Monday, June 2, 2008

Arrangement Checklist~~~Lesson #4

Once you have considered the many variations of the arrangement of your room and have narrowed your choices, you closely examine the positioning of pieces according to the following guidelines. Most of these are just good common sense, however, they are quite easily forgotten.

1. Examine the location of all outlets. Are they convenient for lights, TV, etc?...

2. Has the traffic flow been interrupted? Identify primary and secondary zones. Sometimes this is a necessary evil, but should be avoided if possible.

3. Does every seated person have access to a table top surface? All tables do not need to be very large. A small occasional table, as well as a hearth or bookcase or shelf, will do.

4. Does every seated person have access to a light or lamp? Not everyone in the room will read at the same time and the best lighted seats often have to be shared. In most cases (other than specific duties) general overhead lighting will suffice.

5. Can most everyone view the television without much difficulty? Generally, for most room-size screens, a distance of 8-12 feet is good but 5 to 7 is best.

6. Is there adequate or too much distance within the conversation group? Generally 10 feet is comfortable for normal conversation.

7. Is there good balance between legs and skirts? A room with all legs seems to float and a room with all skirts will seem heavy and weighted down.

8. Finally, are there any specific requests or tasks you wish this room to perform? If so, does it?

These things may seem trivial but when looking for the best arrangement these hints can play a key role in fine tuning a space. For example, lamps are great at the side of a sofa or bed, but if unreachable without stretching it's an easy fix to make a slight move.
Photographs are also key in seeing what you can fix...sometimes an image gives a "better" view to the owner and allows them to see what may need to be changed or adjusted;)
Cheers, French;)


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, These are some great suggestions. These are things I do consider when arranging my rooms. Too, often I visit someone's home and have no place to sit my drink. Or it is really difficult to see the tv. And sometimes I wonder if people understand the importance of good reading lamps.
Have a great day! Terrie

Anonymous said...

Oh French Fry!!! I am in the front row and here's another red apple! I am so thrilled.... :) Double Thanks!!! Love, Donna

Chari said...

Hello Lisa! Love this lesson! I'm soaking it all in, girl!!! I plan on reading it through at least a couple more times...hehe!!! Call it old age or just being dense...but I really want to get it!...Hehe!!! I can really identify with the last paragraph...about taking a photo to see if everything works in a room! I would have never believed this except I've experienced it first hand...thanks to RMS!!! When getting ready to post a room and doing all the photographing...I can't tell you how many times I went back to the room to correct something or change something due to seeing it through the "camera's eye"! So it's really true! I think it's because the camera focuses in on a particular area...with the natural eye, we tend to see more of the total picture! I just love it...keep em' comin' Frenchie...I'm paying attention!!! Warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Great tips, Lisa!!!!!!!!! Do I see a sign saying you're going back to Jamaica again? Wooooooooo hooooooooooo! You lucky chickadee!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

KK said...

I'm with Donna right there in the front row too. We really need to get the word out about all of this great... and so much needed advise. Thanks again for the time you take to put this all together. xoxoxo Kelly

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