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Lesson #3 Accessories

The unique decorative accessories of a room contribute to its character and color scheme. They utilize space, arouse curiosity, and express interest to the OWNER! Accessorizing is best accomplished only after the majority of furniture is in place. Creating an individual look or personal touch to your room is finalized with the introduction of accessories. Most of these are found in one or two categories:

1. Those pieces and accents that fill in spaces on table tops and other surfaces;

2. Those that we would hang such as pictures or "what nots" to fill in bare wall spots.

Choosing the correct accessory for a spot in your home or room involves a series of evaluations to determine its compatibility within you interior! Use the following chart to aid in evaluating the appropriateness of the perspective piece.

1.Does the color blend well? (floral arrangements, accent pieces, throw pillows) Is it a strong accent color or does it blend well with surrounding colors and areas.

2.If the piece is patterned (lamp, picture, ceramic vase, or bowl) will this pattern fight with an adjacent wallpaper, drapery, or upholstery fabric? Do the colors within the pattern complement your chosen color scheme?

3. Compare the size of the chosen accessory (statues, candlesticks, sculptures) with the space you have designated. Is it either too large or too small? Does it blend well with the size of adjacent pieces by not overpowering or dwarfing them?

4. If it is a functioning accessory (ashtray, coaster, decanter, and glasses) is it easily accessible? Is it easily cleaned and located in its most probable location?

5. If choosing books or magazines either for a wall unit, book shelf, ot etagere, will they be placed on both sides of the furniture from the left to right and to top and bottom? For a coffee table, are the covers or jackets of these books or magazines neat in appearance?

6. Is there good balance of texture of your accessories, from smooth to rough, from bright to dull, from flat to glossy or shiny?

7. Do the accessories convey the style you have chosen for the room? Are they formal enough, or too formal, or too casual? Do they fit in well with the style of the other pieces?

8. Do the accessories chosen make a statement? Do they belong to a collection? Do they convey the mood or feeling you want within YOUR room?

After careful consideration and examination of the accessories you might choose for your room, remember that each item is an individual and the final choice will be your own personal preference. You should choose those pieces that you prefer, that you enjoy looking at, that exemplifies YOUR own style and personality and that of your home!

Wall accessories

Primary and dominant walls

2nd and 3rd zones

Surface areas

Suddivision of 3 sizes

Small, medium, large also

Tall, Average, short


Gollum said...

Loved this one, too. Accessories can make or break a room (mainly because people are in a hurry, like you said, and they don't let the room "breathe" and, finally, whisper. I like your karma tags and quotes.

twintoo10292 said...

Hi-been away for awhile and see I've missed class. Alot of great information. Congratulations again on making RMS. I can't wait to see it. Twin

Anonymous said...

Hi, my lil' French Fry! ~~~ Your blog is just delightful ( n' I LOOOOVE your quips on the RIGHT column MUCHO!)~~~ Am SOOO thrilled you will soon be winging your way to your beloved paradise for a lil' R & R with those you love!!! You deserve it, kiddo ~ sip on something with a silly umbrella in it, just for me, ok??? Much love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Plz let me know if my message DIDN'T get thru to you, ok? I'm NEVER really sure I'm doing this all correctly!!! Smiles n' hugs, Linda

Ladydeembee said...

OK Girlie... I am now officially in class... I just placed a nice big red juicy apple in front of you... :) This is wonderful... I cant wait to read part 4! Hugs, Donna

Lisa said...

No bribing the teacher! (grins) well then again maybe~~~ lol

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, These are awesome reminders. I am really enjoying your blog.
Hugs, Terrie

Ladydeembee said...

LOL.... :)

Chari said...

Hello Lisa! Well...I seem to be going through these lessons rather quickly since I just came upon them today and am already behind, however I will go through them again to make sure that I'm getting the most from them! I'm just so excited that you are doing them for your blog followers!!! I have always had a passion for design and decorating...even as a child! I've never studied formerly and sure would like this is wonderful!!! I love this lesson on accessories! Accessorizing a room is the "fun" part...I mean, basically all of the hard work is behind at this point and now it's time for the "icing"! I do have a question about #5...placing books & magazines on it best to be symmetrical? For instance, if you are placing books on the left side of one shelf (like in a cubby)...should all books be placed on the left side...although in a different area of the shelves? Hope you are able to make sense of this question! Hehe!!! Warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)

Lisa said...

Chari~~~will be addressing those questions in later lesssons so stay tuned! French;)

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