Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Home in a Mosaic

Our home in a mosaic...I think I see a pattern here colors, style, textures hmmmm? who knows why I like this but I do!

Now for my antique lovers out there please help..below you will see a picture of a gift I received years ago from a dear friend....all I know is that it is Wedgwood but that's it! Everywhere I have looked I can't find a similar patterned pieces...any idea where to look? I have been told it's very's not in perfect condition as there is a small piece broken off from the spout of the tea pot. I am just curious to see if anyone knows anything about this stuff...I am stumped!

This is probably the only vintage, or antique thing I own and it is very valuable to me not because of it's worth but because of the person who gave it to me....any ideas would be greatly appreciated;)

Sorry the quality of the pics aren't great but you get the idea!

Hugs French;) xoxoxo


Justine said...

I love looking at pics of your house. You've got such a flair for decorating. Wish I did!
Wow, that Wedgewood set is gorgeous!

Justine :o )

onlymehere said...

I love your house and never tire of looking at it. The only thing I know about Wedgewood is that I have a necklace made out of it. It's beautiful though.

laurie said...

That is a gorgeous Wedgewood set. I am an antiquer, and I've never seen one like it. A lot of Wedgewood is a softer blue, but you don't see it much. You'd probably have to go to England to find anything similar (where Wedgewood originated). Now, you have a good excuse for a trip to England. Love your collage of your home. It does all flow so beautifully. Laurie

mrsben said...

I know little about antiques but this tea set reminds me of a vintage 'cameo' pendant I own.
Perhaps if you do an online search under 'cameo tea set' you may find something, or perhaps RMS Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias) might know as her passion is chinaware.
Hope this helps.

Mama said...

Your home is stylish and warm, just beautiful Frenchie. Your tea-set is Jasperware - Dark Blue - Early Wedgewood, lovely, try putting those words in a search I am sure you will find lots of info.

I have moved to a new place, hugs, Kathy (ischia)

mrsben said...

Lisa, I did a quick search and I think (Brit) Kathy (ischia) is correct as from the what I seen it certainly resembles Wedgewood

Gollum said...

It looks like Wedgwood to me.
Love your mosaic. You have such a great talent.

Anonymous said...

paste this into your address ber.

Bridget said...

Look at that, I knew nothing but thank goodness for Kathy!

Buffie said...

Well I love your home and your style but you already know that!! : ) Jasperware huh? I have to look that up now....beautiful!

Naz said...

I think it might be this:

salmagundi said...

My first thought was Jasperware, also. Whatever it is, it is beautiful and as a gift from a friend makes it twice as wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Good Girlfriend what's up today??? I have more time to Blog today! I love your Wedgewood Jasperware! (Stunning!) Search on Ebay... I saw a few pieces that look the same as yours...

I miss you!!!

squawmama said...

HI.. I collect antiques and I rarely see this style of Vintage Wedgewood that is in excellant shape which yours is. You will need to research and find a site online that will tell you the worth so you don't pay to much when you do find it. Some dealers really mark up the value. I agree with the others that it looks like Jasperware and the site Donna gave you is a good source..

Good Luck on your search

squawmama said...

Hi it's me again.. I wanted to tell you I LOVE your home it is decorated just in the colors I love.. What great taste and style you have


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, You know how much I love your home. I do love seeing it in the mosiac. I don't know anything about the wedgewood, sorry!!
Hugs, Terrie

Buffie said...

BTW, I rented and watched "Two Moon Junction" last night...still as hot as I remembered!!!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey French! This is beautiful wedgewood. All I know about it is that it's valuable. I will have to check in my antiques books to find out more about it...I'll get back to you.

Bella Casa said...

I love the colors in your home, so warm and inviting!

Nice to meet you,

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