Friday, October 31, 2008

Stress...... an award and a gift post;)

Yes I did I screamed like a sissy girl yesterday when this package arrived! I actually won something! Elizabeth over at had a giveaway and I won! Here are all the goodies;) Thanks so much Elizabeth!!!

Shannon over at shared this lovely award with me for all my work in Blogge'ville! Thanks so much my fellow South Cackalacky girl;)
I am suppose to list 6 things that make me happy that's an easy one
1. My Life at home
2.My Tally (dog)
3. Watching the sunset
4. Travelling to Jamaica
5. My friends
6.Making other people smile
I know that most have received this award BUT if you haven't and you stop by PLEASE consider it yours! All of my blog roll are some of the most Kreative people I know, so have at it you all deserve it:)

Well here's me! Pulling my hair out hoping I don't disappoint anyone with the BIG spectacle happening tomorrow night at 8PM over in Blogge'ville with the Masquerade Ball! Remember if you are taking part be sure to get caught up on the story because Saturday's will be a long one! It's filled with love, lust and reveals... and it's a true spectacle of events!!! For those that have been so kind and sent well wishes, I had my MRI yesterday still waiting on results and I am still not working! I feel like a monkey with all the tests they have been running maybe they will figure something out soon! Until we meet again!
Hugs and Love
Happy Halloween Everyone!!


squawmama said...

Oh Ma'dame French... So happy for you to recieve these awards and the awesome gift CONGRATS...... we all love you and hope you are ok and have a speedy recovery... I am so anxious for the BIG party... I am already dressed for it... Love Ya

Hope your day is simply SPOOKTACULAR... Happy Halloween


squawmama said...

Oh ya... wanted to tell you I love Jamacia too... been there several times and never tire of it.. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh Girl!!! You are so deserving of all of your awards!!!! I owe you Justine and Raquel your gifts... I am horrible with mail! I'd better get on my grind! (LOL) It will be well worth the wait.. I promise!

As far as the MRI you know you are in my prayers!!!!!

I am sooooooo excited about tomorrow!!!! Blogge'ville is the place to be!!!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

Hey! I missed something...I didn't know you had some tests done. Here's a prayer and a wish for you that all is well!!Take care!

Shelia said...

Morning, Frenchiness! Congratulations on the giveaway. Looks like some great goodies in there. And congrats on your award too. Now, I just didn't realize you hair was so white.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Raxx - A day in the life said...

How exciting for you Frenchie! Enjoy your goodies! Congrats on your award too! I missed the details, but I hope your MRI results tells you that you are super intelligent and a wonderful gal!

Seriously I hope all goes well.

Betty said...

Happy Halloween to you too! I hope the test come back ok, and you feel better soon!

cindy said...

MRI?...Whats up? ...did I miss something?....I sure hope you're the way I cant WAIT for the Masquerade, that I know its tomorrow night I can relax a little bit....I will catch up on Sunday...(friends up all weekend)..and my computer is here at work so no access until Sunday after they leave. Take care, ~Cindy~

Buffie said...

Oh I gotta go pick up my costume, what am I thinking!? LOL! Cool, can't wait!


Bo said...

Dear Ma'dame French...sending you hugs and feel better wishes... and I can't imagine you could possibly think you could disappoint us with your Blogge'ville tale...we love it anyway you write it! ;-) Bo

onlymehere said...

French, sorry I'm so behind on my reading of blogs. I'm so behind I didn't even realize you'd been ill. I do hope they figure out what's going on soon and that you can get back to feeling your normal self. Keep us informed and I'll try to do better at catching up with you.

Penny said...

I didn't know you weren't doing well. I had an MRI in September and they are so loud and spooky! I hope you feel better soon.

One of these days I'll get over to Blogville. I know I'm missing out on some fun. :-(

Happy Halloween French!
Hugs, Penny

melissa said...

I am praying for good test results! Have a wonderful weekend French...and a good Halloween!!

p.s. have i told u lately how incredibly talented you are??? :)


Anna Lefler said...

Congrats on the award and hope you're having a fun and spooky Halloween!

:^) Anna

artis1111 said...

Candies to you. Kathy ( BOO )

nikkicrumpet said...

Prizes and awards YAY YOU!!! I'm so sorry you have to be a lab rat with all those tests...I hope they find a simple answer soon ! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Bridget said...

What a wonderful basket you received from Elizabeth. Congrats. It is soooo fun to get bloggy gifts. Who knew what we were missing before we stumbled into blogland? !
I didn't know you were having health issues. I hope whatever it is, they finally find whatever it is that is making you feel unwell. I'll be saying prayers for you!
I don't think I will be able to sleep with the anticipation of tomorrow's masquerade ball. Poor Daffy has been working so hard to put it together.
Hugs, Bridget

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway and showing the package. I'm glad it arrived intact, I was worried about the cards getting smooshed or the basket cracking.

Mama said...

Hey French, Congrats on your gift and award, so deserving, I did not know you were having tests and I may be thousands of miles away and being run ragged by family and friends, but I am still thinking of you and wishing you all the very best sweetie. big hugs, Kathy.

mrsben said...

Lisa, I too didn't realize you were having tests done. Wishing you positive results in a good way and your ailment isn't too serious. Cannot have our Frenchie being ill.
Will definitely tune in this evening for the Masquerade Ball.
Sending 'feel better hugs',

Happy To Be said...

GM French..girl you are in my prayers..congrats on the awards you so deserve them..Hope you had a Happy Halloween..we got no Treaters so dang I had to eat all the candy..have a great weeken...hugs and smiles Gloria

Bridget said...

Happy Saturday. I'm on pins and needles for the big ball!
I am having another contest. I hope you will join in!

Picket said...

Congrats on the award Frenchie and that great gift! Hope you get good results on the test girl...take care and I know the Red Carpet will be rolled out for on your your Grand Ball chapter!

Naz said...

I too am out of the loop in not knowing you had MRI tests done. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

SchmeckyGirl said...

I emailed you!!! Maybe it threw me in your spam folder???

Tracy P. said...

Wow! Here you were over here pulling your hair out, and yet you took the time to come by and visit me. Thanks even more!

I bet you didn't disappoint!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Hey Madame! Great gifties!! Atre those coffee nips in there?!

Tests? Hope all is well!

Your big bash sounds fun....and like it was LOTS of work!! Kudos!!

Happy To Be said...

Lisa, thank you girl for coming by and seeing me..and Yes i do believe we have Angels that walk among us. hugs and smiles Gloria

Jill said...

You are so lucky you won! I am jealous! I am going to start entering all these contest people have. Maybe I will get lucky too! :)

Anonymous said...

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