Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some of my favorite Movies

I was surprised by this movie and being a huge fan of Samuel I wasn't disappointed!

This is one of those movies that got lost somehow, grab the box of tissues sit down and really watch it! I promise you won't be disappointed!

You either love this movie or hate it...I personally love that is shows what perhaps may be going on behind closed doors...oh and the floating bag scene really makes you appreciate beauty we often overlook!

Love this movie, love how real it makes people's lives appear. The trials and tribulations of what we go through as parents, and as a couple!

I am married to a Scottish man~~enough said about this movie;)

I think every person can relate to one of these teens!

The movie I have seen just as many times as the "Breakfast Club" such a feel good movie where the good guy finally wins...

This movie surprised me so~~~I never expected to have the impact on me it did. Definitely worth the watch! This one makes you laugh, cry and really think about how you treat people!

Who never wanted to start molding clay after this movie??

Great light hearted movie about dancing which I love!

A classic that speaks volumes!

Do horrors get any better than this?

If you ever doubted you could achieve something watch this movie based on a true story!

The first time I watched this I laughed so hard, I cried it's hilarious!

The final scene is worth wait!

Do love stories get any better than this??

The cinematography, and fighting scenes in this movie are superb!

Based on a true story, the first ever recorded haunting in American history really weird but interesting!

So ladies anything you have to recommend to me? I love movies so it was hard to pick a few but these all represent different types, and styles of films! So tag you are all it! Let me know what your favorites are and why? Let the movie games begin................................Classics are classics we know which ones they are so I didn't mention them here;)



Kathy said...

Hi French, You have a great selection here, some of which I have not seen but will check out upon your recommendations, I can only add, Under the Tuscan Sun and Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version of course) I too like Step up, did you see Step Up 2 yet, I havent and would like to know if it was as good as the first one?. I saw "PS I love you" on the flight back from UK, cried all the way home. Kathy.

Bridget said...

French, I love a lot of the movies you've featured and will move a few of the ones I have not to the top of my Netflix list! Something About Mary is so funny. The old lady was so funny and so ridiculous. The really funny thing is that character is just like the old ladies in South Florida. I had thought it was an exaggeration but after I moved there, I could not believe how totally accurate their portrayal of the Miami senior citizen was. I can honestly say, there is nothing like South Florida...thank goodness! LOL
I look forward to taking your challenge and sharing a few of my favorites.
I hope you won't mind if I add you to my blogroll!

artis1111 said...

Girl you have to always have Gone With The Wind. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof The oldies are always the best. Kathy

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I saw most of these movies, I too am a SJackson fan but for some reason I have not seen BS Moan, thanks for the reminder, and i promise to make my movie list too!

Penny said...

Thanks so much for the reviews French! There are a couple of movies here I haven't seen that I'll pick up. Shawshank is awesome. I can listen to Morgan Freeman tell a story about anything, but this one was truly spectacular.

Bridget, you are SO right about the older women in S. Fla. They have totally ruined their skin and they think they look good! I just don't get it. Even when we go to the beach I'm under the umbrella. I can't beleive you lived in S. Fla. Culture shock from Northern California! Our country is so diverse.

Donna said...

French Fry!!!!! I have seen everyone of these movies except for Life As A House. I will be sure to check it out!! One of these days I will finish up my blog... and get around to my movie list.... xoxoxoxox Donna

Justine said...

Hi French! Another fun post to read! Let's see.. for a wonderful classic movie, my very favorite is Guess Who's Coming To Dinner with Sydney Portiet. I'm sure I spelled his name wrong!

For more modern movies, I loved Fools Rush In (Salma Hyek and Matthew Perry) Along Came Polly (Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller) and 40 Year Old Virgin. Hysterical!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Buffie said...

Braveheart.... Mel Gibson mmmmmm!!!
Loved Ghost! Shawshank Redemtion, awesome movie! Life as a House, definitely get out the hanky girls! American Beauty, quirky but great! I have yet to see a few you've mentioned but they're on my list now, thanks for the movie reviews!

onlymehere said...

French, where did you get the covers of your movies from? I'd love to do a post of my favorites and play along! You're making blogging so much fun! Patrick Swayze is another sexy man for your list, who didn't love him in Ghost and Dirty Dancing? Since your husband's Scottish did you see Scooterblue whimsy's (Rhonda) post on her dream vacation to Scotland? It was wonderful and made me hunger to go there! Cindy

KIm said...

My all time favorites...The Notebook (such a beautiful love story), White Christmas and Legends of the Fall.

twintoo10292 said...

My favorites are Steel Magnolias-love that it is based on a true story and both funny and sad. Sweet Dreams which is the life story of Patsy Cline and I love Ann of Green Gables with Megan Fellows. Those are my top 3 and I could watch them over and over. Twin

Elizabeth said...

Life as a House, LOVED it! Very overlooked film!
I also love "teen" films likeStep it Up. Bring it On is one of my all-time favorites, and I like Drumline and Honey. Talk about guilty pleasures!
I never got into the Bob Hope on the road movies, although my dad did try to be a good parent in that regard! However, I think I've seen and enjoyed every movie musical ever made, as well as every spy movie. 3 Days of the Condor, The Jackal, Thin Man series.

Janice said...

My favourite classics are, To Kill a Mockingbird and Twelve Angry Men (the original) And because I was a teen in the 80's, I will stay up late if I see Flashdance on T.V. The only DVD i own that isn't a kids film is Forest Gump. I love that movie. I, unlike you, can never remember the title of a movie or often the actors in them, so although I have many more favourites, all I can say is, "you know the one --with that guy and that lady in it---I loved that one"

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