Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank You's, Awards and Stuff~~~

Thank You to these wonderful ladies! I hope I have this right! I have been very busy as you know writing and writing, trying to stay on top of the events in Blogge'ville! I hope I haven't missed anyone! If I did then my sincere apologies, and a belated thank you! A special shout out to Shelia who is truly missed by so many here! Come back soon! I share my awards with all that I have from my heart and to all that are sharing my "Blogopera" journey.. You have all inspired me to be a better person, and to believe in myself!
Now to answer a few questions....the spider on the front of the Blogge'ville site was a spider on the door of my husband's shop....she was our mascot (yuk), that is a picture I took of her in all her glory! Well today when I went there all that was left was a leg, and sitting there with a full belly was a praying mantis...go chain! Let's please have a moment of silence as she was my inspiration for the blog header~~~~~~ok that's enough she creeped me out anyway (lol)!
Special thanks to ALL that have been reading or partaking in the "blogopera"! You have all made my job SO easy! You gave me the names, and some of you gave me the characters and traits, all I have had to do is put it all together! I have said this a few times to some but I am so afraid I will end up with writer's block, so as long as the ideas keep coming into this little head of mine, I am going to keep on writing!!! Now I know the grammar may not be perfect, and the words could use a little more bling at times but I am just enjoying the ride! Now I know I said only once a week but golly gee I am having way too much dam fun to keep it all to myself new goal is twice a week, as long as the momentum keeps up I am going to go for it!
Now, hubby thinks I need a "pen-name" I actually never thought about it...what do you all think? Isn't French good enough? LOL
Hugs Lisa (aka French) ;) xoxoxo


Brown-Eyes said...

Hi Lisa...Girl, I don't know how you do, wife, mother, soap opera star & author...but I'm sure glad you do! Loving every minute of THE story! ;-) Bo

Tootsie said...

girl....we all love you...and YOU have been such an inspiration for me and I am sure so many others...I like the name is classy and mysterious.
The story is fun and very good...keep up the good work
You deserved those awards...congrats girl

Bre said...

Hi French(y) - sorry , want to call you Frenchy - think it was from Grease :)

...very sorry to hear about your spider ....not sure how I would have reacted to see the praying mantis and one spider leg - Kind of gives me the heebee jeebies .

Thanks for the cheerful message on my blog...didn't realize you're a canuck too ....where from originally? We live in BC but my hubby's from Quebec.

I would love to follow your soap opera blog, but am I missing something - can't find it (didn't want to admit that)

et,oui , c'est toujours "fun" de parler francais..........dites mois quelque mots.....

a Tantot

Chris said...

You are so full of life. And I love reading your story. Also, I think French sounds sexy.


Justine said...

I love your pen name as French! It's just YOU. Now, I'd love it if we had a twice weekly saga, but I know you're also super busy with work and your family, so don't feel obligated to turn it out that often. Just go at your own pace. We'll all still be here waiting!

Justine :o )

Donna said...


You are the BOMB French!!! :)
The Bomb Diggity to be exact! (LOL)


nikkicrumpet said...

Well who in their right mind is gonna disagree with your HOTTIE OF A HUSBAND...I personally think anything he says is true! Maybe just a title to go with the "french" I'm loving the story..but feeling like a dork for missing chapter one. I went from the intro to 2 and sorta got a wee big lost. Oh well...lost is where I reside most days anyway! You're doing a great job with the story...its so much fun!

onlymehere said...

Maybe add a Kiss to that French! It could be authored by French Kiss, LOL! I think French works well too! As long as you're enjoying the ride I will be too bz this has been fun! If you get writer's block, so what! Take a little time off and something will happen to open that block up! You're doing a great job with it! Cindy

squawmama said...

Well I wrote this huge comment for you.. and then my internet went down and BAM! gone.. all gone boo hoo.. At any rate you are the Queen and or as my buddy, the other beautiful Donna says the BOMB! You deserve all the awards you get and even if you got writers block you have already given us so much joy.. BTW I love the name French as the "pen name" add La Plume to the end.. Frenchie LaPlume or it is good on it's own.. YIKES I can go on for hours LOL

Donna ala Squawmama aka Roxy

SchmeckyGirl said...

Congratulations. Well deserved awards! I haven't started to read yet because I want to sit and really enjoy your Blogopera. I can't wait. I've just been so busy but it's nice to have something to look forward to!

SchmeckyGirl said...

I always wanted to be like that. People just dropping by unannounced but I was raised so differently, it kinda stuck regardless of what I wish. That's great you're like that.

I think living in such a rural area made a difference. It's not like people would just drive by or even walk by and think Oh I wonder what Rebecca is up to... and stop in. They'd have to come this way for a reason. And I'm just never prepared for "company".

I always wanted the house where my kids' friends all just come in after school without knocking but I don't see that happening.
We'll see... you've inspired me. lol.

Buffie said...

{{{{FRENCH}}}} that's my pick and I'm stickin' to it! It fits you perfectly!

Mama said...

Congrats on all your awards so well deserved, I have loved your blog from the beginning and it just get's better, have fun with the blogopera you are doing so well and French is just perfect, just you!! hugs and congrats again, Mama/Kathy

Donna said...

"French" is perfect for your pen name. Just "French" adds alot of intrigue behind the writer.


Chris said...

Thank you French for signing my guestbook. Your husband seems to love you so much,you make a beautiful couple.


mrsben said...

My first choice is 'French' as well, but Madame French might work too. Oui/Non?

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