Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My award!

A special thanks to Bridget from My silly Blog for this truly sweet award! To simply have people reading daily is good enough for me but to be recognized is even more special;) I beleive I am suppose to tag 7 people. So in no particular order I tag all those that visit me! Your kind words and, laughter and stories have and continue to inspire me every day! I know that several have already been tagged so I won't expect those to do it that have just been nominated let's just say you all beat me to it;)
Peace and love to all today, tomorrow and always;)
Now I have an early morning 5 am (yikes) which I am totally not use to due to working 12 hour night shift, so let's see if I can keep my eyes open!
Sorry this is so short have to get some sleep;)
Hugs From me~~~


Kathy said...

Congrats on you well deserved award Frenchie, night night, Kathy

Donna said...

French!!!! Congrats!!!! I hopoe you got a little rest!!!!


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