Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Views of Canada

View from inside the CN Tower
My son pretending to be scared lying on the glass floor inside the CN Tower
Daughter doing the same
The tallest free standing structure in the world measuring 1815 feet! (yikes)
Vancouver British Columbia

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia

Niagara Falls 10 minutes from where I was born!
Ottawa the parliament buildings in the Capital city of Canada
Night view of the big city of Toronto capital city of my home province of Ontario
Day view of the CN Tower and Toronto harbor

Quebec city view
Street scene in Old Quebec city
Street scene in Quebec during the summer
Tombstone park Yukon territories..haven't been here but thought the view and colors were amazing!
Nova Scotia view

Vancouver British Columbia has absolutely breathtaking views!

When I was a little girl I travelled to Nova Scotia and remember visiting Peggy's Cove even then I was in awe of the beauty of a lighthouse up close!

I was born in a very small city 10 minutes away from Niagara Falls and if you've never seen it it's a site like no other!

The parliament buildings in Ottawa are beautiful and the architecture has such European influence!

I love the big city it's the New York of Canada and the night life is spectacular!

Old Quebec city is almost exactly like being in Paris the outdoor cafe's, the cobblestone streets, the carriage rides...truly something to see and experience if you haven't!

Just thought I would share some of the beautiful things about my home country and places I have travelled to over the years!


Justine said...

I didn't know you were from Canada. It sure does have some breathtaking views, doesn't it? Just another place I hope to some day visit. Hubby has been to Toronto but didn't like it at all.

Justine :o )

Donna said...

GM French!!! I just got back from my (almost) daily 3.6 mile run. It's hot as hell and I feel like sweaty betty!!! (EEK)

There is nothing in the world, more beautiful than a breathtaking view of nature.. Canada looks lovely!!! I would love to go see niagra falls!!! Just think... you were born just 10 minutes away from one of the natural wonders of the world!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!! So So lovely!!!

Hugs, Donna

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, I always wondered what ot was like in Canada. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I didn't realize you were born in Canada. Have a great weekend!
Luv Ya! Terrie

Penny said...

Awesome photos! I've been to Toronto and LOVED IT!

artis1111 said...

Beautiful. Yhanks so much for the pictures. So enjoyed them.Kathy

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Canada's definitely on my list!! Thanks for the lovely photos!

I think photo sharing is a great way to blog!!

Picket said...

Hey Frenchie...these are breath taking photos girl...I never realized Canada was so big and beautiful...Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon!

Donna said...

Hey French!!! The only thing you have to cook for this recipe is the pasta!!! Everything else is minor chopping!! It's so refreshing and tasty!!!

As far as running... (LOL) It's easy now... but when I first started.... OMG!!!! It was rough!!! I had to walk, run, walk, run. It's not so bad now!!! :)

It's a nice sized park that I run. It's 3.6 miles... Seems like alot, but it's not... :) Start out on a treadmill... you will be ready in no time!

Smooches!!!! Donna

Kathy said...

French your pics of Canada are breathtaking, thank you. Kathy.

Tootsie said...

where do you come from? I know you are now in the states...I am in Alberta Canada! Thanks for making this I don't have to...they all wanted to see canada!

PAT said...

Beautiful post! I loved all the photos.

I'm trying to catch up, today. Will have to do more tomorrow. Everytime we go to the lake for an extended time I get behind on my visits!

I'm having a 200th post giveaway at the back porch. If you have a minute come on by.

Have a wonderful week.

twintoo10292 said...

Hey French for one of your blogs tell us the story of how you ended up in the U.S.. Was it because you met and married your hubby or was it something else that brought you here? I think it would be very interesting to see what brings a person to make such a bold move... I think it would be a huge decision. Thanks. Twin

Elizabeth said...

What a great tribute to your home country! I've been to Peggy's Cove, Niagara Falls, and Quebec and loved all of them!
Thanks for sharing a piece of our northern neighbors!

onlymehere said...

I wouldn't have to pretend to be scared laying on a glass floor that high up in the Tower! I am not a real fan of heights and would have passed out hyperventilating by the time we were halfway up. Is that for real, a glass floor!!!!? I loved seeing Toronto. You know my favorite movie man is from Toronto don't ya! His grandfather was Tommy Douglas (think the name is right) anyway read you Canadians voted him your Greatest Canadian a few years ago. It's beautiful country and some day I'd love to go there! My niece lived there for 1-1/2 years and absolutely loved it!

Bridget said...

French, I loved viewing your photos from Canada. I hope I have a chance to visit some of these sights some day. I've only been to Canada once when I went with my daughter for a dance competition but it was a small town (I don't remember the name!)
I love seeing everyone's travel photos, I hope you'll share more with us soon!

Buffie said...

I've never beed to Canada but it's always been somewhere I want to go!! Especially now after looking at your photos. Old Quebec sounds delightful. I love old time towns like that!
The photos of the kids are funny! I would not even walk on a glass floor, much less lay on one! The look of fear on my face would've been real ! hahaha

Rue said...

Good morning French :)

I went to Canada one time when I was about Annie's age. I remember that it was beautiful, but there was nothing for miles. I don't know where we were exactly, but I think it might've been around Vancouver.

It's a beautiful Country, for sure :)

love ya,

Kathy said...

Good morning Frenchie, glad you enjoyed Archie's story, Yeah I also wanted to B.S. that seamstress, my sisters or I could have worn that dress and my Daughter to, she did not only rob my mum, oh well such is life. we did not do to bad. Have a great day, Kathy.

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

Lil' FrenchFry, those pics are soooo beautiful! We've lived in many places alllll over the world, and we've never been to "your" Canada???~~~ SHAME on us!!! (And the Quebec street scene soooo reminded me of Europe, and our 17 or 18 years of living there! How nice!). Enjoyed your flight story ~~~ I was a flight attendant too, back in the days when it was called a "stewardess"! (Yep, high heels and mini skirts... yikes!!!!). We should collaborate on a book!!! Thinking of you and sending hugs to you n' your family! XOXO, Linda

French said...

Twin!!! I wish you had a blog I could go to and visit you;) You always leave the sweetest comments and they have not gone unnoticed;) French

Pat said...

Hi French!
Thanks for visiting my blog at Kathy and Picket's urging :-)

I've been to Canada quite few times -- we honeymooned in Niagara Falls! Queen Victoria Park was so pretty. Also been to Quebec twice and took a QM2 cruise to Nova Scotia and down the St. Lawrence for our 30 wedding anniversary.

Beautiful country!

Your blog is lots of fun! I'll visit again


Naser said...

Madam French.


I am not Canadian but your photos realy invite me to visit Canada.

I have never seen like these falls i am looking forward to hear it's noise.

best regards

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