Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rated "R" for Racy

About Last Night.....
Twin Peaks
Wild Things


Coming home
91/2 Weeks
Two Moon Junction

Well leave it to me to be the one living on the edge and talking about what everyone in bloggerland has done at least once! (ha ha)


Yes, we all do it at least once a month if we need it or not! Now here are a few of my picks for hottest love scenes, and I am not talking all love dovey stuff! Did anyone ever watch the TV show Twin Peaks?

It was risque to say the least at it's time~~now it's nothing compared to what we see! Are we seeing too much of this stuff and just becoming desensitized to it?

Which of these movies have you seen? What are your thoughts?

Is all sexual content in TV and movies bad?

The choice is yours? I am going to he-- (insert 2 L's here) for posting this?


My personal favorites are?.................................... You figure it out! (ha)

Hugs, "Da French One~Living on the Edge" xoxox



artis1111 said...

I loved Twin Peaks..And Ret Buttler!!!!Carry me old John Wayne moveiset in Ireland where they didn't even go on a ride without a chaparone...Ghost..let me play in clay!!!and to the extreem The kama sutra. A thousand ways ..It all comes down to LOVE..that makes the diffrence..Kathy

Buffie said...

9 1/2 weeks, Two moon Junction and Unfaithful are the sexiest movies ever made! I could watch them all again for sure!!! Then take a cold shower! LOL! OMG! That guy in Unfaithful? DREAMY sexy!!!! We have a lot of the same tastes in movies I've notice....

Anonymous said...

Woah... you are smoking this morning!!!!! (HOT) 9 1/2 weeks was sizzling!!!! (woah!) Unfaithful was a good one too... Wild Things was racy!!! The rest seem like love stories... I loved that movie with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.. I cant think of the name! (Dang it!)

Miss you much!

Buffie said...

I couldn't believe you had seen it either! LOL! Two Moon Juction is SO worth a trip to the Video store...hmmm, looks like I'm going out today!

artis1111 said...

I loved Two Moon Juncton. That was a hot movie. I forgot to leave this on my other comment >Kathy

Anonymous said...

The only ones I've seen of that list is 9 1/2 weeks and Titanic. But I do find the scene at the pool in Meet Joe Black rather erotic.

I love your blog header - I want to be right there on the one on the left!

Justine said...

Of course I've seen Titanic, and I've also seen Wild Things which was definitely racy! Never did watch Twin Peaks though. More racy stuff on tv doesn't bother me too much if it's on late at night, but mostly I think it should be kept to the premium channels and stuff like Bravo... the "gay" network that I love so much.

Justine :o )

Laura said...

One of the sexiest love scenes I think I have ever seen which doesn't even involve sex, is the seen in the Last Samurai when she dresses Tom Cruise for battle. There is something so sexy about the unseen sometimes!

Laura :)

Kathy said...

I have seen Ghost, 9-1/2 weeks, Titanic all great movies, I will have to check out that two moon junction, and maybe some of the others aswell haha. Kathy.

Old House Junkie said...

I've only seen 2 of these shows, but what got me today was Joe Cocker's version of "You Can Leave Your Hat On". I guess a lot of singers have covered that one. I'd never heard his version before. Have you heard Etta James' version? She also did a cover of Purple Rain!

Purple Rain is kinda like Twin Peaks for me. I loved them both, but never really knew what either one was about! ;-) ohj

Rue said...

LOL French! I've seen all of these and quite a few movies that most women would not watch and tell ;)

The subject of sex in our house is not taboo at all.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I still have to catch 9 1/2 weeks, but I did see unfaithfull many times! (hee hee) smokin!!

Another racy movie is 'Caught' cant remember the actors but a great movie! steamy too!

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