Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If I had a million dollars......

If I had a million dollars and money to play with here are a few things I would probably splurge on.....Love this chair and table!
Think these wall sconces are awesome!

Love this chest! It's so unique and the in-laid wood is awesome!

I think I love this little table!

My fellow RMS'er had this and I am still lusting after it! (ahem Jules!)

This is what my backyard would look like!

I think this rug would look great in my bedroom!

Love this lingerie chest!!

I think this chandelier would look really nice in my dining room, with just a touch of sparkle!

Of course I can window shop right?????

Maybe I will play the lotto tomorrow just for can dream!!

PS...the board above was my final project for Interior Design class...I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to do a very modern/contemporary room! It was a lot of fun to do!

Hugs, French;)


Bridget said...

When I win my million, we are all going on a shopping trip to treat of course!
What a fun thing to think about...I think I would go modern too if I had the money to start all over again.

Kathy said...

oh!! count me in Bridget, a girls shopping trip in Milan maybe stop in Rome, Paris, London and of course New York on the way back

French you have exceptional taste
I love everything you have chosen.
hugs, Kathy.

Kathy said...

The trick is to turn beer into champers and going by your beautiful home, that is exactly what you did girl.

If you do a "round the world shopping post" don't you forget to include me Frenchie, I may be "on the bus" but I will be checking in haha, have fun take care hugs, Kathy. xoxo.

Linda/"Mom..." said...

~Great choices, FrenchFry, and soooo "you"! I would have thought your FIRST "purchase" would have been a breezy island house, tho! (Ahhhh, I got it! These are some of the new things you plan to use IN that new house, right?!?)~ Hugs, Linda

artis1111 said...

Now you need a bigger house to put all the things in.I think there is money left. More shopping!!!!!!Kathy

Penny said...

I love all of your choices French! Love your board too! They say that the older you get the more you want to go modern. I haven't gotten there yet! HAHA
Seriously though, some of the modern stuff is so nice, I just wouldn't know how to mix it in. I've learned a bit though from hpj's posts on RMS. Her formal living room has both traditional and modern. Maybe one of these days I'll get up the confidence to mix it up a bit.
Bridget, keep playing the lotto, I wanna go too!

Donna said...

Super choices Girly!!! I love your taste... which is why I need all of the input that I can get!!!! :) I have decided to dedicate my sunroom to you:) I am going to slowly but surely take a stab at "British Colonial" Design... I am going to need your help!!!! Now if I had a million dollars.... hmmmm I would definately start my own WMBE (Women's Minority Business Enterprise) Construction Service, and of course I would shop until I drop with all of my RMS/Blogging friends!

Justine said...

Love every single thing you picked to buy with that million dollars. If you do win, buy two of each and send the double to me!

Have you read Artie's latest post? Absolutely hysterical!

Justine :o )

onlymehere said...

Love that chest that you picked out. The little round table would look great in my house too! If I had a million dollars I have to say the first thing I'd do is build a one level house. I live on a multilevel and my old body can't do it any more! Next I'd travel. Since my husband doesn't like to travel maybe you'd like to go along!

Picket said...

Beautiful treasures Frenchie..and so you..I love the new header pic and that magazine cover with your pretty kitchen! The colors in that rug you choose are gorgeous..I want one of those! Hope you are having a great day sweetie1

nikkicrumpet said...

Hey French!

Thanks so much for stopping by my fledgling blog. I always get so thrilled when I get new visitors. I get all squealy and my hubby thinks I've finally gone over the edge into the pit of insanity! When you asked if you could add one of your favorite RMS'rs to your blog list I was thinking yeah but add ME TOO! And if it's ok I'm adding yours...but then if its not ok I'm still adding yours hehehe. And I'm going shopping with you but I'm gonna get that zebra chair first! This old body can still move when there is something that gorgeous to grab!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Frenchfry, Love the lingerie chest. Do you remember who makes it? If I had a million dollars, hmmmm? I have to think about that. I'd definitely go shopping with all of the good friends I've met @ RMS and blogland in the last year. What fun! Wishing you sweet dreams, Carol

Dzynbyjules said...

Mornin Darlin', What a coincidence! As I was dusting the beloved zebra box, I was thinking about you, and wondering what you were up to. Then I remember an old post of yours mentioned that you had a blog, and after tracking you down, I've stumbled upon a little cyber-oaisis here! AND, when I saw the picture of that chair, my heart skipped a beat and had to click on it immediately. THEN, to my astonishment, I saw that you had posted MY lil' zebra box! How funny/sweet! I thought for a moment first that your husband finally tracked it down and swiped it from my family room... I had to check to see if it was still there!!! lol Funny how you can look at an old accessory of yours and be sweetly reminded each time of a person you've never even met before. Love that! Almost had an opportunity to transfer back down to SC, Charleston actually, and I thought how cool it would be, to instead of virtual shop, do some reality shopping together! What a blast we'd have, and the trouble we could get into girl??? I could just imagine rolling down the isles fighting over who would get the zebra rug, or old leather suitcases! Alas, the transfer didn't happen, and I'm still trying to recover from the on-line home I found that I'd already "mentally" moved all our furniture into. What a rollercoaster ride! Anyhoo, enough rambling, got to get back to finishing my sitting room before heading out to play some golf for the weekend. Just know you are in my thoughts, and I hope all is going well for you. I'll stop back when I get a little more time and check out this amazing blog in greater detail! Thanks for the spotlight on my zebra box, if you saw it in person, I know I'd have an empty spot on my server... did I tell you the finish on it is like piano keys? (ebony & ivory) I know, you're now thinking of planning a trip to IL soon!!! It'll be here! Take care sweetie, Jules:)

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