Thursday, March 27, 2008

One room down, several to go~~~before and after!

Finally, one room completed, after 8 weeks it seemed nothing would ever get finished, and every time we thought we took a step forward we took 2 steps back! Alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel and finishing this today and watching the tears stream down my friend's face, in utter awe of the transformation was totally worth all the blood, sweat and tears....and to my dearest friend and partner without your help and inspiration none of this would have been possible my sincere and warmest thanks for your time;)


twintoo10292 said...

Great transformation girls!! Can't wait to see the next room. Are you actually painting for your girlfriend too? I might leave a few questions on RMS for you French. I know it's hard work but I'll bet you two are having a great time together. Your girlfriend may decide to keep her home once you two are done!

Rue said...

You two did such a wonderful job and I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I'm so very proud of you :)

XO, Rue :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it sounds weird Rue, I'm proud of her too...I think we have a claim on her that she won't be able to shake we're allowed to be proud...French, can't wait to see the rest! xoxo Susan

French said...

To answer and reply to all~~~yes this is also repainting amongst other things what was thought to be a simple makeover turned into almost a total remodel~~~thanks girls for being proud without you I never would have met Kelly and have had the fortune of getting to know her and I truly think she's a gem as you all are;) French

Rue said...

I have something for you over at my blog.

rue :)

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