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Adrenaline Junky or Weird?

First let me say~~~I don't feel the need to blog everyday, but I guess it's my wind down time, and since everyone goes to bed so much earlier than me it's my time to think, and watch movies, and catch up in everything else! I average 4 to 6 hours of sleep max! My days are so crazy now with running my husband's business 3 to 4 days a week and working full time weekend nights! I have found that blogging has been a good way of letting it all go and starting fresh the next day! Speaking of watching movies, am I the only weird one who loves horror movies? I mean seriously every time we have friend's come over which isn't often because of my work schedule; the question is~~ So what movie? Every time I get the same reply anything but horror and gore! OK I admit it I guess I must be an adrenaline junky or am I just weird?! I LOVE them! The one's that make me jump, scream, have dreams whatever it is I am addicted to scary movies! Psychological thrillers are my favorite but also the ones that seem to stay with me longer?!

Some people skydive, some people do crazy things I watch scary movies! Sounds rather tame to me! Comparatively speaking that is! Most men won't even watch the stuff I watch! WTH?? Lucky for me if hubby does stay awake long enough to watch a movie (lol) it will usually be a horror flick of some sort! Even my reading preference is horror! I have tried for years to read romance novels and haven't gotten through one yet! Give me horror and self-help, or relationship type books and I will read them though!

So with all that said the 3 movies that have had the biggest impact on me would have to be:

The original----

"When A Stranger Calls"

I was about 13 years old babysitting and watching this movie, the kids were asleep and I sat in the basement wrapped in a blanket scared out of my wits! And yes you guessed it " the phone rang" I ran upstairs screaming like a wild hyena! Still haven't seen the new one, and heard it wasn't very good!

"The Exorcist"

I had never heard of this kind of thing in my life ( demonic possession?) and I remember how worried I was that this actually happened to people! I was about 15 I think when I seen it in it's entirety! To this day it still gives me chills up my spine!


Now after watching this movie and reading all the reviews years later I realized how truly afraid the cast was! To this day Craig T. Nelson still won't speak of it? The events that followed that movie are really creepy!

So why do I find this stuff so fascinating? Why do I like to have the "beejesus" scared out of me?
If you do like scary movies which one do you remember seeing first? What kind of impact did it have on you?
FYI (Tiney) my posts generally don't take me but 25 to 45 minutes, tops!;)


Justine said...

Ooh French, you and Jill would get along soooooo well. She loves nothing better than a good horror flick. What happened after the filming of Poltergeist? I don't remember hearing anything about it. That was one that freaked me out for sure, as did the Exorcist. Lately Jill and Jimmy have tried to find a movie to scare my 11 year old, Mikayla, but nothing seems to scare her! She's seen Scream, Halloween and Poltergeist and she just shakes her head and says how stupid they are. LOL. Ooh, another one that was creepy was Carrie. Cujo too! Leave it to Stephen King, right? Do you read Bently Little? I haven't in years, but he's great for horror books.

Justine :o )

artis1111 said...

As a little girl I would pull my chair in the middle of the room ,wrap up in a blanket and watch scarry tv shows. At the time I thought Twilight Zone was scarry. Kathy

Bridget said...

Hi French, I don't really share you love of horror, I lean more towards romance I'm afraid. I did love Poltergeist though. For the most part, I won't even watch a horror movie. I can take the Steven King movies like Firestarter, Cujo, Carrie etc. but that is my limit.

Kathy said...

French you and my son Stephen would enjoy watching horror movies together, only you would be scared and he would be ROFL, he just does not see the scary side of any horror movie. Land of the living dead, Chuckie, Exorcist, Carrie all hilarious to him.
When we first arrived in America
(2003) he came over and made us watch Gothika, well he went back to the UK and my hubby went on a business trip overseas, so I was left quite literally all alone, I had no family or friends here and all I kept thinking of was that damn movie, it was constantly running through my head especially at night, it was the longest five days I have ever spent. haha.

Penny said...

We're made out of the same cloth French! Love thrillers. Spiritual thrillers are the scariest too! When I saw The Exorcist I couldn't think straight for a month. And me being me I HAD to know what the name of that song was. Tubular Bells! I'd recognize that music anywhere!
My girlfriends and I would get pillows and watch scary movies when we were younger. The pillows were so we'd have something to cover our faces when things got real scary!
I think it's time I rent Poltergeist again. I LOVE horror flicks!!!


onlymehere said...

French, sadly you and I could never sit through a movie together. I absolutely cannot see scary movies. The first one I saw was Psycho and the stupid movie still haunts me. I tend to get pretty bad nightmares and flail around in bed if something scares me. My poor husband has been bloodied and bruised by me on quite a few occasions....not on purpose I might add. This is why it's so sad I can't see many Kiefer movies. He likes to be in the scary ones. I can watch psychological thrillers to some extent but not all. The weird thing is I love to read true crime books as long as there isn't any perversion in the murder bz that haunts me and makes me sick. I love trying to figure out what makes someone think they have the right to take someone's life. Some people are a real mess in their thinking and it fascinates me. Maybe it's typing all the psych reports I used to type for medical transcription, who knows. Oh, I don't like to read romance novels either. They just can't keep my interest. I like historical novels, preferably based on true events. Yeah, I'm weird in my own unique way!

Deb said...

The movie The Birds, was probably the first scary movie I saw. I was a child and whenever I saw birds grouping I was in shear panic. Deb

Buffie said...

Sorry I'm a mamby-pamby when it comes to scary movies! I saw the Exorcist but I had nightmares for weeks after...then my friends tricked me into seeing Damien!!! Nope give me a comedy any day!

Janice said...

By the way, the little sister that helped you scam the neighbourhood in a later story on this page, is also the one who saw this movie with you for the first time. In fact, your dad picked us up and dropped us off at mom's apartment. We made him come in and check in every closet and under all the beds before he could leave and we were still freaked until mom came home. I too had an experience soon after where I was babysitting a baby named Chandler in a very beautiful, but large and eerie home. I got a call while I was in the basement rec room, with the baby 2 floors up. The male caller asked, "Have you checked on Chandler" It wasn't her dad and none of my friends knew I was there. It still freaks me out. I called the parents from the basement and they came home. I was too chicken to go up to check on the baby, but she was fine.
I love psychological thrillers, like the first Silence of the Lambs, more than I like all of the gore movies, but my all time favourite will always be Black Christmas, because I think I was only about 8 or 9 when I first saw it and it was my first really freaking scary movie.

Allgrins said...

I used to have so much fun watching scary movies with my girlfriends when I was younger. We would scream and act silly for hours. I can't watch them anymore. I guess life is scary enough for me!

Donna said...

Hey French Fry!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you too!!!! I had a pretty interesting time at Sea Isle City!!! I will fill you in later! I LOVE scary movies!!! IMHO The Exorsist has to be the scariest movie EVER!!!!

TTYL!!! :)

Dream Keyper said...

Hi French,
I was super scared reading and then listening to that music, I am a baby when it comes to scary movies! What a great post though, I will forward it to my sister who is not as scared as me. For now I will listen to Pink Floyd. Great music, Interesting blog. Hey, My sis lives in Charlotte! Where are u? Suzy

Rue said...

Hi French :)

I once watched a black and white movie about a head without a body. All I remember is that the head was telling them where to find water that they needed to live. I have no idea what it's called and have never seen it again, but that was to this day the scariest movie I had ever seen.

Poltergeist just scares me because of what happended to the actors.... yikes!

love ya,

Bridget said...

Hey Frenchie, Just stopping in to say hello! I hope you had a nice weekend! Bridget

Mom in High Heels said...

OMG, all anyone has to do to totally freak me out is say "Have you checked the children?" Ahhhhhhh! What a great blog!

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