Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Before...Afters... and still In Progress!!!

Kitchen before and after a few tweaks!
New table and chairs, stained existing picture frames darker, sewed a new valance better yes?
The entry before the new chest and painted walls and door!
The new added chest;)
The painted black door! I actually should have taken another pic because we have since removed the white mutins from the side windows and have added a really cool patterned glass!

My bathroom that got so many great reviews on RMS and I still can't figure out why because it's nothing special!
Now it's this with the walls painted slightly darker and more touches of coral throughout!
We actually would like to tear out the whole thing and start over! Maybe one day;0)

Do any of you remember this from RMS? My Laundry Room before picture isn't it hideous! LOL!
Ahh this is much better...still need new machines though...
Voila! Finally! As some of you may know or may not know the day we got back from Jamaica my washer flooded the laundry room! Of course because I had 40 million loads of laundry to do! Needless to say we HAD to buy new ones...Tally still can't get use to all the funny noises!

This was hard to find but it's the first picture of our living room only 3 days after moving in! You may have to click this picture to get a better view!

Then this....before the large wall was painted and I had a bad "mistreatment" happening!
Now this! Much better but have some more ideas for this room;)
Looking in from the entry not bad but still needs some tweaks!

My first RMS bedroom picture....yes they totally crucified this room! It was still in progress!
I then got this point!
And finally here! Then I began reading about the British Colonial style, and found my inspiration bed!
Another work still in progress!

So many projects still in progress!! Does it ever end? Will I ever be satisfied? Always looking to improve and re-do! I have learned so much from RMS, blogging friends and my Interior Design class! I still doubt myself at times and have to stop doing that! My gut is usually right! Now that I have bored you all to tears, suggestions anyone? Not doing anything any time soon but always like ideas!

Until next time!

Hugs French xoxoxo


artis1111 said...

You never get done!. By the time the last room is done you start redoing the first one.Heee Kathy

Twice as Nice said...

Every room looks wonderful. I'm constantly changing things in my house too. Thank goodness my husband just lets me have at it. I'm going to paint the kids bathroom. I think it's the fourth time in the nine years we've lived here.

You've shown how just a few changes can make a big impact in a room. The deep rich brown accent furniture looks so yummy. Sometimes we get alittle stumped when it comes to our own homes but we have a lot of ideas for someone elses. I seem to get bored easily with mine. Your home looks very warm and inviting. You did a great job. Love it.

Justine said...

If you ask me, you've got exquisite taste! I love every single change you've made thus far. That new table and chairs in the dining area is gorgeous! The new valance looks so much better too. I've always loved your living room. there's something so relaxing about it. And I love your door painted black!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait till you get that new bed and see what it looks like in there. It'll be perfection, I'm sure!

Justine :o )

Picket said...

Morning Frenchie..ohhhh I love all the changes..the darker richer colors...oh my word they are so pretty...and your new washer & dryer...be still my heart!!!! lol lol You know I remember on RMS you with your beautiful taste and style & me with my country sampler ways and trying so hard to lesrn how to make what I loved look at it's best..you just were always so kind and encouraging to me....I find myself second guessing everything now & I use to never be that way...I know I learned so much from RMS and I am thankful but gosh girl it sometimes feels like I lost a little piece of who I am...that's why I am trying to find a happy medium! lol lol I love your style and your beautiful home and your beautiful spirit that makes you who you are..have a great day sweetie and thanks so much for always being such an encourager to me!

Penny said...

Excellent transformations! I had to go back to the "before" a couple of times to make sure it really was the same room! The dining room really took on a change with the new furniture and the darker frames.

The bedroom was nice, but now it's freaking beautiful with that bed and well, just all of it.

Foyer, again, what a transformation. I also painted our front door black and I like it pretty well. It really tied in better with the iron stair railings. Would love to see your glass inserts!

The living room is so cozy and beautiful I can't imagine what you want to change. the only little bitty suggestion I would have is to consider painting the ceiling the same color as the lighter wall. I have a vaulted ceiling also and when I painted it the same color it instantly felt right. Just like painting the door black! LOL

We still have the same GE w/d from 1982! Since we have no real children they don't get the use most families give them I guess. Somehow I manage to do a load almost everyday though. I look at the new ones and thank god I don't have to buy them yet. Knock on wood!

Loved seeing your pictures!


Donna said...

French Fry!!!!! Im here... just overly busy at work yesterday and today!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Im taking off from work for the next three days. Im headed back to Sea Isle City until Friday then taking Michaela to Dorney Park in Pennsylvania on Saturday. She starts back to School on the 3rd of Sept.

I am sooooo loving the changes in your house! I dont think decorating ever ends.

Hey, I went to go see those lamps, they were beautiful, but they were midgets! (LOL) Way too short for what I need! So, I am back to the drawing board! :)



Penny said...

I thought you'd like the big sailboat. That thing is HUGE. Makes an excellent room divider though. He lives on Lake Lanier, a big lake right outside of Atlanta so it really is perfect in his home. For a singly guy, he really does have it going on! I guess it helps that his ex wife is an interior decorator and they are still good friends. :-)

Have a funtastic day!

onlymehere said...

I love all the changes you've made. I certainly know where to come when finances allow me to redo a few rooms. Even just when I can get to painting them! Thanks for your kind words on my latest blogs. It may not seem like much but the baby steps are helping! LOL. Cindy

cindy said...

Well, lets hope decorating never ends..what would I "do" then?...your new dining table and chairs are awesome!..It all looks so pulled together now. Your bedroom is beautiful...(I just dont seem to get "it" like you did about putting the bed together)....so, thanks for showing me the before and after, I think it will help me.:) ~Cindy~

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Donna your house is outstanding!! That dining furniture took my breath away! You have a Caribbean flair in your decorating for sure!

LOL! I get how Justine would think it's a differnt room though, the bedroom was totally transformed with the new bed! Very Hemmingway! oh and it's the only shot with the two windows in it.

Continue to have fun tweaking!!

nikkicrumpet said...

Well you're surely doing something right...because the end results of every space are ultrafabulous. I've always been a fan of your bedroom. I love the large round mirror over your fireplace..that room looks so great. Your whole home is totally pulled together. You got SKILLZ girl!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Lisa, I have always loved your style. You have wonderful taste!!
Hugs, Terrie

Kathy said...

Hey Frenchie, Love all of your home, I am surprised that you were surprised about the great reaction to your bathroom, as it was your accessorising that was perfect, you have such a talent for it, I think it can either "make" or "break" a room and you always seem to "make a room" do not doubt yourself for one second you have talent french you really do. missed ya, hugs, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Please post photo of your new glass at entry door - can't wait to see!

:-) Also, would love to get your advise on 'one' GREAT source for decorating in 'British Colonial/Tropical Island' style as I'm working on my Fathers' bedroom.

As always... love your blog and decorating style. (When you tire of the lamp in your laundry room I'd be willing to take it off your hands. LOL! ) - SherylCanadianGirl

Elizabeth said...

On my blog, you asked about memes. I only know this because I looked it up on a few sites, so it's just a bunch of pop culture garbage definitions!

To answer the question of "what is a meme" (any thought or behavior that can be passed from one person to another by means of imitation. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, gestures, practices, fashions, habits, songs and dances. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus.) from the Greek, mimeme, something being imitated. The term was originally coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in reference to natural selection.
In the blogging world, a "tag" is a one-shot deal that you pass on, and a meme is considered a voluntary, regular activity. But based on the definition of passing on ideas, they are both memes, as is just seeing something and copying/revising the idea.

French said...

Sheryl I thought you seen my reply!! I had it posted on the side bar for a few days! Will post it again for you;) French!!

Bridget said...

Beautiful post of your beautiful home. Your bedroom in particular looks like it is straight out of a magazine.

angelo said...

Funny that you asked about your episode. I was just looking at a rough cut of your episode and saw you and your husband featured beautifully in it. I believe it airs this Thursday! It is our season 1 finale episode and you guys couldn't have been a better couple to help us end the season. The homeowner's getting the makeover were THRILLED to have met you and I was truly inspired by your enthusiasm and love for design. The production office should be sending you a DVD of your episode. Hope you enjoy it. BTW, your bedroom transformation is absolutely stellar! Keep challenging yourself, keep moving the furniture and make LOTS of mistakes...it's THE only way to figure out "what's right." Best, Angelo

twizzis said...

Oh French, how far we have come...haven't we? Fine tuning our decorating abilities and the adventure along the way might very well be a life defining moment...hahaha! Well, if anything, it's been fun feathering and adorning our nests with a new eye since RMS. May your decorating perspectives and inspirations never end, my friend!

Old House Junkie said...

French, I liked your dining area before, but you've taken it to a whole new level. Love it. ohj

SchmeckyGirl said...

What a metamorphasis in your bedroom!!! Your home looks great with the British Colonial style. I do love the pops of coral. Great job. It was fun to look at all the pics. Just the darker stain on those picture frames made a huge difference!

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