Friday, July 18, 2008

7 Unimportant things About me...

Bridget from "My silly blog" has tagged me. I am suppose to share 7 unimportant things about me, so here goes nothing!

1. I danced for 12 years ( no Justine not as a pole dancer- lol) tap, ballet, jazz I was one year away from my teaching certificate and quit...I still regret it to this day!

2. I prefer my steak cold straight out of the fridge! Cooked medium, but cold! Crazy huh?

3. A day without coffee would mean death for me~~~that's almost all I ever drink even in 90 degree weather (It's a Canadian thing, God I miss Tim Horton's sigh) Oh and I miss the Timbits too! NOT the donut holes? huh

4. I have secretly dreamed of becoming a motivational speaker...(stupid huh?)

5. I hate people that are not on time it drives me crazy! Why set an appointment or a time to meet if you can't get there on time?

6. I cry alot--- even at commercials....I am a big wuss and wear my heart on my sleeve although most people don't see that about me at first.......

7. I hate alarm clocks which is why I work nights, I get to have my hubby and children waking me up, much nicer way to get up for the day;)

So now I tag Donna~~~let it rip girl!!

Hugs to all and wish me luck on my test this afternoon!!
Frenchfry xoxox


Kathy said...

Good luck on your test girl!!, I know you will do well.
Who invented alarm clocks anyway??..ugh. you big wuss you crying at the least thing, I do that aswell.
I think you would make a great motivational speaker (just dont mention the drink spilling over the bald headed man)hehe.
I hate coffee!, I'm a tea drinker but I do like steak, hot steak not cold French ugh.
Aw. you would have been a great dance teacher, can't you go back and do it now??.

I had not seen Carlton doing his Tom Jones take-off so I youtubed it, hilarious Frenchie, Thank you. it's not unusual...........

onlymehere said...

First off good luck on this test you're taking. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I also hate to be late to anything and I really hate anyone making me wait! If they have a legitimate reason it's okay but if not it's so inconsiderate. My family is always five minutes or so early to everything. Have a great weekned, glad you answered this.

Justine said...

Ooh, COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got me a big strong cup of it right here at my elbow. Yummy! I'm usually either drinking coffee or water. Well, I only drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day, but I'm not supposed to have it at all because I have panic/anxiety disorder. Oh well, gotta have it!

Now what kind of test are you taking today? I feel like I'm missing out on important information!

Justine :o )

Donna said...

I am loving the dining room on your front page!!! :) I am in love with your paint color!


Donna said...

Hey French Fry... I left you another message right before the short one????????

Anyway... I could easily see you being a dancer and a motivational speaker! Did you study Ballet or Tap & Jazz???

I knew you were a girl after my own heart!!! COFFEE!!! YUM


Kathy said...

haha. I have spent all day getting ready just for Tom and he probably can't even see now haha. Have a great w/end. K.

Bridget said...

Frenchie, I have a vision of you as a very promt motivational speaker wearing a tutu and drinking coffee while you tear up at your podium and stopping for a nice cold steak after your speech.
I hope your test went well!
I think I shall forever envision you in that tutu...better than the thong the Justine had you wearing! lol
Hugs, B.

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