Sunday, July 6, 2008

Method to the madness?

Helen Hunt

So all of my blogs have been about questions and the reason for all the questions was this......there was a method to my madness!
Several people have told me I look like Celine but hubby always said he thought I resembled Helen Hunt...maybe he's just being nice but I like her look much better than Celine's!
Plastic surgery yes.....been there done it best thing I have ever done for my self esteem! Let's just say that there are just no bra's out there for AA's....
Tattoo yes one shown here on my lower back I designed it Yin represents men and women, feminine and and hubby and my daughter and son, surrounded by the sun which I love and some celtic scrolling for my husband's love of Scotland! Funny but I swore for years I would NEVER have one and 4 years ago I changed my mind! So I guess never say never! At the age of 41 I have had 9 surgeries due to illnesses and health problems so having surgery is no biggie to me and it was really nice to have one that was because I wanted it not because I "had" to have it!
I have learned over the years to not judge people because of what they do, wear, have or how they look because there is always so much more to the story then we realize. So as the old adage goes....." do not judge me unless you have walked a mile in my shoes for you know not the journeys I have taken"


Buffie said...

Chick-chick-bow-wow!! I think it's way sexy!!! Of course you have a rockin' body to put it on, not all of us do! lol! I feel the same way about how others judge before getting to know someone...oh and I definitely see the resemblance to Helen Hunt too!!

Buffie said...

Thanks for the info on the mirror, I used to LOVE Kirklands too...bummer!

Anonymous said...

Good For you Lisa!!!!! :) ...and you do resemble Helen Hunt!!! :)

Bridget said...

Now that is the kind of tattoo that I like! You can flaunt it when you want to but when you are dressed for work, it is covered. Who knows, maybe I will become a tattoo granny someday. Unfortunately, all of my parts that are covered need to stay covered!
You are obviously the love child of Helen and Celine! LOL I think you lean more towards the Helen Hunt side though.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Oh Lisa you are a babe!! That's it I'm getting my lazy tail back to the gym!!

I could never judge someone for having plastic surgery! Heck I want some too!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

LOL!! Bridget!!

Justine said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should have known you were scoping us out so you'd see if we'd be shocked or not. LOL! It'd take a LOT to shock me though. I think your tattoo is hot and would love to see a much more close up shot of it. Any possibility of you getting hubby to take a good pic of it? And can I jus say, holy shit your body is friggin' ROCKIN girl! Look at that beautifuly line up your back! Absolutely stunning!

Your boobs, your tattoo.. these things don't make you who you are, they just enhance who you are!

Justine :o )

Penny said...

Well dang girl, if I had your cute little waste and curvy hips I'd have to think about having a sexy tatoo like that too! When I'm thin I'm just a stick. Good for you!

I can't wait to get my eyes done in September. One of my gf's is getting a facelift from the same doctor at Christmastime. I'll be taking care of her here at the house the first few days because she lives about 250 miles away.

Now Im curious about your surgeries. I hope you share sometime, and I sure hope all is well with you now.


Kathy said...

French, I cannot stand pain!! no way!! no how!!, BUT if I thought for one minute that I could look like you after having P.S. and a Tattoo, well I would be the first in the Queue. (with some vicodin of course).

You do resemble both Celine and Helen but that photo of you with the Tattoo is stunning. way to go French, have fun, Kathy

Kathy said...

Hi French, Your tumor and 9 surgeries, that must have been a difficult time for you all, I guess the last thing you needed was the silly comments and observations you were getting about your being anorexic/thin.

What I like about you French and your blog, is that you come across so up-beat and funny/happy, yet I can also see that you work hard and adore your family, friends and your home.

I have been very lucky with my own health, so far, but I have watched both my kids go through disability and for my daughter a life threating illness, yet someone called me spoilt only the other week, he did not know me very well and certainly knows nothing of my life, I got angry with him for about a minute, as long as I have the love and support of my family and friends who really know me then I am happy, and I am guessing you are to. Kathy.

Rue said...

I officially hate you... ugh!

Actually I don't LOL I hate myself for not having that body. Dang girl!
Do you eat??

Chari said...

Hi Lisa...

Just stopping by to say hello...catching up on my blog reading and I just have to say something about this post! When you posted your photo awhile back and mentioned something about looking like first thought was that you looked like Helen Hunt!!! I think you favor Helen Hunt much more than Celine (although I think she's a beautiful woman too!)! Well...there's my "2 cents" on the subject girlfriend..hehe!!!

Have a great day...warmest wishes...Chari (Happytodesign)

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