Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tagged by Deb

I have been tagged by Deb to share some info so I will give it my best shot! Nothing overly interesting but gives a little insight I guess! Here goes nothing!
Five things I do for myself
1. I get a pedicure at least once every 2 months it's my day out for myself!
2. Pray
3. Watch some reality TV
4. Mind my own business ( you stay out of trouble that way)
5. I give myself facials once a month
Five kind things I do for my friends, child or partner
1. I’m always there when they need me
2. I work at my husbands shop without being paid.
3. I am at the door waiting for my son everyday he gets home from school.
4. I did a complete makeover for a friend without expecting or wanting a dime
5. Give advice in real estate and investing, interior design to those that ask and want my advice for free
Five kind things I have done for a stranger
1. Given directions to a stranger, returned a lost wallet
2. Offered my cell phone to a stranded motorist to call for help
3. I helped a man in a wheelchair get out of a taxi
4. I help people at work everyday sometimes I shave the men or wash the women's hair to help them feel a little normal even if for a day while they are sick and in the hospital
5. Helped a man I didn't know offered him a home a room and food to get back on his feet
Five things I do for fun
1. Cookouts with the neighbors
2. Blog
3. Pay it forward and pay for someones coffee behind me when they don't know me
4. Decorate
5. Travel


twintoo10292 said...

Speaking of your friends redo, did she ever put her house on the market? Is her husband doing better? On the 5 things you do for others, I think they are the things that make us feel the best, to know we make someone elses world a little bit better. You sound like a great nurse, friend, mom and doesn't get any better than that. Twin

Deb said...

Great meme, you've actually been busy with your blogging. I didn't expect you had so many post since you've been back. I've got to catch up on reading them. Deb

Anonymous said...

Hey French!!! Waht a special little woman you are!!!! :)

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