Friday, November 28, 2008

Before and After and Extra's

Some of you may remember the house that Kelly and I did a complete re-do on for resale purposes, well this is the new home and the dining room which I am currently working on.

These are the before'll have to wait for the after pics;)
This entire room including furniture is being done on a $250.00 budget and it hasn't been easy but it's getting there!

These are two tables purchased at a second hand store solid oak both for $25.00

They will eventually be used for a spare room, a room for her mother that is also in the works;)

This is what they look like after...not bad for $25.00 and some paint!

This is the fabric I am using to make new curtains for my bedroom just a sneak peek!

This is Jacob's room was a cute little boy's room, but alas he is not a little boy anymore;(

This was what he and I agreed on for an inspiration room.

This is his room now the makeover cost $150.00

That cost includes material for coverlet, paint, map, blinds and a few miscellaneous accessories, and curtains. The curtains were a simple cream color and I added the black ribbon stripe for a slightly different look. I would have loved to reconfigure the furniture in the space but due to the trundle and size of the room this allows the best function of the space.
The map I bought online and hubby bought some molding we painted it and now it looks framed and keeps the edges from tearing.

The leopard print rug I had in storage and is placed strategically in the room to hide all the darned stains he has made (boys), and the small table I also had in storage, painted it and voila a new bedside table!
He loves it, and has even been keeping it clean! Even his friends think it's really cool!
(WTG MOM!!;)

This is a close up of the coverlet, I attached quilting fabric to the back giving a more tailored look, it only goes down about 3/4 of the way down but gives the effect I wanted!
So just a few of the things I have been up to (phew)!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is filled to the brim!
Back to work;)
Hugs and kisses xoxoxo Lisa


Tootsie said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! This is fantastic so far! can't wait to see some more!

squawmama said...

Hello girlfriend.... Your son's room is so awesome... It is so manly and tastefully done... kinda James Bondish now... LOL LOL

Hope your feeling better and had a great Thanksgiving... Love Ya


~♥~ Monica S said...

That is so cool!! Wow what a difference!!! :-) I love redecorating too..


Mama said...

Frenchie, Do you have 8 days in the week or 30 hour days over there in South Carolina???. or do you never sleep?!. I am so impressed with all you do I cannot tell you, Jacobs room is nothing less than stunning, I love the colour you picked and the map is brilliant, what little boy, sorry, young man would not kill for a room like Jacoub now has, your make-over for the new house will be equally stunning you are off to a great start, what bargains those tables were!. The fabric for your bedroom drapes is beautiful. How do you do it, seriously French HOW do you do it?. hugs, Kathy.

onlymehere said...

I totally love how his room turned out! I didn't realize that you were so creative with a sewing machine too. Great job and I like his room even better than the inspiration room! You do have such a wonderful eye and talent for putting things together.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Lisa, your son's room is just beautiful, what a great redo on such a SMALL budget, you are good! Love those colors, since I've used some similar in my house.

Betty said...

I love your son´s room! Can´t you come and do my house too?? I need to redo my girls rooms, but don´t know how... :(
Can´t wait to see the rest of the house!

Susan S. said...

That's a GREAT room! I love the color and the coverlet (plus all the other new stuff!) You've got talent and so amazing what you can do on a budget!

Ma'dame French said...

I don't sleep much Kathy (lol) 4 to 5 hours a night, I can't stay still except for writing and blogging that is;) French

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Jacob's room looks past impressive! No wonder he loves it! Cant wait to see more of the dining room in the home you are working on and of course your bedroom!

profenretraite said...

Bonsoir Mme French...Quel plaisir de trouver un petit mot en français! lol Where are your French origins? Yes, I'm a retired teacher, thus my name. I am inspired to see sll of your painting! I find myself reworking bargains, but I am never as ambitious as you are! Hope you are having a wonderful T'giving weekend. Please come beck and visit and "faites comme chez vous"!! Debbie

Anonymous said...

I love the map you framed in his room and to be able to lay in bed and look at it, how smart was that of you to put it there. And a world map , at that. good going MOM.


P.S. thanks for your prayers for my grandson, he should be safe with all my friends saying a prayer for him.

angelo said...

FRENCH! How GREAT did your son's room turn out?! I love your inspiration room and your version completely rocked it out and you did it for $150! Good design never has to cost a lot, it just needs creativity, the time to find the bargains and innovation---you proved that BIG TIME! This is a room that needs to be shared with the RMS community. Hope your Thanksgiving was great and that your Holidays are awesome. Best, Angelo.

Michael said...

Wow, Jacob's room turned out amazing...he is one lucky boy! I love your new header and template...very festive indeed. Now if I could just steal you for a few weeks and have you do your magic in my house for your next-to-nothing budgets, then I'd be in good shape!

Elizabeth said...

I love the re-do on Jacob's room! It's a great growing boy's room, but neutral enough to become a guest room or office someday. Great job, French!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Man! I LOVE his room. Great colors!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

you are a busy bee, that is fantastic, I had to do double takes of the pics they are so good it took a while for my brain to see the differnce...just awesome, I love it..hugs, Lisa

Gollum said...

Oh, man, this was good. The inspiration photo was great, but I love your design even more. Love your fabrid (I scratched my idea of a peach BR--I decided if I can keep it clean, I'm doing well, lol).
Can't wait to see what you do with the DR.

Happy To Be said...

French what a wonderful job you have done with your son's room 5* from me..oh wait a minute I can give you a ten this is not RMS..Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving girl..hugs and smiles Gloria

nikkicrumpet said...

His bedroom turned out great! It looks just like the inspiration ...and definitely has a grown up mature manly look. Great job mom!

imjacobsmom said...

Jacob's room looks great! I think it turned out better than the inspiration room! I can't wait to see what else you're working on.....Robyn

Bo said...

Holy Smokes...I'm off the web one day and look what all you've done! A brand new header pic & Christmas background, a fantastic redo of Jacob's room, another redo in the works AND a new chapter in Blogge'ville! Oh...and a comment from THE Angelo from HGTV! Way to go Lisa!!! Hugs, ♥ Bo ♥

Twice as Nice said...

You have been very busy!! I can't wait to see the after pictures of the house. The one you did for your girlfriend was fantastic. Are you doing this one by yourself?

Love your sons room. I can see why he is so proud of his mom. It's better than a Rate My Space redo!!! You did an outstanding job, Lisa!!

Naz said...

I love how you've transformed his little boy room into a room a young man can show off to his friends. It's utterly fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay French! Where do I begin?

First, your new page is so you! I love your Header picture. It looks like a sneak peek in to a Magazine.

Second, I can't wait to see your friend's dining room! I love the white table already!

Third, I love the fabric that you have chosen for the drapes in your bedroom! I can't wait to see them either!

Jacob's room is AWESOME! I agree with everyone else...your room turned out better than your inspiration room!

You are a phenominal woman French! I admire your talents more than you know!

Donna Marie!

Buffie said...

Well you KNOW I've always loved your home! You did a great job on your son's room..I had two boys and did the same thing with the area rugs...put them in the middle to hide all the stains! haha! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the dinning room you're working on...

Buffie :)

Deb said...

What a great job! You worked it out! I know Jacob is very happy. Deb

Jill said...

Your son's room looks great! I love it! I would never have imagined this end result! :)

cindy said...

Wow! Jacobs room turned out awesome! I really like your new header too. It gives me alittle peek into your home...and it looks like you like orange! Which I love too!....Seriously do you do it all.....I cant seem to get anything done..I'm too busy just reading about what you do!..Ha! take care, Cindy

artis1111 said...

French ,this looks so good!!!Kathy

Justine said...

Holy cow, Jacob's room came out spectacular!!!!!!!!!! I really can't believe you did it so cheaply! WTG woman! Can't wait to see what you do with that dining room!

Justine :o )

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

French, Jacobs room turned out great. You know I think you have great style.

How is Kelly?? Tell her, "Hello".

How is the shoulder?? I am still in PT every other day. This frozen shoulder is stubborn!!

Hugs, Terrie

Anonymous said...

Wow, another great post! Wonderful to see that you are feeling somewhat better as you've been accomplishing MUCH! Love what you've done on Jacobs' room (!) and thank you for sharing your tip on the quilted back on the coverlet. :-)

Looking forward to seeing more on the new dining room project and your bedroom drapes.

You're an inspiration!
Take good care of you. :-)
- SherylCanadianGirl

Dawnie said...

wow your talented! I'm so jealous. I cant wait to see the dining room!

Shannon said...

Awesome job! Looks great! I may have to consult with you when we start decorating the new house!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

His room looks great! Very much like the inspiration pic. I bet he loves it!

SchmeckyGirl said...

Oh my goodness! His room looks awesome! Great job!

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