Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lesson # 7 Lighting~~

For those that have asked most of the information within these lessons were ones I had taken during my Interior Design class....some of them are from articles, some of the information is my own....

The following is from an article found at Better Homes and Gardens!

Picking out a lamp for a room shouldn't be an afterthought. In addition to style, think about the specific task the lamp will perform.

For close-up tasks, look for a lamp that has a narrowly focused beam and is adjustable. Ideally, the light source should be about 15 inches above the work area. The spring-arm lamp is a good choice because it can be raised and lowered, the head swivels as well. When lighting a computer workstation, focus the light so that it isn't reflected in the computer screen.

Bedside Lighting:

It should be bright enough to read by when you're sitting up in bed but soft and flattering when you want to set a romantic mood. In rooms without overhead ambient lighting, bedside lamps also may need to help out with general illumination. A wall mounted swing-arm lamp is ideal for reading and height should be with the shade bottom even with your cheekbone when your sitting up in bed.

Chairside Lighting:

Don't worry about matching lamps precisely to other furnishings. In fact, modern lighting can freshen up a traditional room, just as an antique lamp can add warmth to contemporary decor. With reading lamps, whether floor or tabletop, the bottom of the shade should measure roughly 38 to 42 inches from the floor.

Accent Lighting:

Function isn't everything! Accent lamps come in all shapes and sizes and can add a touch of whimsy or drama to a room. For instance, torcheres can add up lighting as well as ambient lighting. These provide drama by casting shadows on the ceiling and wall.

This will be the last lesson for a while as I am taking some time off! Hope that this information has helped! I am still learning myself! Plenty of reading and studying! For those that visit I truly appreciate it


Ladydeembee said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa French!!! I'm going to miss your blog lessons! I guess I just better study and put to use the information that you have shared thus far! Miss you much! Your friend Donna :)

twintoo10292 said...

I actually took a class at the local community college this past fall but yours was alot more interesting!! I heard you're going on vacation soon. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time with your family. Twin

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lil' French Fry~~~ One thing I think you'll agree with, and if you don't mind my adding, is that LR, FR etc lamps don't have to be matching to flank a couch or such ~ but they SHOULD be the same HEIGHTH & SCALE for a good sense of balance. HOWEVER, I've always LIKED matching lamps in the bedroom, as these are spaces where calm should pevail, and one's eyes can rest a bit easier if they DO match here. NOW, pleeeease do ENJOY your MUCH-DESERVED vacation to Jamaica, and don't forget to take some dimmer switches, "just in case"!!! Biggest, warmest hugs, Linda (n' DH n' Belle-girl, too!)

Deb said...

Hi Lisa, I really enjoyed reading through the lessons, it's never to late to learn. Deb

Chari said...

Hello Lisa!

Well girlfriend...I know that you and your lovely family are having the times of your lives right now...enjoying the Island!!! I'm so happy for ya'll! But I did want to say that I miss ya and I'm looking forward to when you get home and settled!!!

I just finished reading and pondering upon...the last lesson about lighting! Thank you again for taking time out to share these lessons with us...I know it must be a bit time consuming and I just didn't want it left unsaid...Thank you and I do appreciate you!!!

Warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)

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