! It's alot to start with but once I get a handle on it , it should be a breeze!!!

PS Just in case I haven't told y'all lately....I truly love all of you! xoxox

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok ladies the deadline for names and character traits is this Sunday at midnight EST! Once that hits then I will begin to try and put something together! This may take awhile so please be patient with me! All of this and trying to work, and keep up with blogs.....yikes! Please be patient and forgive me if I don't get out to visit as often but I will try to catch up!!

Hugs French;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I need your stage names ladies!

For those interested in partaking in the new soap opera series of "Blogge'ville" I request your character and name.....this may take some time so bare with me eventually I will get it all put together and try to make you all proud!!! Any pictures or ideas you can help with forward to me or make a request and I will send you my email to send it directly to me...this will be a group effort so let's have fun with it! I already have the idea for the title page and picture...I just need help and time;)

Hugs French xoxox

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When I grow Up I want to be A~~~~~????

So looking back to my childhood I started thinking about all the things I wanted to be...it's funny because I still have my childhood book with my own handwriting that says (ahem)
I want to be a Nurse
I want to be a dancer ( and NO not a pole dancer Donna)
I want to be an actress
I want to be a ballerina
I want to be a Flight Attendant

So here I sit 30 something (++a few) years later and.........

I danced for 12 years, tap ballet and jazz....
I worked as a Flight Attendant
I am now and currently work as a Nurse....
I have my Real Estate license
I have an Interior Design Certificate
I am a business owner

So I guess I have achieved most of my goals~~hey don't they say that what you learn in kindergarten is all you will ever need in life? ( I digress that's another blog)!

I want to act dammit! Oh wait I did have a 20 second spot on RMS does that count? NAH~~why can't I be part of the Lipstick Jungle or Sex in the City! Ohhh I know let's start a new show called
Where decorating diva's and SAHM divide and conquer all the fake Hollywood bimbo's! Brains vs dumb azzes! Where it's sweats vs stiletto's! Oh what tangled webs we weave......

So where should this story take place? What character do you want to have...good? bad? I am giving myself the deemed character of the sensitive one~~~yep I am a mush ball (that just happens to cuss at times)!

Biggest hugs and no cussing this time!

Hugs French;) xoxox

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Bucket List

So for those that asked here is my "Bucket List".....................................

1. Watching my children graduate, be successful, happy~ get married and have children ( not in a hurry for this one!)
2. Write a book/novel
3. Travel to Greece, Scotland with my family
4. Get married to my sweetheart again on the beach in a casual ceremony..with family and friends surrounding us!
5. Make a drastic positive change in someones life by just talking with them
6. Be able to financially give money to friend's that need it without them knowing I did it...
7. Fly to New York for a weekend with hubby, Christine and Kevin and catch a show..
8. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes!!!!!
9. Be a motivational speaker
10. Fly my friend Janice and her family to see me!
11. Meet all of my blogging friends;)
12. Travel here in Jamaica with butler service (grins)
13. Transform my backyard into a tropical heaven, pool and hot tub included!
14. Have my family live closer....
15. Live to work------ not work to live!
16. Watch my hubby have success in his business
17. Be a Big Brother contestant (he he he) and win!
18. Design for a living or have Stacey London's job!
19. Go shopping when and where I wanted to!
20. Take some cooking classes and enjoy cooking!
21. Take photography lessons
22. Have a housekeeper
23. Own some property abroad either in the islands or in Scotland
24. Learn to speak Spanish fluently ( I would like to be able to say that I am trilingual!)
25. Learn to sew like my grandmother did!
26. Die peacefully in my sleep at an old age

So here are just a few things....thanks to all that have played along;)
HUGS French;) xoxox

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bucket List

Last night G-man and I watched the movie " The Bucket List". For those that know nothing about the movie it's about two men, (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) who have been given a very short time to live and they make a list " A Bucket List" of the things they want to do, see or achieve before they die~~Of course being the blogger that I am, I thought it would be fun to see every one's "Bucket List".....it can be as long or as short as you want it to be....It's YOUR list make it what you want it to be...if you had all the money you needed, and had all your senses and were physically able to do anything what would it be.....let's see your list!
This should be fun so let's go with it!
Hugs French;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Home in a Mosaic

Our home in a mosaic...I think I see a pattern here colors, style, textures hmmmm? who knows why I like this but I do!

Now for my antique lovers out there please help..below you will see a picture of a gift I received years ago from a dear friend....all I know is that it is Wedgwood but that's it! Everywhere I have looked I can't find a similar patterned pieces...any idea where to look? I have been told it's very valuable...it's not in perfect condition as there is a small piece broken off from the spout of the tea pot. I am just curious to see if anyone knows anything about this stuff...I am stumped!

This is probably the only vintage, or antique thing I own and it is very valuable to me not because of it's worth but because of the person who gave it to me....any ideas would be greatly appreciated;)

Sorry the quality of the pics aren't great but you get the idea!

Hugs French;) xoxoxo

Thursday, September 18, 2008

If Cursing Offends you then DON"T read!!!

The "F" word is often thought of as a bad word~~~some people use it often some are offended by it and others grow up using it as part of their every day language~~~I grew up hearing constantly, and I think hubby being Scottish heard it often as well...it seems to be used more often in Europe>>>please click here for a video history of the "F" bomb!!!! I use it ALOT (yeah I know who would have thunk that right)! BUT, I also know when and where to use it if that makes it better? Just watch the video for your history lesson about the word FUCK!! So please if it offends you~~then do not leave comments and if it doesn't then please DO leave comments~~~like it or not it's a word I think everyone has heard at least once okay maybe twice! Most people won't admit to using it but I will~~~and too bad if I do~~~it's what I am used to and shows passion when used in appropriate situations as seen in the video!~~~Now let's see who REALLY wants to read my blog~~~~hmmmmmm!!!!! I say this because I will begin to use the word when I see fit and when the passion in my blogs demand it! I will not throw it around loosely, but hey it's my blog so I can use it when I want to right?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's with the number 3 and questions????

Why do people always say things happen in 3's? Why do things actually seem to happen that way?

Good or bad things always seem to occur in three's yes or no?

Who the hell is "Murphy" and why is it always his law that screws things up?

Why is it we tend to dwell on the negative and forget about all that is good in our lives?

Why do we have to turn over a new leaf why can't we just crush the one we step on?

Why do people always say don't talk politics or religion and yet they remain the two hottest topics........ still?

Why do men have to be from Mars and women from Venus?

Why do we have to learn from our mistakes?

Why do women have to be the ones who bear children?

Why the hell do we have to have hot flashes?

Who made up the word "blog" and are they getting paid for it?

If we got rid of weapons would we really have world peace, would it stop the gang wars and the drug lords?

If you have a bad day and say to yourself someone is raining on my parade~~wouldn't the parade continue anyway?

Is it better or worse to be an alcoholic, a smoker a drug addict???

Random questions......yes? LOL
I think that my parade has been pissed on enough for the last few months so here someone else take this little bastard because I am so through with him! Things are looking much better and it's about time! If what doesn't kill me makes me stronger then move over HERCULES!!!
Hugs Lisa xoxox

Monday, September 15, 2008

Donna This One's For YOU!

Now I am not sure who else must endure the difficulties associated with having a parent with Alzheimer's but my Donna girl is one of the STRONGEST ladies I know ~~~this is a touching and hearfelt video for all to watch! FYI~~~
She is home baby steps~~~~~
Love and Hugs Lisa and G-man;)xoxoxo

Click here to see video and have speakers on! and pause my music to get the full effect!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reality TV Junkie

Okay I have to admit I am a reality TV junkie! Of course HGTV and all shows there also!

Thank goodness I have a DVR which allows me to just tape everything and watch at my own leisure! So who else has this addiction? I am sure there are some of these some people watch?

I guess having psychiatric nursing as my background I am in awe of watching people and their behaviours and actions...So what say you?

Trying to take one day at a time right now and keep busy she is not home yet...for those that wonder......I wonder too....

Hugs French;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The power of prayer....

I defy anyone to say that prayer does NOT work....I just got off the phone with my daughter and she wants to come home! I don't want to rush things and I still have a lot of anger and hurt but we promised to be civil and talk and not throw accusations.....it's a time of healing and growing for all of us.....I know this is a difficult time as she is only 18~~we have all been there...BUT I hope to slowly mend things~~~when she was a little girl as I tucked her in at night I would always say " I love you bigger than the sky" to which she would reply " I love you bigger than the universe"~~~that's what she said as we hung up the phone tonight~~baby steps>>> I knew in my heart this was so out of character for her~~~but was afraid I might be wrong.......

I know how I raised my child~~~I hoped and prayed it would somehow, some way shine through and it did....

Now let me say I hesitated to blog about this but my husband encouraged me to do so because he felt I would get the support and strength I needed...so I did and he wasn't wrong....the overwhelming compassion and support from all you bloggers is unbelievable!! I wish I could spend time with each and everyone of you having coffee and chatting about life~~~we all have stories, we all go through difficult times.....You have ALL been there for me and that will NOT ever be forgotten! Tomorrow is a new day~~~and a new beginning~~~~

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Thank You doesn't even seem to cover the emotion I feel for all the support you have given me! I promise to come by and visit each of you~~for now I am just thankful to be heading in the right direction again!

PS Sam~~~I love you bigger than the sky!

With all my heart and soul my thanks to all!!~~~~~Lisa xoxoxo

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dying of a Broken Heart

Happy 18th birthday Sam!

Today should be a happy day. Instead we feel like we are dying of a broken heart. My daughter is 18 today and in her infinite wisdom, she left yesterday while I slept! Without a word to either of us or even her brother....I am a mess, hell we are all a mess even Jake can't stop crying! She left to go live with a boyfriend who is totally controlling her. She has always been responsible, respectful and loving and I just don't understand this....this is my worst nightmare, we do nothing but cry constantly please pray for us because I don't know what else to do.......we are dying from a broken heart.....I don't know what to do....I don't know how to handle this... words can't even begin to describe the pain and the hurt we are feeling right now! The depths of the hurt and disappointment are tremendous...I feel as though a part of me has been ripped away...
I don't think I can get through this......If we didn't get along or argued it may be easier to understand but we didn't argue and I thought we were close.....I don't know where we went wrong!!

Lisa (dying of a broken heart)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We have A Winner~~~

We have a winner! I have been showing my son several different rooms and funny as soon as he seen this one he shouted "MOM that's the ONE"! Hey he is his mother's son! He thought is was really cool and loved the colors! He even noticed the shadow picture which he already has! Now of course I am not duplicating this room, but using it as inspiration! I hope I can get the same "feel"! Now I have no idea when or how I am going to get to this but at least now I have ideas! He is so cute he even noticed the black piping on the pillows and noticed how it matched! I will get his eye trained young so eventually maybe years from now he can help decorate his own home;) Off to bed as I am working tonight for 13 hours then have a 2 hour class afterwards (yikes!) Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Playing with Decor and Pictures

Yummy decor!

There is no denying where my taste is in decorating , and thanks to Gollum I have been playing with pictures to see if I could actually do it and woohoo~~~I did it! Now if you look at the first row second picture that is a great example of how Kelly and I decorate together..it's an incredible mixture of the British Colonial style with some hints of traditional, casual chic and a little of everything really! Maybe one day we will actually get the opportunity to do this in someone else's home! What about the beams in the one picture wouldn't that look cool in my bedroom! Oh this is fun, at least it get's the imagination running!

Poll results said the majority wanted some decor advice so I will try to do that but of course also honor the wishes of those who requested the other items listed!

I love the child's room with green and black and considering doing that in my son's room, with the exception of the black furniture I will use his current dark brown furniture..what do you think?

This is a current picture of his room, sort of....there are a few changes since this, but you get the idea...

We even have some key black and white elements already, and other than paint, bedding, and curtains which I could make, it would be quite easy~~~oh yeah except for the time involved!

Hugs and love French;)
I have been re-decorating my blog after all it's much cheaper then decorating myhome! I lost my blog roll and tried to remember everyone! If you are NOT on my list, then I had a blonde moment, forgive me and kindly remind my dumb-ass!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Have Winners! And 1 blonde LOSER!

OK Ladies~~~we have three lucky winners in my 100 blogs post!

1. Twice As Nice at http://twiceasnicetwin.blogspot.com/

2. Deb at http://debscountrykisses.blogspot.com/

3. Linda at http://coconutsandlimes.blogspot.com/

If you ladies will please send me your addresses and names I will forward your packages!! You can leave me a post here if you want and title DO NOT POST and I will simply copy the information and then delete;) Now keep in mind the item is currently being worked on~~~I didn't lie~~I am not making it~~~hubby is;) sort of well maybe, we'll see.... I am currently working on my blog so if I disappear for a few days you'll know why! Maybe one day I will be back from the depths of bloggerville...UGH~~~ (wishing I had paid more attention in computer class) and even taken an extra class or two!

Here I sit~~~~again! Screaming at the computer~~Lord knows it can't be user error! (roflmao)

Congrats to the winners!!!

Love Frenchfry xoxoxo

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My 100th Post and a Giveaway! It's a Long One Bare with ME!

Ok so first I can't believe it's my 100th post!! Yikes! First things first~~have some business to take care of!

Dearest Friends! A week or so ago Donna over at >>>http://www.deembee.blogspot.com/: posted a "Pay it Forward" Post! The first three people to comment received a gift.. Here are the rules... (I think)!
The rules are that it can be something that I've made (yeah right!), bought, or found, but that it should be something that I'd like to receive if it were me getting the gift! If you happen to be one of THE FIRST 3 persons to leave a comment, all I ask is that they do the same for the FIRST 3 PEOPLE to leave a comment on your blog and that you do a blog publishing the rules like I have done here. I'll touch base with the FIRST PERSON later to get their mailing addresses to send their little surprise package. This should be fun and I'm looking forward to it! The item can be one thing.......... a couple of small things............. or whatever you'd like. Be creative and remember that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money, just send something that you'd like to receive if you were on the receiving end of it!! Now, let's share the love! I already know what the special gifts are~~~~~so forward your name and address. Now in case anyone wondered why I waited to reply to this well there was a very good reason...I had to check out the goods and make sure I had takers...so to speak! I digress....more on that later....

It's funny because I never imagined I would ever be blogging! I have found this to be quite therapeutic during what has been an extremely difficult time in my life... I have found to my surprise that my blogging, and non-blogging supporting friends, have not only become friends but , become friends who understand my past, believe in my future, and accept me just the way I am. I believe there is truth in writing that surpasses what a person can say face to face...I believe that because of YOU ladies there are STILL wonderful, kind loving and caring people in the world! I believe that I have learned a great deal about so many wonderful people, that I have yet to meet face to face! Yet, should I need a shoulder I believe you would bare my weight and let me just sob, without a word if that's what I needed! I have come to realize that I, nor is my family perfect, we are functionally dysfunctional as are so many families yet the love we share is immeasurable! I have been shown, compassion, love, caring, thoughtfulness and unbelievable faith and humor! You have given me strength and courage when I felt I had none left to give...you have given me hope when I believed all hope was lost... you have made me appreciate individuality, and quirkiness! So to ALL my friends blogging and non-bloggers, from the bottom of my heart I Thank YOU!!!!! (muahhhh)

Now a little "HINT" of what kind of gift I am sending~~and it's "NOT" the obvious! (LMAO)

Love and thanks to everyone for all the support since my beginning Blogging days in March of 2008!!! Over 5600 visitors since the counter and it's relatively new!!! That truly blows me away!! Who knew I was that interesting???(he he he)

Sincerely from the heart~~~~~Lisa (aka French;)

PS: French because I am bilingual, Kilt because hubby is Scottish~~that's it two names married together as one! xoxoxoxo " The Story of Us"~~~This song is for YOU!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

T-Shirt Sayings....

Have you ever seen some crazy T-shirt sayings? There are several we have purchased either for the kids, friends or for fun...Here a few of our favorites... in no particular order

1.My imaginary friend thinks you have mental problems.

2.Nice face! What are you gonna' do when the baboon wants his butt back?

3.Support human cloning! Two heads are better than one.

4.I'm not getting smaller, I'm backing away from you.

5.Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?

6.I don't know what makes you dumb, but it really works.

7.If a man speaks in the middle of a forest and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?

8.You're just jealous because the voices talk to me.

9.Don't interrupt me while I'm talking with myself!

10.I'm with stupid >>>

11. No sense in being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway!

12.It's only funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's hilarious.

13.People like you are the reason people like me need medication.

14.Oh crap! You're going to try and cheer me up, aren't you?

15.Do not disturb! I'm disturbed enough already.

16.Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

17.I'm sorry. My fault. I forgot you were an idiot.

18.Excuse me, but do I look like someone who cares?

19. If you can't say something funny about someone, don't say anything at all.

20.The world is a strange place. Let's keep it that way!

21.I woke up on the wrong side of life.

22.WARNING! All stressed out and I haven't choked anyone today.

23.Keep watching. Maybe I will do a trick!

24.If I got smart with you, how would you know?

25.To save time, let's just assume that I know everything.

26.Sarcasm is just one more FREE service we offer.

27.If I flush, will you go away?

28.Do I look like your therapist?

29.I live in my own little world. It's okay! They know me here.

30.Normal people scare me!

31. What color does a smurf turn when you choke it?

And last but not least and probably my favorite....

32.I can only please one person per day, and today is not your day. Tomorrow does not look good either.

Well ladies my next post will be my 100th~~~be sure to tune in for a special surprise!

Love and Hugs~~~French;)

Oh and if you haven't voted yet for Justine's Garlic Bowtie Pasta Dish then what are you waiting for? To vote now go here! Good Luck Justine!!

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