Thursday, July 10, 2008

Internet Abbreviations...

  1. ROFL – rolling on floor laughing

  2. ROFLMAO – rolling on floor laughing my a*s off

  3. RTM – read the manual RTFM – read the f***ing manual (to show frustration at someone's ignorance of basic knowledge)

  4. GG – good game

  5. THX - thanksTX -

  6. TY - thank you

  7. NP - no problem/you're welcome

  8. PLZ - please

  9. W/E - whatever

  10. ASL – age / sex / location?

  11. RL – real life

  12. IRL – in real life

  13. IMHO In My Humble Opinion

  14. TTYL Talk To You Later

  15. BRB – be right back

  16. BIO – going for bio break (washroom break)

  17. AFK – away from keyboard (I am gone for a few minutes)

  18. BTW – by the way

  19. MYOB Mind Your Own Business

  20. NBD No Big Deal

  21. NFW No Friggin' Way!

  22. NHOH Never Heard Of Him/Her

  23. NOYB None Of Your Business

  24. BFF Best Friends Forever

  25. MIW Mom is watching me

  26. WDYT What Do You Think?

  27. WE Whatever

  28. WIBAMU Well, I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle

  29. WIBNI Wouldn’t It Be Nice If

  30. WMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out With Soap

  31. WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before

  32. WOA Work Of Art

  33. WOTAM Waste Of Time And Money

  34. WRT With Regard To, or With Respect To

  35. WT Without Thinking

  36. WTB Want To Buy

  37. WTF What The F***?

  38. WTG Way To Go!

  39. WTGP Want To Go Private?

  40. WTH What the hell?

  41. WTTM Without Thinking Too Much.

  42. WYGISWYPF What You Get Is What You Pay For

  43. XOXOXO Kisses and hugs

  44. YABA Yet Another Bloody Acronym

  45. YGLT You're Gonna Love This

  46. YGTI You Get The Idea?

  47. YGWYPF You Get What You Pay For

  48. YIU Yes, I Understand

  49. YKYARW You Know You're A Redneck When

  50. YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (or your experience could be different)

So the next time you or your kids are chatting or texting these might come in handy;0)

Oh and if you sat here reading all of these you are spending way too much time at the computer!




Bridget said...

LOL! There are a lot of those I didn't know. I'll have to come back and bone up on these. How about TTFN, my version of TTYL--Tata for now! And PITA--one I just learned recently--Pain in the A*s and finally, KWIM -- Know what I mean?
Thanks for sharing these and helping us old gals get up to speed!

Kathy said...

FRENCH!! How did you get that photo of me at my computer!!!!!.

Bridget says TTFN, I say BBFN bye bye for now.

and LOL always meant Lots of Love to me in the UK so when people I hardly knew started using it here, I thought WOW the people here are friendly, haha. I will start using some of these, scare the hell out of my kids while texting them haha.

PS French - I have been tagged, Come and play the Seven Song Tag Game, I know you love your music. The rules are on my today's post, hope you have time to play along, if not, that's okay. Kathy

artis1111 said...

HOW did you get my picture? Heee.Have no kids so this was interesting. Kathy

Elizabeth said...

love the picture of the skeleton! as a teacher, I've been using PITA before there WAS an Internet!

Naz said...

This reminds me of when I first went on the internet played backgammon online. A friend that I had played backgammon with quite often, had typed in LMAO. I asked him what that mean't and he wrote "laugh my ass off". Stupid me, I thought LMAO was Spanish since he was from California. Later on I realized it wasn't Spanish but the first letters of each word. I still laugh at myself for being so stupid.

Rue said...

I know quite a few of these and Rich knows all of them. He reads Annie's texts to make sure she's only talking to friends.

That last picture is too funny! LOL

love ya,

Buffie said...

WWDYK!? I learned a lot today!! LMFAOROF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I read every last one... LOL!!! hehehehehehhe!!! And I am working on my blog.... well atleast I think I am... LOL

onlymehere said...

I really needed this! A lot of times I have no idea what people are saying when they flip into abbreviations! I for one appreciate this much. Have a great one today!

Justine said...

Okay, I admit it! I read them all! And some of them were completely new to me. Thank goodness my kids aren't allowed to have cell phones yet!

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...

I posted.... finally... :)

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I remember seeing IMHO on RMS and wondered what the hell are they saying?? eventually i figured it out.

thanks for this some are new to me too!!

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