Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Those Crazy Kids~~~~

Well let's see, heck everyone has been reminiscing about crazy days gone by, so I thought I would also share a funny story with my blogging buddies! You see these two cute little girls below? Well, many many years ago back in the day (LOL) they had the most brilliant idea..Back in the 1970's McDonald's gave out small boxes with cookies, very similar to those that now carry the Happy Meals....well it was October and we had received our usual UNICEF box to collect coins and cash, during trick or treating, that we would later return to school for donations. It was our way of contributing to the starving children.....well shortly after turning our boxes in to the school we had gone to McDonald's with our parents for lunch one day...upon returning home we had come up with this brilliant idea! We cleverly used construction paper to cover the McDonald's boxes and wrote UNICEF on the boxes...the way we seen it people gave money to those who needed it and at the time heck we needed it! Why you ask? To buy candy at the store Buffie! So away we trekked, door to door collecting loose change from all of the neighbors! We both thought we were onto something here, people were giving us money for free! Why? Because we were cute? They were generous? We didn't care as long as they gave us money we were happy!
So after a long day of going door to door, and I do mean a long day! Several hours of knocking and pouting we did, to collect our money we ran upstairs to count the money up! Let's see how much we have! I honestly don't remember how much it was but I am sure it was no more than $2.00! We thought we were rich! We were already deciding on the candy we were each going to buy after we split the profits 50/50! And then UH OH~~~~~~~~~ We were caught red handed! Of course our parents scolded us and the worst part EVER was what they made us do! We ended up having to go back to every single house and give the money back! Most of the people said "ahh it's ok" as we stood there and cried apologizing, but regardless our parents made us do it! I believe this was my first lesson in humiliation! Thanks for reminding me of it! LOL! I swear it was all HER idea;)~~~~French;)


Penny said...

Adorable post! And your pic is so darn cute too.

Justine said...

I didn't read this blog post yet, so I can't comment on it, but I wanted to answer your question from my blog. Holly won the model competition, but Ronnie was the runner up. Holly was the one with the really short hair.

Justine :o )

Dream Keyper said...

What a funny little story and a brilliant money making scheme! Love your blog. I discovered you on RMS. Great designs. Beautiful spaces. Thanks for inspiring me! (bella7) www. dreamkeyper.blogspot.com
xoxo Suzy

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww French! You little bad ass! lol. You were soooo cute! I bet you learned your little lesson! I loved your story! Oh and Heck NO I am not getting hitched! LOL. Tracy is not coming with.... Thank God...

Naz said...

Blame it on the candy. It always makes us to evil things as children lol.
Good story French.

Bridget said...

Naz is right, Candy is like heroin to kids! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! We've all done something that's gotten us in hot water eh? I must say it was an ingenious scheme.

Justine said...

French, what a horrible scheme that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you got caught you meanie! LOL

Justine :o )

Kathy said...

French, it must have been your sister's idea leading you astray, you looked far to sweet to have such ideas, haha, my sisters used to get me in all sorts of trouble, smiles :).
Been having trouble with comments today ugh!!!!.

I want Venus, did you see my previous comment with details. let me know. K.

onlymehere said...

I love the fact your parents made you go back! That's really when the lesson was cemented I think! Isn't it funny what kids will try?

Janice said...

This is the one who made her do it????? replying. Do any of you commenting really believe that the cute "littler" one really could have masterminded such a scheme? Thanks for including me in your blog (and in such an attractive light) By the way, this isn't the only money scheme we invented to get us in trouble as little girls--all for the great candy fix. Maybe there is a pattern here that we never quite explored. I'll mention it to my therapist. ha! I love you--you made me cry, then laugh, then cry. I love talking about our childhood. Without all of the misery and joy of it we wouldn't be the strong, lovable women we are today. Thank God for all of the trials we survived and thank God for a true bond of friendship to share the memories and get me through unscathed(well barely). We aren't blood, but we are sisters all the same (to reply to Kathy's comment) Thanks for the memories.

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