Monday, June 30, 2008

Oldies but goodies, movies continued............

Nobody was more beautiful then Elizabeth Taylor back in the day!
The infamous "Rat Pack" movies

Hello "Mrs. Robinson"
Let's not forget James Dean!
I loved all these movies Bob Hope always made me laugh!
Oh the singing and the dancing!
These two were a hoot together! They played off of eachother so well!

Frankly my dear "I don't give a damn"
One of my all time favorite movies, you gotta love Father O'Malley!

Classic film so taboo in the day wasn't it?
Classic movie by the classiest of ladies!

My all time favorite Christmas movie in the original black and white haven't missed it once in all my 41 years!

The dance world was never the same after this movie!
The music, the people such talent in this flick!
A genuine classic!
I have seen this movie most often of all. I even own a collector's edition of it! I also seen the stage production of it about 16 years ago in Toronto!

So you see ladies, thanks to my wonderful parents I have been very educated in the movie world! Both my parents are movie buffs and thanks to them I am too!

We often still call eachother and say what was the name of or who was that guy or girl in???
I am the master of nothing but I sure know my movies and actors and actresses! So which one of these haven't you seen?


Bridget said...

Seen them all and loved them all! Growing up I always loved to watch the old movies on t.v. That was before VCRs and Blockbuster!

Bridget said...

Oops I've dated myself yet again, I should have said before DVD players and Netflix! LOL

Buffie said...

I've seen them all but "The Color Purple" is by far my favorite..."Gone With The Wind" is another classic...I watch both of these at least once a year!

Donna said...

French!!! Good Morning my Sweet friend!!!! Your choice in classic movies is right on the money!!! I loved everyone of those movies... I also loved Jane Eyre starring Orson Wells and Joan Fontaine! To Kill a Mocking Bird starring Gregory Peck, Freaks(1939), The Bad Seed, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane... just to name a few... :) I LOVE classic movies!!! I have a nice little collection!!! Hugs Girlfriend!!! Donna

onlymehere said...

I love classic movies but actually I haven't seen very many of the ones you listed, can you believe it? I'm more of a Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant-type of girl! My husband loves the John Wayne movies. I'm definitely going to rent some of these! How fun of you to list these! We were just having a good laugh yesterday at "The Goonies" where chunk confesses every sin he ever did. We were at the dinner table and my daughter repeats the lines so funny. We were all laughing until we cried! On another note, I didn't realize you were from Canada or the Toronto area. How fun to have you and another blog friend from Canada! Talk to you soon neighbor!

French said...

It's amazing how many movies there are! We could talk about them for weeks lol! Thanks for all that visit;) French

Justine said...

The question for me is "which HAVE you seen" because I've only seen maybe three on your list. Wizard of Oz, my favorite, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and Gone with the Wind. Oh! Also saw Rebel in my film class in HS. Great movie!

Justine :o )

Buffie said...

I LOVE Dean Martin songs! haha sshhh, don't tell anyone! I was totally in love with him as a little girl...he was SO handsome!

Penny said...

I haven't seen Cat on Hot Roof, White Christmas, Rat Pack, Color Purple, Gone with the Wind, Easter Parade, Rebel w/o cause, Breakfast at Tiff's, Road to Morroco. No, not even Gone With The Wind all the way through. I've seen little bits like when the housekeeper makes Scarlett a beautiful dress out of the curtains, but never the whole movie. I better pop some popcorn and get busy watching some movies!

Anonymous said...

Love the movie recommendations. I spent part of yesterday watching Something's Gotta Give. Mostly because I would give a body part for that house in the Hamptons, but also because it makes me think that Mr. Wonderful might show up (I hope it's not Jack Nicholson)! Is tomorrow who looks like a celebrity day? Carol

artis1111 said...

I have seen them all. Great list. My fav Gone With The Wind. Kathy

Kathy said...

Excellent selection French, you do know your movies dont you?. I just remembered we loved to curl up on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon as there was always a Doris Day movie on. the light of the silvery moon......... (we just loved her)
Calamity Jane, Secret love.
excellent web-site

and the fantastic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, my son has a degree in Film and History and I told him to watch SBFSB's and he classes it among his faves, together with The Marx brothers, Abbot and Costello, so funny with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Classics, to many to list, thanks for the trip down memory lane, Kathy.

Picket said...

Hello Frenchie,,,I love old movies...especially the classics and anything with Jimmy Stewart and Randoff Scott or Glen Ford...just alot of the old black and whites I love them!!! Hope you are having a great day sweetie!!!

Donna said...

French... my blog is dog awful... I will get better in due time... :) LOL... Heck I tried!!!!

Rue said...

Wait! Donna has a blog?! Off to check that out :)

Oh and you know I've seen everyone of these. You forgot Citizen Cane and Jane Eyre!


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