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Nursing vs RMS~not for the weak hearted!

The first sign that something is going wrong with a patient that isn't obvious to the naked eye...the first stage of a "bug" use good handwashing skills....second stage use gloves.....third stage where a mask....and when it gets really bad....pull out that gown too! Sort of reminds me of the RMS crowd and folks. There are those that come in and leave very quickly I will call those the "outpatients" and then there are those with minor illnesses that come in and stay overnight only, I will call those the "surgical patients" then there are those who are truly sick, the "sick ones" then of course the last and most unwanted the "critical care patients"..Working in a critical care setting has really sort of opened my eyes to the world in which we live..because in a critical care setting you see people at their worst, and sometimes there best. Unfortunately, it's usually the worst....Imagine a job where you regularly clean bodily fluids! Sounds like fun right? It's not but someone has to do it! I have been up to my eyeballs in crap, urine, blood, sputum, just to name a few, and all the while I have to remind myself that someone has to do it! Do I consider myself to have a strong stomach? No, au contraire~~these things bother me quite a bit but I know that should the day ever come that I need this sort of help I can only hope that someone will be there to help me! I have seen things that would make grown men fall to their knees and women crumble.....I have smelled things beyond disgusting, where no amount of Chanel No5 would hide! I have done things unimagineable to most and still I continue, and survive to talk about it despite being......over-worked, underpaid, and definitely not appreciated and thanked! Sort of seems parallel to the RMS have the invisible ones who pop in and out leaving nasty "bug" but they don't last long! Then you get hit with, the "gloves" stage where you esentially prepare to battle but they too quickly leave and run because no host can be found..then comes the mask stage those are a little trickier...they hide very well but nonetheless eventally cower away with their tails between their legs...the most difficult of course is the "gowned" ones..they come in fully dressed prepared to battle and quite enjoy bothering the "host" they are difficult to get rid of because they tend to multiply very quickly and despite today's antibiotic's they are so much stronger and quickly learn to reproduce themselves! They are forever changing and multiplying, they want what they can't have and are quick to jump into another "host" for fear of being conquered...this often leaves the "host" feeling completely drained and more often than not, their already weakened body has no fight left it then gets really ugly...the only hope then is pulling out the big guns....the CRASH CART! Most people can be revived with a simple 300 joule shock, and then the right mix of medicines, help them keep up their fight...often these ones are lucky enough to survive and talk about it! But unfortunately there are those that despite, all the antibiotics, and all the medicine just have no fight left and despite the, medicine, despite the machines, despite the human care and touch, they decide they have had enough and it is their time to go, quietly and peacefully! I mean after all there comes a point in every one's life where they say enough is enough...should you ever feel that point coming on then remember to re-cap the ways to fight if YOU want to that is!

Remember the 5 points of "right"

1. Right patient

2. Right medicine

3. Right dose

4. Right time

5. Right route

RMS version

1. Right time

2. Right place

3. Right reason

4. Right choice

5. Right move

So before you enter the battle the best thing to do is to prepare yourself, come fully armed expecting the worst! That way you are prepared! Also know that there are antibiotics and machines there that will keep you alive if you so choose...Too many people focus on the negative, and I for one have been caught in that trap get 56 great messages and 1 bad one and you can't help but focus on the "one" negative~~~so today is a new day I will focus only on the positive, and reap the knowledge of those advising, and teaching but to the "gowned" ones I say pfft find another "host" my immune system is rock solid once again!!


Anonymous said...

You know French Fry... that was so very clever and oh so true. I never thought of it that way! I am so happy to see that your immune system is strong! Fight off those dirty little germs and keep it moving! (smile) Much Love, Donna DMB

twintoo10292 said...

As much as you were comparing nursing to RMS, I would like to focus in on the nursing part. I think it takes a special person to be in the nursing field and critical care at that. If someone so much as says OUCH...I want to run. I am not good in those types of situations. Once I know everyone is o.k. I can look and possibly help. I am thankful none of my kids have ever had a broken bone or stitches. That is probably because I watched them like a hawk and anything the least bit dangerous came with a big NO from mom...I've earned the name " version of mother...I'm o.k with that and so are my kids. So to you and all the other PROFESSIONALS I say Thank You for being there if I or someone I love needs you. I think it can sometime be one of those "thankless" jobs but where would we be without you? Too bad it's not as glamorous as Grey's...and as far as's truly not worth it. I say go on, check out a few spaces and move on. You are so much better than that. Somethimes when we focus too much on something, and I know it's because of the "meanies" we almost breathe life into it and I say don't even bother putting it on life support. Twin

Jenn (DesignLUVR) :-) said...

Hi French!
Thanks for stopping by my Lost musing! LOL. It's a great show, though! I will keep watching, I'm sure you will, too! My Mom was a nurse, left the field a while back, got to be too much for her. I always admired what she did- it takes a special person to handle all that 'stuff'...physical and emotional. Me- I'm just too squemish to even go there! I can't even give blood! But I digress- love your new picture and song! Have a great day! Take care, Jenn

Kathy said...

Hi French, haha You can hardly call it blogging, I am not sure yet what I want to really blog abou!! so keeping it low profile at the moment.
Do you remember when you posted that little vignette of scottish books with the red candle on top around Christmas, we had a little chat about how lovely etc Scottish men are, well, I copied your vignette as we had the all of his family here for Chritmas and New year, they all loved it and my hubby thanked me for making all his family so welcome!!!!. so you see it is worthwhile posting your spaces because 99.999% on RMS do appreciate your talent and the incredible work you do, the others I do/would not even give the time of day. Your blog is brilliant to, I do not know how you manage to do all you do!!. speak soon, Kathy (Isch).

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, What a great post. I hope you don't mind if I share a link!
Hugs, Terrie

beddow said...

I agree with how you look at things. You put it very nicely.
Life is to short to get caught up in the negative.


Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

WTG Frenchie, my girl! You've hit the nail on the head. Ah, but there's a whole 'nother sort of medical phenomena out there, one which I may just blog about at my own spot, so as not to nasty up yours!

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

Morning French! Just wanted to say I totally enjoyed your post(s)! I have always said a doctor is only as good as his nurse makes him!!!Thank you for choosing nursing as a career choice (I could never do it)! I guess on RMS(igottadecorate) I'm not sure what patient I was - I ONLY left compliments and never criticized! I posted my bedroom for a week took it off because it felt creepy having the world see it!lol and now hardly look or comment because I get furious at bullies! Any how I like your blog and will visit often. Have a great day - Jeannette

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