Friday, June 6, 2008

Graduation day!

Well ladies the time has come! I can't believe my daughter is graduating from High School! I am so proud of her! The day will be filled with lots of tears I am sure! Have to make sure I have plenty of tissues in my purse! I am so happy some of our family came in from Canada to see her! She began to cry when she heard they were coming! Funny because she tries to act so candid about things but she broke down in utter joy when she knew they were coming! I wish my parents could be here too! It's so hard to believe that I have a child starting college in the fall! Special thanks to everyone for making me feel so good about my blog, and being able to teach anything I have learned isn't that what it's all about, sharing learning and having fun!



PAT said...

Congratulations to your daughter, Lisa. And congratulations to you for raising such a sweet girl!


PAT said...

Hi Lisa...just a PS to tell you, I've enjoyed reading through some of your earlier posts, as I catch up, this morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed your RMS photo shoot post. We received an e-mail in March. It took several days of deliberation and a drive down the Great River Road, Eagle watching, one cold March Sunday, before we finally decided, because of J's health issues and a couple other reasons we would decline this wonderful invitation. I've kept the e-mails. I appreciate being recognized by HGTV. It actually served to validated my decorating efforts.

Congratulations on being inspiration for this episode! I can't wait to see it! Your rooms are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning proud Mamma!!!! You might want to stop at your local drug store and pick up a whole box of Kleenex... :) I am sure you will need them! You must be so proud! Give your daughter an extra hug from me! xoxoxoxoxox Donna :)

janet said...

frenchkilt, hi there its decorfun aka janet....congratulations on your beautiful daughters graduation. Im thrilled to hear that some family made it from Canada...geesh i could have hopped in their suitcase. Our daughters are just finishing up grades 9,10 and 11, so i will have one graduating next year and i will have my box of kleenex too. My blog name is "This is my life" by janet. I hope you can find it, im lost with it at the moment so im not sure what i would tell people to type in order to find i have really enjoyed your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frenchfry, As one who has been there.... take more kleenex than you think you could possibly need because not only did I cry when Mark crossed the stage a received his diploma but also his mounds of friends. It was just very emotional. Keep thinking ahead to vacation!!!!! that will help. Give her a squeeze from me! hugs~ Carol

Picket said...

Ohhhh Congrats to your daughter!!! Our oldest grandson just graduated..time waits on no man! Funny how even when our children are grown and out on their own we still think of them as our babies...enjoy this time in your life sweetie and congrats to you on raising such a beautiful and smart young woman who I know will do her mama proud! lol have a great weekend girl!!!

Anonymous said...

***Friends n' family visiting, a daughters passage into adulthood and a "soon-to-be-in-Jamaica French Fry n' family"~~~~ can it GET any better than this, my friend? Many hugs n' loving thoughts, Linda

Chari said...

Hi Lisa! Just want to give a heart felt Congratulations to your lovely daughter at graduation...and Congratulations to you and your family!!! A truly momentous event in all of your lives!!! Ohhhh Happy Day!!!

Also...have a grand time on your vacation!!! I'm just so happy for you and your go and soak up some of that Island Sun and have the time of your lives!!! Warmest wishes...Chari

PS...Can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you get back home!!!

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