Monday, October 13, 2008

Masquerade Ball

Since we have a few ladies going off on vacation, and very busy.... and since I will need some time to put this all together before the Masquerade Ball of Blogge'ville I am putting out this request now... OK ladies and gents (he he) I need for you to email me your Masquerade Ball costumes, if you are married then I need both yours and your spouses costumes. I need these to be sent in Jpeg format if possible, or preferably copied directly into the email so I can copy and paste them. Should there be any duplicate costumes or masks please know I will do this based on a first come basis, so if there are any duplicates I will send you a note and ask that you choose another. Keep in mind this is a Masquerade Ball! DO NOT tell anyone what you are wearing or post it just send the email to me directly please;)

1.Please try to keep costumes elaborate and/or fun and step out of your comfort zone!

2.Keep in mind who your character is.......
3.Please state in subject line character name to make this easier for me!

This is the mask given to the men if their faces are not hidden!

This is the mask provided to the women....if faces not hidden!

DH----Dustin Hooker as " The Spartan"

Taylor Diggle as "Little Red Riding Hood"!

Should I NOT get a request in time your character can and may be executed~~Blogge'ville style!

You have 2 weeks so..........deadline is October 26th,2008
Hugs and have fun costume shopping!
emails sent to
Oh and if you haven't already visited the blogopera your missing out on a ton of lust, passion, deception, intrigue etc....visit here and get caught up in the moment!!

Hugs~~~ready>>>>set>>>>>GO GO GO!!!!!


Buffie said...

Oh I need to think! Hmm....oh give me a few minutes...BRB!

Bo said...

Oh I just love masquerade balls...I wish this one was for costume is in email transit to you... :-) Bo

nikkicrumpet said...

YIKES...I better get a move on!

onlymehere said...

Shopping, my least favorite thing to so but I have a feeling my character loves to so this should be fun!

Donna said...

YYYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Im on it....... right now!!!!

LOVE YA!!!!!


Justine said...

Ooh, this sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Mama said...

Dustin looks soooo sexy as Spartan and you Taylor look adorable as Red Riding Hood, I am on the case only two weeks! YIKES. better get a move on mwah, mwah, Daffy. xoxo.

This is a lot of work for you French, I thought we all told you to take it easier haha. Kathy.

Ma'dame French said...

It's all Donna's fault it was her idea ~~~LOL French;)

Anonymous said...

This IS so much fun and I've already posted my costume and it's been approved ... so I wait with eager anticipation. :-) - Sheryl the Canadian

imjacobsmom said...

Im working on it! ~ Robyn

Picket said...

Hey Frenchie!!! Girl you may end up writing a book for real! You never know when someone might read this and want to talk to you about publishing a book! Thanks for coming by...have fun at the Ball! lol

Tootsie said...

girl...not even sure Tootsie is in the story yet...let me know..and if she is...I will think of something!

Naz said...

I love masquerade I have to find a costume for my drunken, gambling, snobby socialite.

Donna said...

I am soooo exciteed and willing to help, (Since it was my idea) in any way I can. :)


mrsben said...

This is going to be great fun (and a hang a lot easier than 'making' a costume....smiles), therefore consider it done. HAVE A SUPER WEEK Madame French.
(Now off to read chapter eight).

squawmama said...

Madame Frenchie.... Did you recieve my email with the costume attached... This is way to exciting... I jumped right on the email and forgot to comment on this end... LOL LOL


Anonymous said...

Well! The mystery is just beginning to unravel . . . I MUST know about that tatoo as it must have some special meaning. :-) Just love your writing, as usual. :-) - I'm commenting on this blog 'cause I can't comment on the newest blog, as there is no 'Anonymous' to click on. - Sheryl the Canadian

Donna said...

Hey woman... my food is NORMAL!!! (LOL) Dont kill my dreams of being on the food network!!! (LOL)


Donna said...

I know!!! (LOL)

I wish I had Toni Braxton's body... (LOL) I have to work out just to keep the Mac & Cheese and Cheese Cake off of my Cakes! heheheh.. you know the saying... what's good to the lips is a lifetime on the hips;)

Your Girl,

Shelia said...

Hi French! Thanks for popping in to see me! I love Bette Davis and have most of her movies!! Woo Hoo for Classic Divas!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

melissa said...

I am loving Bloggville! You are so creative! Check out my last post...there is a surprise there for YOU!!!


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