Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Dream Vacation!

You see this movie made it's debut in 1982, it was "risque" to say the least during this time, but when I seen it I totally fell in love with Greece!

By day!
By night!

So I guess most of my blogging friends thought that Jamaica was my only dream vacation spot and although I absolutely LOVE it there... I secretly have another destination which would truly by my dream vacation for so many reasons...Let's take a look and see what we have...

Look at the landscape!

Oh the views!
A church

What could be more breathtaking than this? I am in awe of this place!

Ohh and ahh, this is soo romantic!

Have you ever seen this kind of architecture in any other country? The views are absolutely breathtaking to me! The white homes against the blue sea, and mountainside are just like no other I have ever seen anywhere! Not to mention the history here which I find equally fascinating! I did get to travel to Greece for a brief minute as a flight attendant...we were only there for 36 hours so I never got to Santorini Island! The people, the views, the food everything was amazing! DH wants Scotland and I want this? Could we be any different? I want to see Scotland don't get me wrong but this just takes my breath away! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Love and hugs French;)


Kathy said...

FRENCH!!!!!!. if Gollum passes on your Venus, I will be right over, it's beautiful, come and see my collection.

Greece Scotland eh Greece scotland haha sorry French hubby is right why go to this wonderful place when you can go to cold rainy Scotland. hahaha sorry but to me there is no debate oh I have an idea why not tell all the scots to meet you in Greece. beautiful pics, as usual. hugs Kathy

Bridget said...

What can I say, you had me at hello! One look at those chaise lounge chairs right on the water and I was ready to occupy one of them. Like Kathy said, why go to a gorgeous sunny island when you could go to soggy Scotland. I would love to see Scotland but if it is a one or the other situation, I wouldn't have to think twice!

artis1111 said...

I can't find my shoe. The other one is packed. Almost ready > The cars running!!!!!!WHEEEEEEEEE>>>Kathy

Anonymous said...

French!!Greece looks spectacular!! Those pics are breathtaking! Those two lounge chairs are WOW!!! LOL. I sure hope you get to go! I am sure you and "G" will go to Scotland before its all said and done! :)


Penny said...

It took me a minute to get the blog because I had to take a little nap on those beautiful lounge chairs. ahhh!

Loved all the pics!


onlymehere said...

This does look absolutely beautiful! I have a confession to make.....I've only been in four states in my whole life! You're a world traveler in my eyes. I've obviously never been out of the country but oh, how I'd like to travel. SIGH.... My friend asked me many times over the years to visit her in North Carolina and I never made it. She's moving to Illinois this week so I lost that chance. Maybe when the kids are grown and on their own?...My husband hates to travel so I doubt it but until then I'll enjoy looking at everyonge elses travels!

Deb said...

Hi, those pictures are breathtaking, and I'm sure if anyone goes, it will be you. I say that because you seem such a fun person, and a go-getter.Deb

Justine said...

Absolutely stunning views. And I was thinking the same thing, about how beautiful all that smooth while architecture looks again the blue sea. So, when's the trip ? LOL

Justine :o )

SchmeckyGirl said...

Greece is so beautiful! I've never been but always wanted to go.

I grew up in Astoria NYC, which at the time was a totally Greek neighborhood. Every home had blue and white painted garages or fences. I always thought it was odd. I didn't realize it was their flag colors when I was young.

Anyway, all the greek girls I was friends with always went to Greece for the entire summer and I had no idea at the time just how beautiful a country it was. Maybe one day. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I came back throught to stare at those lounge chairs again!!!! They are sooooooooo pretty! (smile)


Buffie said...

Ah now Greece would be a dream vacation for sure! It's also on my list of places I'd love to see!

angelo said...

French, you're making me homesick! My mom lives there and since my schedule is a bit insane, I haven't been able to visit in quite some time. I'm glad you had at least a few days there. It really is a pretty amazing place. I've never seen colors like those on the islands. Best always, Angelo

Rue said...

Gorgeous pictures French! It looks beautiful, but I'm with hubby ;)

love you,

Janice said...

I have never been anywhere, except Florida (writing here from Ontario Canada) You are the reason that my dream vacation is Greece. I asked you once where you would like to visit based on your travels as a flight attendant. You told me all about Greece--the scenery, the people, the food. I am not much of a traveller, but if I could get to choose one dream vacation it would be Greece. I almost had the opportunity. My church was hosting a 14 day trip through Greece and Turkey to follow the steps of St. Paul. I went to the inquiry meeting and it would cost $4000 per person---the same amount it would cost me to take my 3 girls on our first and only family vacation to Disney. I love my girls more than I love myself I guess. If I start putting a little away each week, maybe I can go with you as our retirement vacation. What do you think?

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