Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Psychic Readings

So have any of you ladies ever had a psychic reading? Tarot cards? Rune stones? The reason I ask is this~~~Years ago while living in Canada I had a lady I would go to on a regular basis--meaning once every 6 months to a year...but before I found her I had gone into Toronto to a psychic fair and had a reading done....thousands of psychics all crammed into a large convention center...I walked around for what seemed like hours and finally found a lady that I thought would be good...this was in 1989! The reading was on a cassette tape remember those? Well I just found the tape~~then who owns a cassette player any more? I scoured the neighborhood and finally found a neighbor who had one! So after our dinner we sat in her garage and listened to what this lady had told me almost 20 years ago! It was really weird! Everything she talked about was true even down to the number of kids I have! The lady I used to see told me the last time I seen her that I would be moving out of the country and would never return~~I laughed at the time and thought she was crazy~~I was in nursing school at the time and never thought of moving! So I have been pondering the idea of trying to find someone new here, but there are so many fakes out there where to start right?

Then I go to work on Friday night and my co-worker proceeds to tell me about a reading she had done over the phone with a psychic! She was so impressed! She has been urging me to call her and set a phone appointment! I want to but yet I am sort of afraid~~~not afraid of the reading afraid I will be disappointed! It's not expensive for a treat, so what say y'all?? Should I or shouldn't I?? HMMMM????


Bridget said...

Wow, that is pretty incredible. To say that you would move out of the country and never return is not the sort of thing that they might just "get lucky and guess." The only "reading" I've ever had was at DisneyWorld! LOL It was on Halloween night. I don't even remember what she said because I figured it was just a theme park hoax. I think it would be really fun to do if you felt that the person doing the reading might actually be credible. There were lots of physics in Florida but Florida is the kind of place that I wouldn't trust too many people so I never tried them.
I think you should go for it and write another blog on it!
Keep us posted, Bridget

Marcie said...

I had a "reading" once while in the Washington DC area I was wandering Georgetown on some down time and there was a pychic and my colleage and I decided to have our readings done...oddly enough much of what she told me was accurate and turned out to be true. I have recently been thinking about doing it again as my life is at a crossroads and I am struggling and would like to have something to hang on to so to you have already pointed out it is expensive these days....I will be checking back on your blog to see if you decide to indulge yourself and to read how it went.

Donna said...

Good Morning My new BFF French!!! :) During my time in Unnder Grad School, (1985 to 1989) I worked in Atlantic City as a Black Jack Dealer. (Bally's Park Place Casino & Hotel) One summer a few friends and I rented a house in the area (Brigintine, NJ) to be closer to work and to enjoy the night life & beaches etc.. We practically lived on the Boardwalk... There were so many stores and vendors and Psychics galore!!!! There were palm readers, fortune tellers, mind readers etc... I went to so many phoneys... Finally oneday I sat down with a woman who was dressed in a costume. She looked like Princess Jasmine. (LOL) I had on regular clothes... she proceeded to tell me that I was a Black Jack Dealer and that I was being sexually harrassed by a woman on the job. She told me that my current boyfriend was living with another women. She told me that I would get engaged to him but not marry him. She said I would have two boys with him. Later in life I would have a daughter by someone else. She said I would be single for many years because of my independence... I could go on and on.. but everything she told me was absolutely true... She did'nt miss a beat! She only cost me $5.00. (LOL) I would love to go see a psychic! I hear there are two women in Philadelphia that are supposed to be good! One is $200 (That'll never happen!) and the other is $65. (I might think about that one.) I must admit.. I am curious! Keep us posted if you do make that phone interview!


Anonymous said...

Save your money and go buy a new pair of shoes! Carol

Justine said...

I don't know. I completely believe that some people truly are psychic. The problem is finding the ones that really are. But how does a psychic connect with one over the phone? I'd much rather be there, where she/he could touch my hand, etc. if need be.

My dream is to meet John Edward!

Justine :o )

Buffie said...

{{{{{DO IT}}}}!!!! I wish I could! How much is it? I love the show on Lifetime called Lisa's not on right now but I hope she comes back for another season. She was good! Yes I do believe that some people have special gifts. If your friend recomends her, I say GO FOR IT! I want to hear every detail too!

nikkicrumpet said...

Hey French....I'm just traveling through blogland and finding all the amazing people I loved from's like a HUGE maze and my hubby is about to take my computer away before my clicking finger falls off! But I found you from Penny's site and figured I'd stop in and say Hello! It's great to see old faces...errrr...old nicks and see what they are up to now!

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

LISA girl, just wanted to stop in and say "HEY, girlfriend!", and NOW I think I am PSYCHIC! ~~~ Yep! Just mentioned NIKKI CRUMPET, only MINUTES ago, on GOLLUM'S BLOG, and I come HERE and HERE SHE IS! Welll, try to tell me THAT'S just a coincidence, Sweets!!! Hugs, Me

Penny said...

About 20 years ago way before bank statements were online I and another company got each others statements in the mail a couple of times despite me going to the bank to say there was a mix up. The other company owner called me and said that he had my statements and that he wanted me to personally come get them because he HAD to talk to me. I'm like WHAT?, but gladly agree to get my original statements. He was only a few blocks away and when I went in his office he told me that he knew I was about to do something terribly wrong and that my statements had come to him so I could be warned. He wasn't with a psychic company or anything like that. Anyway, I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, but thanked him for the statements. He then said YOU VERY WELL KNOW WHAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO DO AND IF YOU FOLLOW THROUGH YOU'RE LIFE AS IT's SUPPOSED TO BE WOULD END AND I WOULD REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Or something tragic like that. Well, I truthfully did know what he was talking about and was planning to do what he was refering to in about 30 minutes! I backed out because chills came over me and I knew he was sent by God or something. It scared me so bad I'll never forget. I soooo wish I had kept that guys name and number, but I was so freaked out at the time I took his advice and never looked back. I have only told one other person this story.

Penny said...

Forgot to say that I vote to DO IT.

artis1111 said...

There is a man here in TN. His name is Bobby Drennon, he is booked for like 3 years in advance. There are books on him. He said I would write 2 books and my art will be seen worldwide. Does this sound famillar????Kathy

Rue said...

Hi French :)

I went to a woman that told me everything that would happen right down to Rich's initials and how many kids we would have and it was years before I had kids. I say do it and see what happens.

Oh and I would have all of Samantha's powers on Bewitched ;)

love ya,

Tismee2 said...

I have one particular psychic called Trudi who I have been to three or four times and she is spot on. A few years ago she told me I had two boys. I said no just the one and that he would be the one and only. She was adamant that there were two. I laughed. A few years later we had a surprise 40th birthday present! We now have two boys!

Go for it - but only if you feel good about the person doing the reading. I have seen others who haven't felt right but I went to see them anyway, they did nothing for me.

My aunt is psychic, her cousin is the psychic that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed went to see just before the crash. My auntie has also done readings for another member of the royal family, but won't say who.

Kathy said...

Hey French, I have never been to a psychic, but have often thought about it, let me know how it goes if you do decide to go for it.

My dad was mucking around one Christmas pretending to read our cards and he said I would re-marry and move away, I laughed but here I am!!!. OMG my dad is a psychic. haha.

Janice said...

I don't believe in psychics. Yes I have been in the past. In fact I had gone to a white witch that most found very impressive. She did cards, tea leaves, stones etc. She cried during my readings and apologized that she could see nothing good in my future- bad love, bad health, bad life all around. You could look at me and say she was right, or I can choose to look at all of the wonderful things I do have- healthy children, many people who love me, a gift of compassion and empathy gained through my own struggles and so on. I believe that if you believe what they say, you will fulfill their prophesy by focussing on the aspects which you choose to see as important without considering the "on the other hand" aspects. I think that once a psychic knows you, she is more able to guess fairly well--you have always liked travel and are driven to personal success, therefore seeing you as someone who may flee in pursuit of your goals would be a safe 70/30 assumption. I think that it can be very entertaining---if you consider it as entertainment only. Your mom and my mom went to a psychic when we were little and it freaked them out. I believe that many of us are very intuitive and would be able to meet people and intelligently invision a person's path. I think you are probably able to do that. Do you look at people who seem very happy, but you can see something that no one else does? Like that--it's kind of psychic, but not really--just thoughtfully observant. But if you go, have fun and don't take it all too seriously. I always wonder why psychics aren't usually rich or famous or why most of their clients aren't learning enough to fulfill their goals either. Being a church going girl, I also feel that you are safer putting your faith in God.

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