Sunday, March 16, 2008

I don't think the true beauty of the sunsets can ever be captured in an image, although I do try hard! Not sure what my fascination is, perhaps it is because I am a water sign therefore the comfort of the ocean makes me feel so alive and yet so serene! Funny that I enjoy looking at it far more than I like being in it! A true fear of water, yes I admit it! Love to be in it as long as I can see what's beneath me and my feet are still touching the ground! I must admit I long for the days of travelling the world as a flight attendant, but hate the thought of being away from my loved ones! But it is fun the remember the good times, and all that I learned travelling abroad!


Rue said...

You're doing a great job!! I really love the music and the pics... yay!!!
Rue :)

French said...

Wow my first comment!! Go figure it's from you Rue;) Thanks trying to stay on top of things here, your're a tough one to keep up with (lol)~~French;)

Evelyne said...

I can't believe you guys, between family, rms, decorating etc. you still find time for this ...a blog. I'm overwhelmed to say the least and impressed. I can barely open my eyes in the morning. Love the music and The Secret is the best.CC

NnN said...

Hey French!!! Love the pics!!! And the music too....looks and feels so tropical!!! :))) Well, to this Midwestern girl!

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