Sunday, March 16, 2008

Funny how when I compare the look of my home and pictures from Jamaica how oddly they truly resemble picture is taken outside in the evening looking at the hotel and the ambiance it displayed...the other is a picture of the inside of my home...never done intentionally but yet so odd that they seem similar...or is it odd considering my obsession with travelling to this beautiful country;)

3 comments: said...

French! I love your blog! I spent many years going to Jaimaca. Love the Bob Marley music you play :-) You are so talented and you have such a beautiful family. Thanks for giving me your blog address, it's now in my favorites file :-) Cool runnin's babe, from mariposa who is the visual vamp :-)

twintoo10292 said...

I thought this room looked familiar. I have never looked at blogs before Rue got hers but am enjoying it alot. Congratulations on yours. Twintoo10292

Anonymous said...

French... I love your Blog.... I read through everything!!! :)

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