Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reality TV Junkie

Okay I have to admit I am a reality TV junkie! Of course HGTV and all shows there also!

Thank goodness I have a DVR which allows me to just tape everything and watch at my own leisure! So who else has this addiction? I am sure there are some of these some people watch?

I guess having psychiatric nursing as my background I am in awe of watching people and their behaviours and actions...So what say you?

Trying to take one day at a time right now and keep busy she is not home yet...for those that wonder......I wonder too....

Hugs French;)


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Reality shows are so popular, and may never slow down, some I like and some are downright annoying, What I know for sure is they can really rope you in!!

nikkicrumpet said...

My Name is Nikki and I'm a reality TV show addict.

I don't watch hardly any series television...all the show that people get hooked on like "24" "heroes" "lost" "sex in the city" NEVER SEEN ONE EPISODE. I do watch lots of sports...Basketball (GO JAZZ) Baseball (GO DODGERS) and football (GO DALLAS)....but I am ADDICTED to Project Runway, So you think you can Dance (I even went to 2 seasons of their live tour) American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Shear Genius, Top Design. I stayed away from Big Brother and The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. I did get hooked on one season of Biggest Loser, but I'm trying to cut back. It makes my Hubby nuts! Except he will watch the Dancing shows with me and even took me to the two tours of So you think you can Dance. He will admit he even LIKED it. lol

Brown-Eyes said...

I really liked "Great American Dog" and told my 2 lazy Pomeranians (well, because I haven't taught them anything...heehee) they could be earning us big $$$.. I am glad to see you're keeping in touch with all of us and putting one foot in front of the other at this trying time of your life. Hugs, Bo

janet said...

well im glad im not alone, as much as i sometimes dont like reality shows my need to see how other humans interac lol drives me to sometimes watch....however, i couldnt tell you the last time i have watched one, matter a fact i havent been watching much tv at all lately except when i go to bed and the house is queit, seems to be the most enjoyable time.

Lisa, im sorry your daughter still hasnt come home, im glad you know where she is at least and hopefully things will soon work out for all of you. Another method to our teens madness is, if they are not living at home they feel they can make thier own choices without disappointing us parents, for example jobs and education choices. I know hearing this likely doesnt make you feel any better, i guess im just hoping it will help you realize that it likely has nothing to do with yours or your husbands parenting.
hang in there Lisa

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Hi my name is Darlene and I'm addicted to Reality TV.

Bridget said...

Katie has quite a obsession with these shows so I end up watching too.

Big Brother, Project Runway, Sheer Genius, Top Model, and Dancing with The Stars are never missed thanks to the wonderful DVR. I've probably missed a couple of the ones she watches.

Twice as Nice said...

We too love some of the reality shows. One of our favorites is The Biggest Loser. It's not a reality show but twin and I love Lipstick Jungle. If you've never wathced it you should see if you could catch up on line since it's only going to be the second season. It's REALLY good.

You looked great the other night but I was disappointed that they only gave you 15 seconds of fame. It went quick!! I'm sure they edited a lot out.

Have a happy weekend and hope you're back to a family of 4 soon.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Lisa, I love Reality TV too! Amazing Race is my favorite, but I love Big Brother, Survivor...and the list goes on! I got strung out of BB the year Will, Boogie, and Janelle were on and even subscribed to the live feeds! LOL! I Tivo them, and then watch through minus the commercials!

Your debut on TV...RMS was great! You sounded so professsional and looked so pretty! Your hair was gorgeous! And Gordon looked like a super guy! :)


laurie said...

Oh I am sorry to read this. I so hoped that she was home and you were all working through this. Since I just came on board when this happened, you may think it strange, but truly, my heart is breaking for you and your family. I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Laurie (bargainhunr)

Anonymous said...

Hummm, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Canadian Idol, American Idol are my favorites, but I love CSI also, even though it's not reality tv.
:-) - SherylCanadianGirl

French said...

Laurie thank you so much for your concern~~it has been very difficult..... so trying to take it one day at a time I only pray she comes home soon!! Lisa

Kathy said...

Hi Frenchie, Give it time sweetie, it will all work out, I know it will. I am guilty of watching a few of these, Gordon Ramsay of course, I know, I know, he swears and rants a lot, but he's passionate haha and Scottish, How can you not like that!!. American idols some of those kids have incredible talent!!. but not Big Brother, I just can't watch it not in the USA or England both versions drive me nuts!!!. You and hubby looked wonderful on TV,BTW. hugs, Kathy.

squawmama said...

How funny... Reality TV is so easy to get hooked on.. I know I am hooked on several of them myself... Not to mention Heros, 24, Ugly Betty, Moonlight, Chuck and Pushing up Daisies... There are ones I say I won't watch in fear I will just add another to the venue... besides I fight the ever battling husband for air time... and he only likes Survivor & Biggest Loser... So sit back and enjoy them..


squawmama said...

OMG! I forgot So you think you can dance ;-D


Chris said...

I can hardly wait until The Biggest Loser begins, along with many other of my favorites....I'm praying for an easy path for your daughter to return in your life. I feel your pain.

Naz said...

I didn't watch Survivor the first few years it was on but now I'm a Survivor addict. I watch The Apprentice, Project Runway, Top Chef and The Amazing Race plus a few others. I don't understand why I prefer those shows to regular tv shows but I do. Maybe that's why I like The Office because it's sort of like being in a real office.

I'm praying for you and your family and the difficult time you are facing.

Donna said...

Good Morning French Fry! I am hooked on just a few.... America's next Top Model is my favorite. I like Project Runway, Kimora Life in the Fab Lane, Run's House just to name a few.

I think Sam wants to come home but she is being influenced by the dark side (her punk ass boy friend) right now.... make sure you talk to her and keep the lines of communication open.


Justine said...

Ooh, I'm all about reality tv! I LOVE the Bravo shows like Shear Genius, Make Me a Supermodel, Project Runway, and a few others. Then there's Survivor, Big Brother (my favorite), What Not To Wear, Peter Perfect and a few others.
I thought Sam was coming home today??????

Justine :o )

Old House Junkie said...

Well, French, you've hit on ONE of my guilty pleasures. My favorites would be The Apprentice, Amazing Race, Survivor and The Biggest Loser. If I had cable I'd totally be hooked on Flipping Out, Real Housewives, Top Design, Clean House, Life in the Fab Lane etc, etc, etc.

You see why I am debating about getting cable. . . I'd likely become a super couch potato!

Keep your head up and the lines of communication open. ohj

onlymehere said...

People fascinate me too and I always wonder what makes them do what they do. I don't get too much into reality TV except for American Idol. I tend to have the problem of putting in a DVD and watching it while I do things. I'm so weird I can watch them a million times and not get tired of my favorite ones. I also like documentaries and biographies on people. I have a weird thing though that I'll confess. I like to read true crime books, especially Ann Rule books. I can't read the sexual killings or totally gruesome killings but I get so interested in the others. My family thinks I'm a ghoul but my mom used to read these too. My kids get into reality TV though quite a bit. Take care friend.

Elizabeth said...

I thank technology for DVR every day also! I adore all the Bravo shows, even Tabatha, which I didn't think I'd like. But, they spend a lot of time telling us what is coming up and what we just saw, so with the DVR I can watch the show in about 35 minutes!
I also like the Amazing Race to see all the places they travel, and I used to be a big Top Model watcher, but I'm getting fed up with these girls not wanting to cut their hair or pose naked. Have they not seen the show before?
On Fine Living I've been watching the new Christopher Lowell show, and on Style I am fascinated by the slobs on Clean House. My Dad is a hoarder, as I've written about on my blog, but the hoard is actually organized!

Bridget said...

Lisa, I have a new post you need to come see. You have a starring role in it! : ) B.

Donna said...

Hey Honey Bunny! What's shakin' today? How are you?

I miss you much!

SchmeckyGirl said...

Hey! I haven't been around much and am trying to catch up on all the blogs.

I'm a Survivor fan. I like Big Brother too but it's so time consuming with three episodes a week that I didn't watch this season.

I also like Road Rules/Read World Challenge. I used the watch the Real World when I was younger and don't anymore but I like to see them come back for the challenges.

I think I like Reality TV that has a game to it. Something other than just watching people. I need to strategy in there too.

SchmeckyGirl said...

Oh, I just read that last line again. I didn't know what it was about before when I read this post first.

I'm sorry, she's not home yet. I thought she was. How dreadful. I hope she is at least keeping in touch with you. At that age we all think we are so grown up and "adults" but really we were still just children and need our parents to help us make the right decisions. I hope she comes home soon.

Jan Parrish said...

I like to watch how people react. Dan was by far the nicest person to win BB. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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