Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things I love....

Something most people don't know about me is that I am a game fanatic....I belong to a game site that I visit minimally once a day to get my fix, and word games are usually my favorite next to Bingo~~silly but true! This picture of my son taken while we were on vacation during an afternoon nap I still think he looks like an angel here and his features so delicate~~how I wished at times they stayed this young and innocent. My daughter at a pageant, and NO I am not a pageant mom by any stretch of the imagination, this was her one and only pageant and she placed in the top 20 of over 300 girls and I am very proud of her for that just the same! OF course I am biased but I think she is stunningly beautiful here;)

The Secret~~~hmm if you haven't read it then what a shame~~it's been life changing for me so get your copy quick!


Rue said...

Happy Easter French :)

Those are beautiful pictures of your kids!

Wanna read my cards for me?

Love you,
Rue :)

Neptune Beach said...

French your daughter looks beautiful! And I know - I have judged many beauty pageants in my life! She is #1 in my eye!!! And your son is so precious. Bet you had to work this holiday weekend didn't you! I'm sure there were patients and families that were glad you did!!! xoxox Susan :)

Rue said...

Go Canada ;)


Jenn Schmitt said...

French, you have a lovely family and home! :-) Thanks for getting back to me! PS I also love the Secret! Did you know they came out with a new one called "The Moses Code"? Looks good. Made with some of the same people! Enjoy! ~Jenn
PS Have you read "The 4 Agreements" yet? Awesome!

ctatcat2 said...

Hey, is that book the secret really that good???

Donna said...

Your children are beautiful!!!!

French said...

Yes the secret is THAT good!!

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