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Gollum's Story #3 per Jacob & Merci Beaucoup!

Jacob in his new room;0)

Jacob's story...I have written it exactly as he did, spelling, punctuation and all...and if I may for just a minute (brag about him)...Jacob at a very early age was a stutterer, he ended up having to take speech classes in school, at times even his teachers really gave him a hard time. Only 3 of his six teachers "got him" if you know what I mean. We have always said that we thought he had an "old soul" he's so much wiser than a child his age should so many ways! Well, just last month we were told he didn't need speech classes anymore (thank goodness!) I think being in those classes toyed with his self worth and abilities. Last year at the end of the school year they done some testing, and lo' and behold we got a call last week asking if they could test him for the AGP program (gifted program). We said "yes" of course because both G-man and I have thought the child was far too bright and that's what the problems were in school.( but they wouldn't listen to us)! So last week we get a call, he is being moved into the "gifted" program not only that, he tested in the 97th pecentile for the state! Now if those who I will leave nameless ever tell me again that my child is disruptive, and needs help I say this !! "

"He was friggin' bored you dumb-asses"
Sorry I got carried away there!

So here is Jacob's story....... Before you read this please know I cheated...I gave the exercise to my 10 year old son, told him to choose a picture, showed him the words and let him pick out the ones he wanted, and said write whatever you want, and make it a short story.

Bleeding Love
"Look out" everyone said. We all kept on running, they were Some were caught by the Griffins and were taken as hostages. Each gleaming shine of daylight forced us into the dark by the blizzard that was crushing our hope of living....and love. I could never find my true love, if I'm going to run I said to myself each day, but it never gave me the courage though. Each day I would go hunting for food and my true love, if I found food I would take a single lick and stuff it all in mouth. If I found love she'd be lying there......dead. One day when I was trying to find food again, I was in a deep and long alley. I heard laughter in a room. It sounded like a woman and a boy, I opened the door and there was my true love....standing there laughing with her son. "hello" I said. "Hello" she said back. "Can I sit down?" I asked. "Yes" she said back. And suddenly we kissed. "Ewwww" said the boy. "What's your name" I asked. "Calina" she said. "What's yours?"......"I don't know....I never had a name" I said. She looked surprised then she had a thinking face on. "How about hmmmm Zackary" "that's my name!" said the boy. "Zackary it is" I said. We gave each other another little kiss and then I knew this was my true love....
The End

Kathy, one of the sweetest people in blog-land, and a fellow RMS'er has passed along this wonderful award to me because she thinks my blog is fabulous, if you pop over to see Kathy at Casa Dolce Casa you will see that not only does Kathy have a fabulous blog but that Kathy herself is uber fabulous too. I mean seriously.... she travels the world, and still finds time to visit us all too! I am truly flattered to receive this award from you Kathy, Merci Beaucoup mon ami.
Here are the rules:
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OK so you all know by now I hate following rules and I have noticed so many getting this lovely award .... so if you haven't received this and realize I was having a total blonde moment please take it from me cause I love to share;) I learned to share in kindergarten (lol)!!
My 5 addictions (this is too easy!)
1. Blogging
2. Writing
3. Decorating
4. Coffee
5. Movies
Hugs to all and have a great one;) French
PS Jacob is dying to see all your replies;) He got very excited about this!!

Sheryl got your message this is the best one I have so far still needs a little tweaking and it was dark but Ihope you can see it;) French


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, French! You have another 'writer' in the household!!! Love the story! ... and congratulations, Jacob, on being promoted! I'm a Canadian also, and I'm SO proud of you!!! - SherylCanadianGirl (BTW, I'm more a woman than a girl... my son is 27... grandaughter is 6 months.) :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi French. :-) I'm lovin' your mantle all decorated for Christmas! Would you please post LARGE pics for me to admire... can't see them well enough on my itty-bitty monitor. Pleeeze? :-)

Would like to add to my earlier post... I'm so pleased that you and hubby, along with the school, were able to determine what the problem was at school for Jacob .. so exciting that he is so gifted!!!
- SherylCanadianGirl

Mama said...

Hello Jacoub you look so cool in your new room!, please thank your mum for saying such sweet things about me, she is uber fab too (but you already know that, don't you?)

I am sorry Jacoub!! but your family has way tooooo much talent!.

Bleeding Love was filled with such intensity and tenderness that it caught my breath, this was truly brilliant and Calina was right Zachary was the perfect name, Gollum will be so proud of you.

Many Congratulations on your move to AGP, in England A* is the highest mark you can get and I give you A*****'s, hugs, Kathy.

Donna Marie said...

Hey French.. What's up?? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.... now on to Jacob!

Jacob your story is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! ! am so proud of you kiddo!You outdid yourself! I can't get my daughter to write anything and she will be 14 soon! I loved that you kept the story short and sweet! You found your true love! Uuuhhhh let me ask you this though... what do you know about kissing and true love huh????? (LOL) Seriously... you did a fantastic job on that writing assignment! It looks like you have some of your Mommy's writing talents! Make sure to practice writing.... develop that talent into something great! Who knows... we may have a little Steven King on our hands! :)

PS I am LOVING your room! Your Mom did a great!!!!! Enjoy..

Big Giant Hugs and Big KISS!!!! (Smooch)

Donna Marie (Your cyber Aunt!)

Bridget said...

I'm so happy for jacob! My daughter got into a gifted program around the same age and LOVED it. Her's was only one day a week until she was in middle school. So many teachers just can't handle a smart kid. My daughter's five grade teacher told me she loved that one day a week when the gifted kids were gone to their special day. It is the best thing in the world to have teachers that appreciate the inquisitive mind. I think Jacob will find this experience life changing!
I loved his story, he is a very mature 10 year old. I hope he keeps up with the writing, he's fabulous!!!

Donna Marie said...

French! Jacob did such a good job! you must be proud! He is so cute! He looks just like me! (LMAO) I can not believe that he wrote that story! Wow!!!! He is very expressive. I really enjoyed the story!

Donna Marie

squawmama said...

Bravo Jacob! You are your mother's son and have inherited the gift of writing... Who would ever think you to be so young... You wrote with soul and love... I applaud you... and little miss I loved your addictions... Thanks for sharing Jacob’s story with us... Have a GREAT night.


imjacobsmom said...

Jacob, I can see why you are in the "Gifted" program. This story is very interesting and left me wanting more. I think it must have something to do with the name Jacob. My Jacob is in the top percentage in our state of MN, too. ~ Robyn

Donna Marie said...

French! Jacob should be in a gifted class! He has such a way with words! I wish I could get Michaela to write a story and enjoy it! She loves to read, she goes through a book a week! I cant get het to write though!!!!

Donna Marie

Mama said...

French, you all must be so proud of Jacob and rightly so. Sorry I kept putting a u in Jacob's name before, it's a Brit thing we put a "u" in everything, colour, honour, labour etc etc, sorry Jacob!.

Donna Marie said...

I am sure that he does blow you away! I had no idea abouy the mythological creature either.. duuuuuhhhh for me too! (LOL)

I am going to try that with her to see if it works... hehehehehehe

Donna Marie

Shelia said...

EVening, Frenchiness! Let me go in order now...first I love your beautiful new Christmasy header. I know this is your home - so lovely. What an amazing story about your son! Bless his heart - I'm sure he went through so much and it helped make him into the wonderful young man he is today! His room looks awesome! I know you're so proud of him being put into the gifted classes! Again, bless his heart! Woo Hoo! for Jacob. And his writing! It's fantastic, what an imagination. Now, congrats to you on the award/tag!! Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,

Ma'dame French said...

I told Donna that I had no idea that a Griffin was a mythological creature Jacob was referring to~~~go figure right? HE truly amazes me at times``I kept thinking who does he know by those names and nothing sounded familiar! He made up the name Calina and I think it's a pretty name;) French

mrsben said...

Lisa, congratulations on your award. Loved Jacob's story! He is a very talented young man. I send my best wishe for him to excel in what ever he chooses to do.

Sometimes one must wonder about the education system and those who classify themselves as teachers.
I recall when my son was in grade four it was suggested he be tested for his 'fine motor development'...... as he didn't hold a pencil correctly.
Welllll, I can still recall the Specialists reactions when they tested him (there were three). LOL, they were very insulted as you know what most Doctor's handwriting is like. His penmanship was better than theirs. As an adult (and a male), his writing is really quite beautiful and he often gets compliment on it. Yes...he still holds a pen/pencil the same way.....DUMB ASSES indeed! ;)

Have a beautiful week. Hugs, hugs

Gollum said...

What an outstanding story!! Jacob, you rock! And it's outstanding of you, French, that you encourage his creativity. My youngest still stutters. He had speech therapy for many years. He is a biochemist, but he is writing his first novel.

profenretraite said...

What a wonderful story, Jacob! French, you certainly have a very talented young man here! And...I love your mantel! I went on rms for the first time in a while and there you were! Isn't that funny? I didn't know you were french kilt! Well..I love the colors. I wouldn't have thought of cream and brown for Christmas and it is très élégant! Alors...à plus tard, mon amie...Debbie

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the mantle decor! The candlelight shows the lovely details of the mirror frame ... AND the glass tiles on the fireplace are so gorgeous - gorgeous! TOGETHER, it's just SO RICH - beautiful! Thank you for posting the larger picture as when I clicked on it, I was able to see it just fine. - Lovely, warm and sparkly. :-) - SherylCanadianGirl

Buffie said...

Move over Mom and make room for the new writer in the family! My gosh! He IS GOOD! Please tell him I said so ok!? WOW!, I'm really impressed!

PS. I was one of those children who tested above average and got "bored" in class too...ok, I might have disrupted the class a lot but ask Jacob, it really is from bordom! They didn't have gifted and talented in my day but thank God they do now. WAY TO GO JACOB!!!!! :)


Bo said...

Way to go Jacob...your dialogue was great in your story and I think that is one of the hardest things to do... (To French)He has the whole package going for him, good looks, brains & talent...I think this proves "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"...
Big hugs, ♥ Bo ♥

Naz said...

Jacob is following in his mother's footsteps as a writer. Well done!!

cindy said...

French~Love the Christmas mantle! Your son did a fabulous job on the story~"Well done Jacob!"... You have a gift! I have considered trying it...but I only can come up with ideas when I am about to go to sleep at morning too much to do to actually try it. Take care ~Cindy~

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Jacob is a talent on so many levels! Keep writing kiddo. LOVE the names he came up with, The story was delightful!!

My son was in the gifted important to have the support and the resources to help these future leaders and movers and shakers!

Your christmas pic looks lovely, too!

Gollum said...

French, I wanted to tell you about a creative writing idea book for children: The Magic Pencil by Eve Shelnutt. If you Google it, you will see a whole bunch of links.

Twice as Nice said...

WOW. Now I know where mom gets her talent for writing!! I think it is Jacob that has been writing Blogge'ville all along. Come on you can tell us!! Way to go Jacob. You are a gifted writer.

As for his gifted program-CONGRATULATIONS and a long time coming! All three of my children were in the gifted program in grade schoool but all it amounted to here was an hour class one day a week. Not much at all. Hope they have a better program where you are.

Keep up the good work Jacob and don't let anyone make you feel you are less than the perfection God created. You already outsmarted alot of "smart professionals"!!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, Your son is a very gifted writer. I am glad they moving him to the gifted class. Being bored in school can cause many problems. You should be very proud of him.

Jacob, I love your story.

Justine said...

Holy cow, Frenchie, how old is Jacob? His story was quite amazing for such a young guy! You're right, he is an old soul... talking about finding his true love. Awwwww. Really, this story was just excellent, Jacob! You go boy!!!!!! Woooooot wooooooot!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

lvroftiques said...

Hi French!! *waves* Of course I remember you!! First and not most importantly...Your mantle looks fabulous!! 2nd and more importantly, you must be SOOOOOO PROUD!!! Jacob how old are you? Not 25?....Are you sure??? I mean you look like a handsome young man but you write like an old pro! Is your mom pulling my leg? *winks* I think I'm feeling a slight "tug" on the right one?....No? You really did write that?!!! Young man you are truely talented!! And I must admit...a bit terrifying! Cause if you're expressing yourself this well already? How are the rest of us supposed to keep up? Good thing you mama is gifted too!! *winks* Vanna

anita said...

that is one cool story...
kisses and licks and a boy who
says "ewwwww"...and a little
visit to the dark side...great

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