Sunday, May 31, 2009

Met Monday revisited....sort of...

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Some of you may remember that I have been working on a few projects...I have finally finished the tables!!! and the chair which I love is finally almost finished just the upholstering left (phew)...sorry about the quality of some of the pics but they were taken at dusk and the light wasn't great....of course had to throw in a few garden pics too;) Hope you enjoy all the great Met Monday posts..

Hugs French;)


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who who HOOO are you?

A little nature from French's yard......hubby ran in this morning and said QUICK get your camera and come here. First, I am still in my jammies, second I don't go beyond the fence in the's a jungle out there (ok not really but I am just not the outdoorsy type) it's all woods and a small creek...but alas I run off behind hubby with camera in hand to see a most spectacular view that even took my breath away.....we've been hearing this big critter for days now but finally got a bird's eye view of him (no pun intended)!! We also have a nest sitting on our front porch, I tried to snap a pic but it came out kind of blurry but you can just see a hint of a beak wide open waiting on breakfast....the other pics are of some flowers in the yard...hope everyone has a safe Memorial day weekend;)

Hugs and much love French;) xoxox

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zimbabwe here it comes!!

There have been a few times in my life that I have been proud of my accomplishments...a few times I have given my time for others less fortunate...but for some reason I think this one little thing has made me proudest of all.......why you ask??? see the bus pictured below? Well a week ago a friend of my husband asked if he could use our shop to store a bus he needed to work on since it was raining and because it was too large to fit in his bay....Well after some careful measurements and some incredible driving they managed to get this bus shown below into our bay. Why is it so important to me? When the man who owned the bus came by I asked him about it and this is how the story the best of my knowledge;) There were some people in Virginia that bought the bus with the intentions of using it as a Medical bus for needy people...for what ever reason there was some disagreement and after purchasing the bus it sat for several years..A local company bought the bus and got it back up and running in tip, top shape to send to I walked into the bus I could just picture all of the people coming in and out of gave me chills to think that perhaps this bus which we had sitting in our shop, was perhaps going to save the lives of so many may be there to comfort people in might be....well the list goes on....suffice to say that we didn't charge the company nor our friend to house the bus for a few days. After 2 days it was then being sent for one final check up and then driven to Charleston where it was going to put on a boat to travel to what seems to me like the other side of the world...hopefully to bring peace and comfort and good health to those in desperate need....Financially we can't do much to help others but sometimes the use of a space and your time means a life for others....Hope everyone is doing well and remember often it is better to give than receive;)

Hugs French xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordful Wednesday??? Southern Style

Enough said about's your chuckle for the day for those that haven't seen this yet!!
I know the text is small but hopefully you can read it! Have a great day;)
Hugs French;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mega things happening on this Met Monday

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These are just a few of the things we have been up to which has kept me away from blogging...doing the front yard

Planting some goodies...hopefully I will have good after pics when all of my bulbs are in bloom which aren't many but the first time I have ever planted anything!

The shop bathroom...since I am there all the time now I wanted it to look decent...

So it went from this to ...

To you can see we are not quite finished but almost

This shelf unit was a maple and stood on the floor we cut it down painted it black, added mirror to the back ad some glass shelves and mounted it to the wall completely different look and makes the room appear larger by simply getting it off the floor;)

Then here are a few furniture pieces I have been working on...

These tables which before were cherry wood...

After hours of painting and sanding and a glaze coat they are almost complete

I will be inserting mirrors in the lower section to update them a little;)

Oh lookie a few things popping up;)

I think these are so beautiful;)

The backyard has just begun;( Its a ton of work

And this is only the one side of the yard (LOL)

This is the piece that so far I have spent 9 hours just sanding!!!!!

Here are two more tables and the chair after the first sanding

One table finished

Another one finished

This chair at the completion of sanding is seen below in several stages..

The order of these got mixed up a little this was at the end of sanding the other chair I had worked on...

The original seat cushion and flat back I decided to add the applique for more interest..

This was the chair before

This is the chair after in the entry way

A slightly closer view

The original company where the chair was made;)

Phew! Sorry this is so long but in no particular order these are just a few of the things I have been working on....It's been a busy few months and helping hubby full time at the shop has me scrambling to manage my time better, so it's weekends to do these things..... I hope everyone is well and hope to get around to visit soon;)

Hugs French xoxox

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