Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lesson #5 Patterns and Color continued~~~~

  • will they be patterned or solid
  • small pattern or large
  • will it be placed above or below a chair rail


  • will they be patterned or solid
  • is the floor space large or small
  • will there be multiple patterns on rugs, or one as is carpet color


  • will it be patterned or solid
  • how large is the piece of furniture, where is it placed
  • will it match the other pieces, the walls, identical or coordinate


  • will they be mostly accents or fillers
  • solids or patterned
  • do they carry the color alone


  • style of the treatment
  • solid or patterned
  • do they blend in or stand out
  1. COLOR -the appearance of an object the eye receives when light is reflected from it
  2. HUE- The more accurate description of a color by referring to its relationship to its adjacent color.
  3. VALUE- How light or dark a color appears (dark blue vs light blue)
  4. INTENSITY- How bright or dull a color appears (bright blue vs dull blue)
  5. SHADE- A fashion descriptive term including all 3 qualities of color, hue, value & intensity

Colors and hues have certain characteristics known as values, intensities, shades, etc... Strong contrasts of the value or intensity of a color will either work to your advantage or disadvantage. Remember that a sharp contrast in value (light blue to dark blue) or intensity (bright blue to dull blue) will attract the eye. In a very large room, contrasts work well, but in a smaller room, a great deal of contrast will affect it differently. A proper balance of value and intensity (for example: all light, all medium, all dark) will work better and provide your room with a more pleasing aesthetic value.

All of these things play key roles in making a room "feel" better. As well as being more pleasing to the eye. But keep in mind the style of a room plays a bigger factor in working with these elements as well. Also, cool colors vs warm colors...

Tomorrow the secret of good shelving design and the secret the designers don't want you to know....


Anonymous said...

French I'm so glad you're doing this. I'm going to start referring RMSers to your blog when they ask for "help". This information is pricless when your trying to make all of those decorating decisions. Thanks so much! xoxoxo Your BFF Kelly

Anonymous said...

Soooo, are you PACKED UP ALREADY??????? K-N-O-W you've got to be soooooo excited and filled with wonderful anticipation,Oh- Sweet-One!XOXOX, Linda

Anonymous said...

French... HOT music chickie!!!! I felt like I was on Dancing on Air... LOL Do you remember that show? LOL.... Your lessons are the BOMB DIGGITY... You have no idea how badly I need this! Kelly is soooo right! This info is priceless...Much Love! Hugs... Donna

onlymehere said...

I'm so glad I found this blog. This will definitely be one I refer to often as I redecorate my home. My home certainly needs it after 13 years! Thanks for letting me visit you have a wonderful blog. Cindy

Rue said...

I'm not worthy sister teacher ;)

Great idea to post these! I've missed you!!!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, I love the information you are sharing with us!! Is this some of the stuff you learnt in class??
Kepp the ideas/hints coming!!
Hugs, Terrie

Chari said...

Good Morning Lisa!

Just read through Lesson #5...of course, being the "color junkie" I am...I really got my "fix" reading through this lesson today!!! You just valitdated what I have always known about color! Oh yes, I suppose that some may prefer to take a simplistic approach to color...but for a "color junkie" like myself...simply stating that something is the color blue...just isn't enough!

I mean, was it a greenish-blue or a purpley-blue (HUE)? Uh...a greenish-blue, they reply.

Oh how nice...well, is it a "dark" greenish-blue like turquoise or a "light" greenish-blue like agua (VALUE)?

Uh...it's a dark greenish-blue...a turquoise, they reply. Oh ok, I'm beginning to get a clearer picture...is it a bright or kind of muted turquoise (INTENSITY)?

By this time, the person, who just a few seconds earlier told me it was a blue color, begins to look at me like I'm nuts...hehe!!! Well, I guess it's a bright turquoise, they say! Ahhhh...now I understand and I can see it...I just love that color/(SHADE) of blue!!!
Hehehe...I told you I was a "color junkie"!!! Thank you so much for this lesson, Lisa!
PS...this is how I BS'd my way through college...hehe!!!

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Hey Lisa! Great posts, but I have to say, I do miss your more personal stories! Can you add some of those in now and then? Pweeeeeeeese? Just for me????

Justine :o )

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