Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's with the number 3 and questions????

Why do people always say things happen in 3's? Why do things actually seem to happen that way?

Good or bad things always seem to occur in three's yes or no?

Who the hell is "Murphy" and why is it always his law that screws things up?

Why is it we tend to dwell on the negative and forget about all that is good in our lives?

Why do we have to turn over a new leaf why can't we just crush the one we step on?

Why do people always say don't talk politics or religion and yet they remain the two hottest topics........ still?

Why do men have to be from Mars and women from Venus?

Why do we have to learn from our mistakes?

Why do women have to be the ones who bear children?

Why the hell do we have to have hot flashes?

Who made up the word "blog" and are they getting paid for it?

If we got rid of weapons would we really have world peace, would it stop the gang wars and the drug lords?

If you have a bad day and say to yourself someone is raining on my parade~~wouldn't the parade continue anyway?

Is it better or worse to be an alcoholic, a smoker a drug addict???

Random questions......yes? LOL
I think that my parade has been pissed on enough for the last few months so here someone else take this little bastard because I am so through with him! Things are looking much better and it's about time! If what doesn't kill me makes me stronger then move over HERCULES!!!
Hugs Lisa xoxox


Justine said...

OmG, the picture of the peeing elephant just got me! Total surprise! Where did you come up with these questions? Just off the top of your crazy little head?

Glad to hear that things are looking up a bit at home. Email me some details when you get a chance. I've been worried about you!

Justine :o )

SchmeckyGirl said...

Yikes, that's a lot of pee! Uh, I don't want him!!!

As for the alcoholic, smoker or drug addict, I think it's an even tie!

artis1111 said...

What if you couldn't ask a question? Kathy

Naz said...

This might be a good time to bring out the "Life Is Good" tee shirt.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the drug addict and alcoholic may be a tie... I believe they both affect family/friends more than the chain smoker. JMHO
:-) SherylCanadianGirl

nikkicrumpet said...

Well dang woman....I don't want the bastard either...but I sure will help you bury it in somebodies yard so you can catch your breath! Take care...we're all pulling for you! But I ain't cleaning up all that pee...I love ya...but I don't do giganto pee puddles!

French said...

Sheryl I agree with you totally;)

Tootsie said...

I hear you! My life is one big crap storm and I am sick of it...sick and tired.
I hope things start looking up for you soon girl. I am thinking of you a lot and keep you in my prayers.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, Girl I know life can have it bad times. But, it helps to write down the things you have to be grateful for. I know you are very blessed. It may not always feel like it. You have a lot of people that truly love you. When's the last time you had a girls day out?? Call Kelli and go do something fun!!! xoxoxo Terrie

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, Is Sam back home?? You and your hubby looked great on RMS!! What a cute couple!!! xoxoxo Terrie

melissa said...

oh my goodness...you crack me up...i love it! I stumbled onto your blog...and i must say...i am so happy that I did!! I just love random questions...and now i will be up half the night trying to figure out some anwsers!! :)


laurie said...

I have laughed my way through this post -- and the elephant made me spew my drink out my nose! I know you are suffering and it isn't kind to laugh, but you are SO right about all of these sayings, and you are SO right that you have had more than your share lately. I am praying that your tide is turning. (Maybe not a good use of that phrase if you live on the Tex coast). Laurie (bargainhunr)

onlymehere said...

I hate the saying about 3's too. I think I'm now on 333 just his month!! I'm glad things are looking up at your home but I'll have to pass on the elephant, you know I've had too much wet stuff at my house! LOL! Thanks for your comment on my blog today.....it meant a lot to me!

Buffie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That elephant cracked me up girl!!!!!!! All good questions that i must ruminate upon today...hey I'm very bored with nothing to do!!!!

Brown-Eyes said...

Hey, some good ponderables you posted here...thanks but thanks on big PeeWee! Keep smilin' ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Lol!!!! Hey Lisa Girl, whats up chick? I am cracking up that big funky elephant!

Who invented the word blog and are they getting piad for it???? (LOL) That's a darn good question! LOL

I hope you day is going well. I am bogged down at work!


mrsben said...

Good ones Lisa! Frightfully and strangely enough, things do happen in threes. I too will pass on the elephant even though they are suppose to be good luck. Sure wudn't want to be taking that guy for a walk and have to "stoop and scoop".

Kathy said...

˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ ˙(ʇı ɟo ʞuıɥʇ ı ʇupıp ʎɥʍ uɯɐp) ʍou ɥɔıɹ sı ƃuıƃƃolq ɟo ʇɥƃnoɥʇ ɹǝʌǝoɥʍ ʇǝq ı 'sʞuɐɥʇ ʇuɐɥdǝlǝ ƃuıǝǝd ǝƃnɥ ʇɐɥʇ uo ssɐd oʇ ƃuıoƃ ɯɐ ı 'ʇuoɹɟ oʇ ʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn suoıʇsǝnb ɹnoʎ llɐ ɹǝʍsuɐ oʇ ƃuıoƃ ɯɐ ı 'ǝıɥɔuǝɹɟ ıɥ

Hope I gave you a giggle sweetie, I am thinking of you and hoping things turn around real quick, take care. Kathy.

If you want to know how to type upside down, click on the yellow confused smiley on my sidebar, type your msg in the top box and then just cut and paste (anywhere) from the bottom box. Simple!. big hugs, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

some funny questions. I have to ask you one. What kind of smoker are we comparing to alcoholic or drug addict? I am assuming you mean smoking pot? If not, I don't understand that question, even a little bit. Joan

Twice as Nice said...

Hey Lisa don't you know that when life gives you lemons you're suppose to make lemonade? I guess we're just suppose to suck it up and shut up!LOL They also say Things could be worse...that really helps doesn't it?

Just wanted to add that you don't need to send the gift I won. No one wants to play Pay it Forward. Buffie said there weren't any takers on her blog either. It was a good thought. I think people coming up with 3 give a ways was what scared them off.

Mary De Bastos said...

first of all the pic of the peeing elephant is halarious...I'm dying right now!
and I totally get all those questions! WHY?! JUST WHY??!?!?

I'm ready to hand my bad luck over to someone else...bad luck for me seems to come in..well, 10's or something...

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sometimes there are no good answers....but in the end...It's JUST elephant Pee. Mop bucket and lysol...and good to go for the next day. no biggie.

(hang tough, girl)

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Well after a year of one dumb decision after another, I'm asking the same things!!

Glad to know she's back home!

Anonymous said...

Hey French Fry! What's new?


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