Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A plug and a thank you!

First let me start off by saying "thank you"! I really didn't mean to sound as though I was complaining, (OK maybe just a little)... things are hectic but I truly am enjoying it! DH's business is picking up like crazy and that's a GOOD thing which keeps me busier than usual! I like to be busy, and not sure I would know what to do if I wasn't! As suggested to me by everyone I am taking a much needed day off~~going shopping and cruising the streets looking for some good deals on Wednesday, spending time with a friend and just enjoying the break! Still want to get my son's room started maybe I will find something for that;)

Now for those that have been reading the "Blogopera" my heartfelt thanks.... keep those comments coming, and send anyone that may be interested that way...I love the comments and the more I get the more I want to write;) The plot is starting to come together nicely, and I have introduced all but 1 character (I think) that total is the the 30's! Yikes! So please get the word out, and share it with your friends;) You have the right to brag about this because YOU are all part of it, and the reason it began!
Once again thank you for inspiring me to do this! So far it has been an amazingly fun journey, and it has only just begun!

Click here to enter Blogge'ville!! If you dare!!

Hugs and sincere thanks for "all" your support!

Madame French;)xoxoxo


Bridget said...

Wooohooo, a new chapter! I can't wait to read it.
I'm happy to hear that G-man's business is getting off the ground!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey nightowl! Your Blogopera is awesome!!!!!!!!!:) I want more...more...more!!!

Hope you had a good day! Have a great time on Wed. You deserve it!

One of your biggest fans,

Mama said...

Great news about your business picking up and you getting a day off, enjoy!!.

Blogville is just excellent, I have read chapter 5 already, but I always have to go back and read it a couple more times, as I am getting old and a bit slow, so need to digest and work out who all the characters are. You my dear are so talented to be able to put all this together so well and we thank you and will definately spread the word. glad you are having as much fun writing this as we are reading it. hugs, Kathy.

Buffie said...

Believe me I'm braggin', I'm braggin'! lol! I get to be naughty! haha! Shopping sounds good to me right now too....have fun!

Anonymous said...

I use to tell my boss I was taking off because I needed a mental health day. :) Enjoy your day off.


Justine said...

I'm so glad you're taking a day off tomorrow! I hope you have a fabulous time shopping and hanging with your friend!

Keep up the GREAT work on the soap opera. I'm loving every word of it!

Justine :o )

Justine said...

I think my comment disappeared!

Justine ;o )

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

You are a very talented writer French!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hey! I figured you are an 'on the go' kind of gal! I really wish I had your energy! Loving the story and will def spread the word!

mrsben said...

Have a great day tomorrow!!!

Thirty (or even twenty-seven) characters is a handful, but you're doing great girl! Yep, definitely 'Emmy' worthy.

cindy said...

Good to hear G-mans business is picking up!....enjoy your day out! ~Cindy~

onlymehere said...

Yay, a much needed day off! I need to get over to bloggville but my work has picked up too and I haven't even made it to all the regular blogs yet! Winter is busy for me with work but I'll get there soon I promise!

squawmama said...

As much as I will miss your blogs I think a day off is a GREAT idea... You are a wonder woman but even super heros need a day to redharge.. LOL LOL... I am one of your biggest fans and tell everyone about you... Have fun tomorrow..ENJOY!

Hugs & Kisses,
Donna aka Roxy

artis1111 said...

So glad the shop is picking up!. Kathy

Bo said...

Hi Madame...I noticed the counter on the blogopera is going beserk, so something tells me there are alot of silent viewers...haha. I think many of us have added the Blogge'ville icon on our sites and that has stirred up curiosity...
;-) Bo

Naz said...

Have lots of fun shopping today. I'm jealous lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey... You & Sam look so cute in your new pic! :) I love it! Send it to me so that I can have a decent copy!


Bo said...

Sorry, I couldn't help myself...I'm giving you an award that I just now see you've already gotten...but what the heck...you deserve it again! ;-) Bo

Penny said...

Hey georgous. Thanks for stopping by. I love visiting your blog. One of these days I'm going to get by bloggville!
Love the pic of you and your daughter. Really sweet.

Shannon said...

Hey! I REALLY do love what you are doing! It's so fun to read and you do a great job, but I'm jealous! You gave my story line to Kate Carlisal! I want the steamy hook-up!

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