Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Addicted to JRM....move over George Clooney!!

OK so I am usually not the kind to lust crazily over men....but I have become totally, ridiculously

addicted to this man....if you haven't seen the movie AUGUST RUSH then you are

totally missing out....not only is this a wonderful feel good movie but it's nothing shy of

spectacular to me...the music score alone is unbelievable!! I have even gone as far as doing as
all research about this man and all he has appeared in...let's just say that I now have my

Christmas wish list but I am sure it doesn't include this ridiculously, amazingly, talented, hunk of
a man Jonathan Rhys (pronounced Reese) Meyers.......born July 27th, 1977 Dublin Ireland...

That's right ladies he talks with a Irish accent too.....(sigh)! and the kicker for me was that he is a huge fan of Bob Marley......(hmmmm)

See for yourself and if you don't agree please don't burst my bubble dammit it's been a long time since George could even be remotely replaced to me!! I know this movie is a year old but I don't get to watch movies like I used to so...if you have seen it tell me what you think if you haven't then get your butt off the sofa run, and I mean fast to the nearest movie store!

Trust me he's worth it!

(What's really cute is G-man is actually jealous of this post, shucks he really does still love the crap out of me, how cute is that)!!

Hugs and have a great one;) French xoxoxo


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

French, I can see why you are in lust with this guy!! I'm sure G-man has nothing to worry about. It's cute that he's jealous!!

I love your new holiday blog look!!
Hugs, Terrie

profenretraite said...

Bonjour Mme French...I agree, that really is a wonderful movie. The little girl who sings is from here near me in Atlanta. What a big voice for a small body! I am also a sucker for an Irish accent. Years ago, back when you had to make a final stopover to refuel, we stopped in Dublin and bought everything we could just to hear the people talk! And yes...he's a cutie! ...Debbie

Tootsie said...

you just make me smile!

Mama said...

I came straight over I second you on August Rush, I have seen it twice and cried so bad, it was embarrising as I was on an aeroplane both times!!!!.

The fact that he is about the same age as my son makes me feel really bad!!!!!.

You have to watch The Tudors if you havent already, OMGOSH have to go now and look at your pics again hehe.

Mama said...

Whew!!, got so carried away with JRM that I forgot to tell you how stunning your tree looks. Your tree looks stunning!!. K.

Ask for The Tudors, Season one from Santa, you won't regret it!!.

Anonymous said...

French Fry, Johnathan is HOT! He does put George Clooney to shame! I have to get that movie!

Tell Gman to take a chill pill!

Donna Marie

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, your header pic is the BOMB!!!!! Your mantle and tree looks awesome!

Donna Marie

Gollum said...

I will tell you the weirdest story (I told it to my mother and she just stared).
I have been looking for inspiration for a new character. I normally NEVER start with appearance; but I saw the cutest picture of JRM with Keri Russell (I used it for the Mad Girls scrapbook). At this time I didn't know about August Rush.

So I happened upon a song by JRM, from the August Rush soundtrack, and I put it on my IPod.

Next, I read Kathy's blog and she mentioned August Rush. So DG (Dumb Gollum) put it all together and Googled JRM and AR. I made a note to order the movie from Netflix. The very next day, August Rush came on tv.

I call that serendipity! JRM is now officially the love interest in my new book. LOL

Love your tree, btw. :-)


Bridget said...

He is divine!!!!!!
If you haven't seen Match Point, add that to your list.

Happy To Be said...

French I love your new Christmas look girl..and this guy is yummy but a little to young for me..I 'll take George now that your done with him tho..have a great evening French...hugs and smiles Gloria

Mama said...

Because you are fabulous I have an award for you, come by and collect it, hugs, Kathy.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Lisa I saw August Rush just last Wed, I bought the movie and saw it alone at home and sobbed!!! Oh the romance!!

Now I kick myself for not watching the Tudors! His accent leaves you swooning!

As for your header pic, wow!!! The mantle and tree is worth shamelessly copying to the best of (my) someone's ability!!

Love you, my talented friend!

Jill said...

Hi French!

I saw that movie and I LOVED IT! LOVED IT! It had such a great story. I think it is one of the FEW movies my sister actually went to see in the theater.

Bo said...

Hi Lisa... Your header collage is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! My computer is soooo sick, I've got to try to get somebody to fix if I'm missing in action, you'll know why...Oh, the misery!! ;-) Bo

artis1111 said...


onlymehere said...

I say a little harmless crush on a celeb is no big deal LOL! I know I have one on Kiefer Sutherland but I can't seem to watch any of his movies or TV shows anymore. Guess I'm just a scaredy cat!! He does look like a hotty though. I think I'll have to see this movie!

French Fancy said...

See, I've popped in to see you and I'm about to make you very jealous. I have shaken hands with the man whose photo you swoon over. In fact we've even spoken a few words to each other.

There - I said you'd be jealous.

Nice blog you have here and I will be back

Buffie said...

OMG! ME too!!! I loved the movie!!! He is SO dreamy, those lips! mmmmm!

Buffie :)

Buffie said...

I LOVE your mantel!!!

Picket said...

Hey Frenchie! First let me say I love the new made me gasp it is so pretty! Ok getting like Cindy with Gosh I have miss so what you are doing with the new home for the friend...can't wait to see the results and that fabric is beautiful for your bedroom...That room of Jacob's turned out fabulous girl! You are truly amazing Frenchie..I don't think you have even begun to tap your talents within...thanks so much for coming by and checking on me sweetie...have a great day!

Sue said...

Wow French I so agree, what a hunk!!! I'll definitely get that movie for this weekend! Your Christmas pictures are fabulous!! Have a great week! xo

nikkicrumpet said...

Love your new header picture...very pretty. And you just tell that hubby of yours that he is WAY hotter than that young whippersnapper! Tell him we have lusty-after thoughts of him when you post his pics! And he has to know that his gorgeous wife wouldn't trade him for a minute!...well...maybe for 30 minutes or so just ONCE! hehehe

squawmama said...

Oh Fenchie my little girlfriend... I LOVE LOVE LOVE August Rush... It is right there on top as one of my favorite movies and your right he is a very handsome and charming young man... But come on... George is still hot and older... I wouldn't turn down either one placing thier shoes under my bed... LOL LOL Have a great night chickadee...


ps... your tree and your holiday blog are awesome

Justine said...

OMG, is this guy yummy, or what? And yep, that was a fabulous movie. LOVED IT!!!!!!!
Mmmm.... wouldn't you love to open a big package (pun! pun!!) on Christmas morning and have him pop out of it????

Justine :o )

Natalie said...

I am a huge fan of the Tudors. You know I'm going to have to check out your recommendations!

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