Friday, June 27, 2008

Dolphin Cove

These are truly amazing creatures!
OMG~~here we go they are getting close to us now!!
Woohoo we are making them sing and dance!
Could I please have a kiss?
Ahh thanks so much I needed that!
Yeah you can kiss me but I ain't kissing back! lol

Time for a ride!
This is so awesome I can't believe I am doing this!
Like a ballerina in the water being pushed by 2 dolphins!
OK not like a ballerina but hey I am only 10 after all!
They feel like rubber it's cool!

Ever since my daughter was 2 she talked about wanting to swim with the dolphins, as her graduation present she got to do just that! Hope you enjoy the pictures!
I cried tears of joy watching them! Although my son wasn't sure at first he quickly realized how awesome this experience was going to be for him too! This is something I personally have never done and was so happy to be able to watch my children enjoy the experience of a lifetime!


Bridget said...

French, I saw your blog listed over at Kathy's place so I popped over to see what's up. Your children look like they are having so much fun but then why wouldn't they. I hear that the dolphin experience is incredible. I must put that on the list of things to do before I am too old to enjoy it. LOL
Good night, Bridget

Justine said...

My daughter Mikayla (turning 11 in a couple weeks) got to do this at Sea World as her 10th b-day present from my parents. She's been in love with dolphins for years, but this just capped it for her. Now she's talking about being a marine biologist when she gets older, and on Monday she starts Marine Biology camp for 2 weeks!

Justine :o )

Kathy said...

Hi French after all the sexy men I missed this post at first, I am so glad your kids had a chance to do this, you should have joined them, I actually thought it WAS you in the photo's until you mentioned you watched, your daughter really looks like you, my daughter also wished and wished but it took till she was 21 for her dream to come true, but my son and me also benefited from her dream,(I was about 44 at the time) hey way to go me!! it was incredible, we were in mexico.
ps Bridget, get going girl!!.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hello there!

Was this done in Jamaica? If so I had no idea this was done there!! Looks like soooo much fun!! Why didnt you do it too?


damnemptynester said...

thanks for the picture galary of all those gorgous men, it perked me right up.

KK said...

OMGosh Franky would go nuts here. Their faces say it all. What a memory!

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