Monday, June 30, 2008

Oldies but goodies, movies continued............

Nobody was more beautiful then Elizabeth Taylor back in the day!
The infamous "Rat Pack" movies

Hello "Mrs. Robinson"
Let's not forget James Dean!
I loved all these movies Bob Hope always made me laugh!
Oh the singing and the dancing!
These two were a hoot together! They played off of eachother so well!

Frankly my dear "I don't give a damn"
One of my all time favorite movies, you gotta love Father O'Malley!

Classic film so taboo in the day wasn't it?
Classic movie by the classiest of ladies!

My all time favorite Christmas movie in the original black and white haven't missed it once in all my 41 years!

The dance world was never the same after this movie!
The music, the people such talent in this flick!
A genuine classic!
I have seen this movie most often of all. I even own a collector's edition of it! I also seen the stage production of it about 16 years ago in Toronto!

So you see ladies, thanks to my wonderful parents I have been very educated in the movie world! Both my parents are movie buffs and thanks to them I am too!

We often still call eachother and say what was the name of or who was that guy or girl in???
I am the master of nothing but I sure know my movies and actors and actresses! So which one of these haven't you seen?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some of my favorite Movies

I was surprised by this movie and being a huge fan of Samuel I wasn't disappointed!

This is one of those movies that got lost somehow, grab the box of tissues sit down and really watch it! I promise you won't be disappointed!

You either love this movie or hate it...I personally love that is shows what perhaps may be going on behind closed doors...oh and the floating bag scene really makes you appreciate beauty we often overlook!

Love this movie, love how real it makes people's lives appear. The trials and tribulations of what we go through as parents, and as a couple!

I am married to a Scottish man~~enough said about this movie;)

I think every person can relate to one of these teens!

The movie I have seen just as many times as the "Breakfast Club" such a feel good movie where the good guy finally wins...

This movie surprised me so~~~I never expected to have the impact on me it did. Definitely worth the watch! This one makes you laugh, cry and really think about how you treat people!

Who never wanted to start molding clay after this movie??

Great light hearted movie about dancing which I love!

A classic that speaks volumes!

Do horrors get any better than this?

If you ever doubted you could achieve something watch this movie based on a true story!

The first time I watched this I laughed so hard, I cried it's hilarious!

The final scene is worth wait!

Do love stories get any better than this??

The cinematography, and fighting scenes in this movie are superb!

Based on a true story, the first ever recorded haunting in American history really weird but interesting!

So ladies anything you have to recommend to me? I love movies so it was hard to pick a few but these all represent different types, and styles of films! So tag you are all it! Let me know what your favorites are and why? Let the movie games begin................................Classics are classics we know which ones they are so I didn't mention them here;)


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautiful Ladies of Hollywood

Timeless~~~~~beauty Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly~~her name says it all she was so graceful!
Sandra Bullock, girl next door yet exquisite!
Jodie Foster a class act, " The Brave One" great movie!
Jennifer Aniston natural beauty
Jessica Alba the body we all wish we had! Then again a few hundred thousand dollars, a personal trainer, a chef, a hairdresser, a good plastic surgeon and a good make-up artist and hey were there!;)
Kate Hudson I think she is so beautiful and she does look like her mom!
Charlize Theron is there anything she can't wear?
Cameron Diaz gotta love her silly laugh!
Demi Moore a classic loved her in "GI Jane"
Diane Keaton "Something's Gotta Give" Classic beauty
Halle Berry (she looks just like a friend of mine I like to call "killer" he he he

Well I figured I showed the hunks of Hollywood, or at least my opinion of who is hot! So thought I would share who I think the beautiful ladies of Hollywood are too!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sexy Men of Hollywood

Must have had a brain fart how did I forget this man?? This one is for you Kathy;) David Beckham
Taye Diggs~~"How Stella Got Her Groove Back" I think I would get my groove back too! Did I mention this was also filmed in Jamaica!!hmmmm (lol)
OOps!*%# How did hubby get in here;)
Kevin Spacey~~" American Beauty"
Mel Gibson~~"Braveheart"
Matthew McConaughey (ahem) Need I say more?
He's so cute he gets 2 pics!
Oops I did it again with Taye Diggs, can you say 6 pack?!

Ahhh George~~ER hasn't been the same without you!
How cute is this?
Sean Patrick~~"Boondock Saints" great flick, what a cutie!
Sean Connery the infinite gentleman! Ohh and that accent;)
Ok so Channing Tatum is young but dam did they look like this when I was this age?~~ "Step Up"

I figured you are all probably so tired of seeing Jamaica pics thought I better give you ladies some eye candy for awhile and maybe you'll come back and visit? LOL
Enjoy the pics! Ps there are more Jamaica pics listed in posts below this one;)

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