Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My 100th Post and a Giveaway! It's a Long One Bare with ME!

Ok so first I can't believe it's my 100th post!! Yikes! First things first~~have some business to take care of!

Dearest Friends! A week or so ago Donna over at >>> posted a "Pay it Forward" Post! The first three people to comment received a gift.. Here are the rules... (I think)!
The rules are that it can be something that I've made (yeah right!), bought, or found, but that it should be something that I'd like to receive if it were me getting the gift! If you happen to be one of THE FIRST 3 persons to leave a comment, all I ask is that they do the same for the FIRST 3 PEOPLE to leave a comment on your blog and that you do a blog publishing the rules like I have done here. I'll touch base with the FIRST PERSON later to get their mailing addresses to send their little surprise package. This should be fun and I'm looking forward to it! The item can be one thing.......... a couple of small things............. or whatever you'd like. Be creative and remember that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money, just send something that you'd like to receive if you were on the receiving end of it!! Now, let's share the love! I already know what the special gifts are~~~~~so forward your name and address. Now in case anyone wondered why I waited to reply to this well there was a very good reason...I had to check out the goods and make sure I had to speak! I digress....more on that later....

It's funny because I never imagined I would ever be blogging! I have found this to be quite therapeutic during what has been an extremely difficult time in my life... I have found to my surprise that my blogging, and non-blogging supporting friends, have not only become friends but , become friends who understand my past, believe in my future, and accept me just the way I am. I believe there is truth in writing that surpasses what a person can say face to face...I believe that because of YOU ladies there are STILL wonderful, kind loving and caring people in the world! I believe that I have learned a great deal about so many wonderful people, that I have yet to meet face to face! Yet, should I need a shoulder I believe you would bare my weight and let me just sob, without a word if that's what I needed! I have come to realize that I, nor is my family perfect, we are functionally dysfunctional as are so many families yet the love we share is immeasurable! I have been shown, compassion, love, caring, thoughtfulness and unbelievable faith and humor! You have given me strength and courage when I felt I had none left to have given me hope when I believed all hope was lost... you have made me appreciate individuality, and quirkiness! So to ALL my friends blogging and non-bloggers, from the bottom of my heart I Thank YOU!!!!! (muahhhh)

Now a little "HINT" of what kind of gift I am sending~~and it's "NOT" the obvious! (LMAO)

Love and thanks to everyone for all the support since my beginning Blogging days in March of 2008!!! Over 5600 visitors since the counter and it's relatively new!!! That truly blows me away!! Who knew I was that interesting???(he he he)

Sincerely from the heart~~~~~Lisa (aka French;)

PS: French because I am bilingual, Kilt because hubby is Scottish~~that's it two names married together as one! xoxoxoxo " The Story of Us"~~~This song is for YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

I want to play so badly but I don't have a blog. Am I ineligible then?

French said...

Ahhh Elizabeth generally the rules say you are suppose to have a blog! I am soo sorry!~~French

Twice as Nice said...

Congratulations on 100!!!! Awwwe I wish you were giving away the ovious. Those I could use!LOL If I end up being one of your first three I will play the game. Twin and I can share. We are also having a Welcome to our Neighborhood and give away. Check it out.

Your blog has been fun and interesting and I can't believe I've read it 100 times. Let's raise our glasses to the first 100 and here's to LOTS more. Great job Lisa!!

Anonymous said...

French!!!!! I am sooooo blogging proud of you! Your 100th post! (You go girl!)

Well, I can't play in the "Pay it Forward" game because I have already been a winner!!! I was one of the lucky winners over at Penny's. Sooooo, I hope the next three winners are as thrilled as I was to have received such a thoughtful gift from a fellow blogger! :)

Bloging has been therapuetic for me as well! You have no idea how happy I am that I met you!!!! You are a true Jem... and your Blog is everything that it should be... fun, interesting, educational, and thought provoking! I love that you share your views, your feelings, your fears etc...

Congrats on your 100th Blog Girlfriend!!!!

Your RMS/BLOG Sister,

onlymehere said...

I regretfully have to pass on the "Pay it Forward" bz I just played it a couple of weeks ago but put me in for the give-away!! I just wanted to tell you that we do love you French/Lisa! You make me laugh, you make me think, and most of all you make me feel good! I'm so glad I got to know you through blogging and I hope that things are looking up over your way. You're incredible!

Deb said...

Hi Lisa! What a sweet post! Deb

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Wow! how touching! Your words were sooo from the heart, and the music has me tearing up too!

I cannot imagine i am the third person? Am I?

Buffie said...

Oh you made me tear up! I feel the same way! I feel so lucky to call you my friend! Hugs and kisses!

nikkicrumpet said...

You just put into words exactly how I feel about is so weird that after only 3 weeks it has become such a haven after a long day. And I love having the chance to really get to know all the RMS'rs that I loved. It's such a wonderful outlet. I've already done the "pay it forward" so I'll let somebody else have the chance. It's ALOT of fun! Have a great day my friend!

artis1111 said...

Congrats French!!! Now you are over the hill like me!!It is funny we still have things to talk about Heee. My you find the words that flow, may you find the friends that stay, and may you have fun along your way. LOL Kathy

Raxx - A day in the life said...

100th Post!! Congatulations!! This is an achievement, girl you are a great blogger, when i visit I can laugh, cry or both but always smile! That is the mark of a great blogger!!

Here's to you Lisa!!

cindy said...

Lisa, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I look forward to visiting it everyday. You really have a great way of expressing yourself. If I had an award to give you I would!...Congrats on your 100th blog!....p.s.(cant wait for the show!)...take care, ~Cindy~

Bridget said...

Frenchie, Congrats on 100! Isn't it just amazing? I'm just blown away at the wonderful women that are here in the blogisphere...including you!

I am working on an interesting post and I would like to have permission to use a photo of you. I promise it will be used very tastefully! PLMK, thanks! bridget

Bridget said...

Blinkedy blinking blogger! How rude! : (

Thanks and I'll let you know when I have it read to post.

Justine said...

Told you I'd come back once you already got your comments! And let's see... now you're pinkish purple and there are no zebra stripes. LOL

Justine :o )

janet said...

congrats girl!!!! were my inspiration to blogging, even though this summer it was rather neglected. Your words are very touching. The first time i posted on RMS i was terrified but your replies to me immediately made me feel comfortable. Your sweetheart and i look forward to your next 100 post

Kathy said...

Many congrats Frenchie, you were one of my very first commenters in blog land and you always had such lovely things to say to me on RMS, I even copied your scottish book and candle vingette last Christmas.

Thanks for being my RMS and Bloggy friend, you are special to me and I look forward to 100 heck a 1000 more of your truly wonderful posts. biggest hugs, Kathy xo ischia.

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