Friday, June 27, 2008

Sexy Men of Hollywood

Must have had a brain fart how did I forget this man?? This one is for you Kathy;) David Beckham
Taye Diggs~~"How Stella Got Her Groove Back" I think I would get my groove back too! Did I mention this was also filmed in Jamaica!!hmmmm (lol)
OOps!*%# How did hubby get in here;)
Kevin Spacey~~" American Beauty"
Mel Gibson~~"Braveheart"
Matthew McConaughey (ahem) Need I say more?
He's so cute he gets 2 pics!
Oops I did it again with Taye Diggs, can you say 6 pack?!

Ahhh George~~ER hasn't been the same without you!
How cute is this?
Sean Patrick~~"Boondock Saints" great flick, what a cutie!
Sean Connery the infinite gentleman! Ohh and that accent;)
Ok so Channing Tatum is young but dam did they look like this when I was this age?~~ "Step Up"

I figured you are all probably so tired of seeing Jamaica pics thought I better give you ladies some eye candy for awhile and maybe you'll come back and visit? LOL
Enjoy the pics! Ps there are more Jamaica pics listed in posts below this one;)


Tootsie said...

I am a huge Matthew fan! he is adorable...his smile is so flirty! I liked this post!

Bridget said...

How could I resist coming to look at a post with this title! You have very good taste in men. Very cute that you slipped hubby into the lineup! Smiles, B.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I like your taste in hunks! And Taye Diggs is suuuuper cute!!

Donna said...

Whew girl!!!!! I'm over here fanning myself!!!!! How hunkalicious!!!! I feel as if I've had a little desert after my breakfast!!!! Mmmmmmmm!!!

Penny said...

They could all be firemen. I have a thing for firemen. LOL

Justine said...

Oh Nummy! Gimme some of that McConaughey!!!!!!!!!!! if only the man wore deodorant, eh? And I've gotta say, your hubby is so hot, he fits right in with these guys. And Tay Diggs... ooh, I loved his smile in that movie.

Justine :o )

Kathy said...

YUMMY!!!! French, The only one you missed out was David Beckham, I know, I know, i'm biased, but he does have one hell of a bod (LOL). Did you realise French that you had a bit of a Scottish theme going on here (I wonder Why! em...), Well my cup of tea, tasted a lot better this morning, but seriously your Jamaican photo's just made me droollll. Kathy.

Now to be on a beach in Jamaica with any of those guys...........

Kathy said...

OMG!!!, French, What you trying to do to me, I have just had to call an Ambulance!!!!!!!, ooh, there's another thought!, I cannot wait for those paramedics to turn up, they wear uniforms over here???, Right????. ROFL!!!!. ouch.

Now I must avert my eyes, I have a post to prepare.

onlymehere said...

How brave of you to list these men! I really liked that you snuck your husband in too!

artis1111 said...

Where is my dollar bills!!! Start the music! I love candy! Heeee..Kathy

Kelly (kiakai) said...

OK I love the David Beckham pic, and I'm so glad you threw in Sean Connery! I've had a crush on him since I was, well, young. I think you hit all of the good ones. I have a couple others. Ed Harris Ahhhh Dreamy. And the young ones would be, Josh Hartnett. He is soooo cute! Black Hawk down and Pearl Harbor. I think he looks like one of my sons. Kelly

twintoo10292 said...

She may not be hollywood but guess who I was just thinking yesterday who you reminded me of? It was when I saw the picture of you where you said it was before the tan. I think she is the #1 singer of all time and I saw her in Vegas....Celine Dion!! Love love love her. and the guy with you in the pool could be Renee!! Twin

Buffie said...

Oh man, I need a cold shower now! LOL! Wow, ALL of my favorites!!!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Oh, man!!! What fine... looking men!! Yummy!!! Hugs, Terrie

Bridget said...

I had to come back to compare notes! I do appreciate all of these hunks. I've not seen Step Up yet so Channing Tatum is a new one on me. Now I will have to see the movie!

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