Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank You for the Overwhelming Kindness;)

So sorry if I confused everyone with yesterday's post! I promise it was not intentional! I had been informed that the episode of RMS that was filmed here would be airing. The state newspaper also wanted to publish a story to coincide with the show, so the newspaper called and confirmed it with the producers at HGTV! Well for whatever reason the date and show was rescheduled to a later date, September 11th! No biggie I just really felt bad for the reporter more than anything! This actually allows more time to plan a get together with neighbors and friends, and YOU are ALL invited!! Nikki says she wants to be the first to laugh at my dorky azz (he he) Most offered to have wine with me, I suggest you just knock me out and wake me when it's over! Justine really just wants to check out my hubby some more (lol)!! Hey what's up with not answering the poll I am taking? I know more of you have visited than voted! Be honest, I can take it! I find it funny that most want to talk decorating since there are so many out there so much better than I am at teaching it, or even doing it! Heck I am still learning myself! You really have no idea how much it meant to me to have had the outpouring of well wishes! I am truly thankful and grateful more than words could ever express~~~

Hugs and love French;)


Twice as Nice said...

I started spreading the news and then had to visit people and tell them it was a new date. I read your blog so early in the morning and thought I had read it wrong. People probably think I'm nutty!
Atleast you have more time to prepare and make sure you call all the long lost relatives! I know I'll be watching.
Twin and I are planning a Get to Know us blog next week with a give away. Be sure to stop by.
Have a great weekend.Twin2

Anonymous said...

Hey French Fry! I just got in...and I'm dog tired! I will be back out in the morning on my way to dorney park. Geez... I'm sorry I'm going. I'm pooped!

I'm glad I didn't miss your episode! (smile!)


artis1111 said...

When I got on TV I got all discomboubled. I ended up with my chin quivering. I was such a ninny!You look like a WEATHER GIRL .Born to do TV!! Kathy

Penny said...

I'm planning a little RMS episode party here at my house in honor of you! My poodle girls may be the only ones that come, but by gosh they love what I love so we'll all have fun. I really and truly am excited and will tell all my friends not to miss it!

About your poll, how about just keep on doing what you're doing?! I little decorating, life questions, your dog, your husband, family, you know, anything that's on YOUR mind. You don't have a check mark for that!


Buffie said...

Well I for one am thrilled to death that it didn't air! I forgot to set my recorder and I was so upset! Whew! Now I can watch it for sure!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I set my DVR and I've taken the poll! Like Justine, I'm just in it for hubby!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey French! Thanks for coming over...sure pink clothes counts! LOL! I have just read your post and am I understanding correctly that your home will be featured on RMS on tv on Sept. 11, wow! Congrats! I will definately be tuning in. That's so exciting! I can hardly wait....your home is beautiful.

I know what you mean about hurricane season. We are in the Florida Panhandle about 30 miles inland, and we are watching Gustav and Hanna. I hate hurricane season too. Keep praying for those in the path of these's going to devastate wherever it goes.

Hope you have a great week sweetie!


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