Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Take a trip down memory lane with me....

Born November 19th, 1966 in Canada

With my grandma at about 6 years old

In California at 10 years old with my friend Kim who had the same birthday! My mom met her mom at the hospital and they both delivered the same day!

Me acting goofy at about 12 years old

My grade 8 school picture don't laugh at my Farrah Fawcett hair!!

Age 15 during a photo shoot for my dance school I hated this picture and still do!

My years as a flight attendant my friend Daniel he was a model I think we were in Paris? Can't remember....must be the age thing! Don't I look bitchy here! ??

Having a drink in London...Gatwick hotel we stayed at! LGW

Me acting goofy wishing I had the pilots salary!

1990 April 21st my wedding day to my Scottish hunk G-man;)
Don't be looking up that kilt Justine!

Go ahead and laugh~~~ me pregnant with Sam she weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces!

Me prego again with Jacob he weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and he was early by 2 weeks!
(fat bastard!)lol

I can't believe I actually went to a concert with one of my kids! I won tickets to see the GooGoo Dolls/ Counting Crows and went with Samantha!

In Jamaica where I wished I was right now! 2008 Here's to me and all of YOU!

ME and hubby in Jamaica the only place I truly feel at peace! 2008

I can't believe I am 42 years old! If someone would have told that teenager up there I would have done what I have in my lifetime and survived it......if someone would have told me I would live in a foreign country.......if someone told me I would marry the most wonderful man that truly adores me.....if someone would have told me I would have two of the most beautiful children.......if someone told me.........I would never believe them!
Hope you enjoyed the trip with me;)
Frenchfry xoxoxo


Pug1 said...

nice pics! I wish I were in Jamaica too! CHEERS!

Bridget said...

Happy birthday Lisa!!!! I hope you are feeling up to doing something fun today. Ah to be only 42 again!!! Enjoy it, hugs, Bridget

Mc Allen said...

Its really wonderful to see how happy you are, its so rare to see these days. You were a real hottie, and ya stilla are. Its just awesome to see how your cherishing these memories!!! LA

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey...Happy Birthday Girl!! Imagine you have another 42 more (and more) to go. Fun to watch the decades change through your hairstyles!! Hee.

Bo said...

Happy, happy birthday Lisa! You look so cute in your baby pic with that look like Pebbles..(Pebbles & Bambam) And you just grew more gorgeous by the year. I'm so glad your amazing life brought you into mine! (I didn't know you had been a FA...& now a've done a lot!)Many happy wishes to you! Love, Bo

Raxx - A day in the life said...

What a sweet trip down memory lane! I think your life has been awesome thus far and you have exiting careers under your belt at only 42!

Happy birthday dear Lisa!

Wishing you continued happiness and health!

Oh, and you make HUGE babies!!!

Picket said...

Happy Birthday Frenchie!!!!! Loved the tour down memory lane..that wedding pic was gorgeous and I had 8 & 9 lbs babies too! lol Hope this is a fantastic day for you girl and just the start of many...many...many more to come!

Justine said...

Happy birthday, Frenchie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great looking through all of these pictures. man, what a beautiful baby! Oh great, now I've got that damn song in my head.
How did you know I was hoping to get a peek up that kilt? Was he... ummm.... wearing anything under there that day? Come on, I've gotta know! I tell ya what though, you two have gotten more gorgeous with age! And holy cow did you look good pregnant with Sam!!!!!!!!! Look at how thin you were everywhere BUT your belly!!!!!!!!!! This was fun!

Justine :o )

Happy To Be said...

Happy Birthday Lisa..what a pretty you were and are..and just a baby youngest daughter just turned 44 on the 15th...and girl she is my best friend..again Happy Birthday dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

imjacobsmom said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! What a fun 42 years for you! Here's hoping for many more! ~ Robyn

mrsben said...

Voeux de bonheur à vous, Voeux de bonheur à vous, Voueux de bonheur cher LISA, Voeux de bonheur à vous!

What a great walk down memory lane.
Such a cutie!

Oh, about those wrinkles you mentioned yesterday. One of the secrets of aging gracefully is; just think of them as 'character lines' :)

Many hugs -Brenda-

Naz said...

Happy Birthday Ma'dam French. May this year bring you good health and lots of happiness.

Twice as Nice said...

May the Lord bless you with 42 more years even happier than the 42 he has already given you. You deserve nothing but the best in life. ENJOY!!

P.S. I love Bloggieville, I just haven't been able to keep up lately because of the new business. Hoping to get over there soon. You are a gifted writer!!

squawmama said...

Happy Birthday to you~~~ Happy Birthday to you~~~ Happy Birthday Dear Lisa~~~ Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Happy Birthday beautiful girl... Those were fun pictures to look at and you were cute in every one of them... Hope you’re feeling a lot better... I have a bookworm award/meme for you so come pick it up... It's a little different than the other one... Hope you have a fun filled day... Love Ya


Buffie said...

First off, Happy Birthday Lisa!!!I can't believe you're 42 either, you look at least ten years younger!!!
Secondly, what exactly IS under that kilt? lol! You and hubby looked smashing on your wedding day...I really enoyed all the photos, even the dance one you hate, it's CUTE!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!! I loved all of your pictures. I think the dance pisture is adorable. What an exciting life you've had.
xoxoxo Terrie

nikkicrumpet said... really rocked the Farrah hair!!! What a cool wedding picture...that was a VERY fun trip! I wish everyone would blog one of these. OH and my jaw is still dropped from that first prego picture!!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday Frenchie! Glad to have found your blog. You look adorable in the baby pic!

Donna Marie said...

Happy Birthday French Fry!!!!!! I have been working on a post for you since last night!!!!! I just went to post and lost 50% of it! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am so effing pissed I can scream!!!!!!!!! I will be back!



SchmeckyGirl said...

Oh cool! That was so much fun to look through. You were the cutest baby! And all those other pics! Thanks for sharing. You do have a beautiful family.

cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA! Loved the pics, all of them are really cute and tell a great story. Hope you have a great Birthday and heres to many more! xoxo ~Cindy~

Tootsie said...

hey girl. I did a post like this a while back. I love the photos of are so beautiful! oh and if your baby belly got any bigger you may have tipped over! were big!
I hope you are having a great day friend.
My doc gave me some oxycontin for a broken tooth that has become infected...and very painful....and it is making me a little loopy and very silly. I was sort of hoping for dopy and tired! lol

Gollum said...

Happy Birthday--what gorgeous pictures, and what fine memories!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! I hope you had a great day!! You deserve it girl!! HAppy 42! I love the pictures you posted, the one of you and your daughter you can't tell who's the daughter and who's the mom. You look great!!!!!!!

onlymehere said...

I had an April wedding too French! I love that picture. I can't believe that you had a 9 lb baby! Oh wow, you're so tiny and that is a whole pound bigger than my biggest baby! I loved this walk down memory lane, you've lived such a fascinating life!

Anonymous said...

You deserve it all and more :o)

RMS "caniquit....

Donna Marie said...

Hey Pretty Lady! You were such and adorable baby! And you grew into such a beautiful woman inside and out! Your parents must be so proud of you! Thanks for sharing and taking us down memory lane with you!

Happy Birthday!
Much Love and Adoration!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! 42....yes I remember it well. You were a lovely child!, the picture that you hate, I love. Congratulations on a life of great accomplishments,
you've lived well. Deb

Michael said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!! Here's to you and some more great times in Jamaica!

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