Thursday, October 16, 2008

You've been served!!!!!

Melissa over at the little sweetheart shared this with me and I know I usually don't conform to the rules not because I don't want to I just hate trying to pick only a few from all the wonderful bloggers out there;)

*Mention the blog that gave you the reward and comment on their blog to let them know that you have posted there award. You also have to list 6 things you VALUE and 6 things you Don't VALUE. Lastly, you have to pass the award onto 6 other friends! So here it goes...6 things that I Value:

1. Trust.

2. My husband Gordon sometimes we have our moments but regardless 20 + years and counting I couldn't imagine life without him!

3. My two kids. They are my world!

4. My family without their support during good and bad times who's shoulder would I blow my nose on?

5. The friendships that I have. I admit that for whatever reason...I don't have too many...but the one's I do have are very, very special and valuable to me! They remind me of what's important and slap me when I need it~~they love me because of and despite my faults!

6. My patients more often than not I may be taking care of them but they humble me time and time again;)

Six thing's that I DO NOT value:

1. Cruelty to animals~~~enough said!

2. People that bitch about life and do nothing to change things! You are the designer of your destiny seek it and eventually it will come to you~~you never know until you try;) Believe in yourself and go after your dreams ALWAYS!!

3. Prejudice

4. Greed~I believe it's the ONE true evil in the world.

5. Laziness~~~I work a ton that's all I know, the values of today's society just isn't what it was years ago--- I see it all too often with new nurses that are afraid to get their hands dirty but expect to be paid the same as me who has done it for almost 20 years? wtf?? "Hello" your a new grad clean some shit and get over it and yourself! I hate those lazy (fuckers)!oops!

6. TAXES and INSURANCE~~we are being raped daily by these 2 things and the powers that be do nothing to change it other than hype a bunch of (bullshit)!!!!

Six blogs that I would like to share this with in no particular order~~~

1. Bo over here;)

2. Squawmamma over here;)

3. Kathy over here;)

4. Bridget over here;)

5.Justine over here;)

6. Elizabeth over here;)

Well if you don't believe they deserve it than check it out for yourselves;) These are some wild kreative women I tell ya! Of course I can't conform too much I might give the wrong impression so if you are on my list then consider yourself served! You've been served the Kreative Blogger award too;)
Hugs and love French;)


SchmeckyGirl said...

Oooh a lot of good answers! Can you imagaine that there are actually people out there that are lazy, greedy and prejudiced all rolled into one.

Great blog pics!

SchmeckyGirl said...

Serial rapist! I don't know if he ever "killed" serially....

Your readers are going to read my comment and think What the heck?

Were you always Madame French? Why did I never notice that before?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the award, although I don't consider myself particularly "kreativ"! I'll have to think on this things I value business.

squawmama said...

Thank you my sweet friend... I hope I can come up with great answers like you did.. I am thrilled to accept the award and to pass it on to 6 deserving blogettes...


Bo said...

Okay my little minx...I hope I don't disappoint or embarrass you with my "stuff"...haha! ;-) Bo

Shannon said...

In regards to your "do value #6" and "do not value #5"...Sounds like you are a nurse for all the right reasons. We need more of you out there! I also have a good friend who is a nurse and she certainly goes through the wringer sometimes!
Some of those young'ins out there need a good dose of reality and to know what "working for something" is...

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Great list French! You sound strong and honorable. I like peeps like that!!

I'll check out the blogs you mention.

Shelia said...

Hi French! Great choices!! Thanks for the compliment on my wreaths!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

nikkicrumpet said...

Congrats...nice choices...and wow you followed the rules pretty dang well! Have a great night.

Donna said...

Hey Chickie!!! Great Post! Congrats on the well deserving award! ;)


Bo said...

I'm baaack to let you know I'm posted... hugs, ;-) Bo

Justine said...

Aw, thanks soooooooo much Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wuv my new award!

Justine :o )

onlymehere said...

I agree, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. I love learning more about you. I laughed when I read the part about loving your family bz who else's shoulder would you blow your nose on!! Thanks for the chuckle I really needed it tonight. It's been an extremely bad day and I needed a moment of light!

Buffie said...

Oh, great answers Lisa! The greed of others gets to me so bad sometimes...but then I still think the good far out way the bad this world!
Buffie : )

Mama said...

Congrats on your award Ma'dame French, I love and agree with your answers, Merci Beaucoup for my award, I will proudly display it as it means so much receiving it from you French, speak soon, Kathy xoxo.

mrsben said...

Lisa, 'your values' reflect such wisdom! Also congratulations on your well deserved Award. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND.
(Had a problem posting this, so hope it doesn't go thru a few times.)

cindy said...

Congrats Lisa on receiving your award. Well deserved. Great list! (I believe we have similar values). Have a great weekend! ~Cindy~

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Congrats on your award! You deserve it! Love your answeres too!

I hate lazy newbies in the workplace too, they usually dont care about working hard and earning their stripes!

Naz said...

Because you are a nurse and the greatest value to so many people. I applaud your profession.

Bre said... your sense of humour! Tu me fais rire !
I enjoyed reading the post and totally related to the things that you don't value. Je suis d'accord.

But when I got the the WTF part I really laughed and thought - this is a girl after my own heart - a kindred spirit cause I've been known to slip in the ol' wtf .....and occasionally a FFS .......such a potty mouth - slap my wrist.
.....anyway - thanks for the laughs!

Bridget said...

My sweet little French tart, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Congratulations to you too! I'll officially accept my award when I get back next week!

HUGS, Bridget

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, I am sorry you are having problems with your shoulder, too!! What are you planning to do for yours??? I would really like to know how you feel about your treatment options. xoxoxo Terrie

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, Do you plan to find another job in you field?? I would hate to continue to have this much pain. What is NSAID's?? My prayers are with you. Hugs, Terrie

Anonymous said...

As always you are such an inspiration in my life. You say it as you feel it's a same that more people aren't as outspoken as you are. You certainly do deserve an award for all your helpful hints in everyday comings. Love ya

Twice as Nice said...

Please pick out masquerade ball costumes for me and twin. I have trouble even blogging. I can write just fine but posting pictures is a nightmare. Twin or my daughter has to do it for me. I'm still learning. I've never had to use a computer except for fun stuff like shopping or RMS. When my daughter helps she goes so fast I can't grasp it. I think she types 200 words a minute and she's in and out of programs like nobodys business.

I saw a repeat of RMS yesterday afternoon and it was you again!

You're doing so great on D.H. of Blogge'ville. With over 30 characters no less. Your writing skills are amazing!

Anna Lefler said...

Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by on blogathon day - hope to see you again soon...

Take care and have a smooth Sunday...

:^) Anna

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

did you get my costume this time I just resent it..hugs, lisa

SchmeckyGirl said...

Oh crap! I forgot! Hhhmmm. I'm kinda interested to see what you pick for me, if you don't mind! I have no idea... can't wait to see what you pick. And thank you!

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Hey girl...wish I had time to join and blogging leaves me no time to visit the blogs and join in the fun...darn it. I'm thinking I may just blog every other day...what you are planning sounds like sooooo much fun! I so admire your creativity! mentioned the china...I did post a few pics on was in a large post I did that showed three tablescapes...I think the heading said Beach and Garden Theme, or something like that. I guess it's still there...I never go over to RMS much anymore. And I do believe Gollum chose it as an item to feature, you have an amazing memory! Thanks so much for stopping by today! I'll have to come check out this Masquerade post...sound like it will be a hoot with the cast of characters I see forming. :-) Susan

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