Saturday, August 23, 2008

All About Jacob

Waiting for his award in Tae Kwon Do class!
Losing his shorts swimming with the dolphins (lol)
First day of School this year isn't he gorgeous! He looks so much like his dad and has the funniest personality! He is always making me laugh!
My sleeping angel I love this picture of him!
Him acting silly!
Sitting with his best friend our Tally!
His cheesy grin;)
He loves the camera! I even found pics on my camera of his butt (lol) I didn't post those though!!

A big cheer for his 5th grade start! And soon he will have his provisional black belt! Not bad for a 10 year old! He is so smart and wise beyond his years!
We love you Jacob;)

Mommy;) xoxoxoxo


Bridget said...

What a heart breaker in the making you have there...he looks so much like his dad...very cute!
You can see in the photos that he has a lot of personality too.

I miss those first day of school pictures!

Anonymous said...

French, Jacob is so handsome! He has a great smile and looks to be full of personality! He does look look just like his daddy!

I laughed out loud when you said you found pics of his butt cheeks! LOL That is sooooo typical of a 10 year old..... lol!

Tell Jacod, "Way to go with the Tae Kwon Do" Getting his black belt at the age of 10 is awesome! I bet he is really good. Tell him to stick with it! By the time he is 16 he will probally be a 5th degree blackbelt!

ttyl Girlie!

Rue said...

Good morning French :)

He's a real cutie pie! Does he like older woman?? Annie's going to be 13 this year. Maybe we can set Annie and Jacob up and then we'd be in-laws ;)


Justine said...

Hi Jacob! You sure are a handsome guy. Would you mind very much if I borrowed your perfectly arched eyebrows?

Justine :o )

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Frenchie you do have a cutie there! He looks so happy, I think ten year old boys are the perfect age because there are no girl trobles yet and they are so independent!

Was that dolphin pic taken in Jamaica?

My husband just now saw your pic and asked if you are Helen Hunt! He looves Helen Hunt so now he has a crush on you! Oh well!

cedwards55 said...

How cute is he? Get ready for those girls to start calling. If I remember correctly, 5th grade is the year. Oh those girls are so cheeky! Jacob, you have a great year at school and continue to set goals for yourself. Wow, I'm impressed with your ta kwon do acheivements.

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow...he certainly is as handsome as his dad! There is nothing like the fun and energy of a young man in the house. And congrats to him on his accomplishments in Tae Kwon do!

Twice as Nice said...

He's a cutie! He looks alot like his mom and sis. Both of your children are darling. It's nice to have one of each.

Anonymous said...

Hey French Fry, I wanted to pop in to see little handsome Jacob again! He is one good looking kid! You'd better get ready for the girls to start banging the door down and ringing the phone off of the hook. (lol)


onlymehere said...

YAY, congrats on how well he's doing in the sport! He is a handsome boy and I can see why you think he looks like his dad! I'm glad to see you post a picture of him bz for some reason I didn't know you had him!!! LOL!

imjacobsmom said...

Oh, he's such a cutie! (I've got a Jacob, too. Mine's starting high school this year....I think that I am the only mom that was crying at the orientation - after all he's still my baby) ~ Robyn

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey! Oh your son is so cute...and I love that big picture of you and Darling are beautiful girl! I can tell hubby is in heaven with you...y'all look like a match made in heaven, a perect couple! Have a great week and you are cracking me up with the kitty picture. LOL!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

What a handsome little man you have!! Have the phones started ringing yet??? I bet moms now days are happy to have caller ID. No more hang up calls like we had in our day. lol Hugs, Terrie

Kathy said...

Like father like son, Jacob is adorable and looks a lot of fun,and a black belt to, you must be so proud of your family. Kathy.

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