Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Million Dollar Shopping Adventure!

Let's start our trip in sunny Florida drinking some Margaritas!! I hear the shopping here is wonderful at all the outlet malls;)

Then of course we charter a private jet over to the shopping mecca New York and rent out the penthouse overlooking the city, of course here we order some Martini's! We make stops at Chanel, Prada, Coach and so many others!

Then off to Las Vegas I mean after all we have a few extra dollars to gamble with right? Oh and the drink here is a Brandy Alexander!

Then off to Arizona for a Mimosa or two in the early morning! Let's not forget the spa treatment we will get while here! Manicures, pedicures and massages mmmmmm!!

After a few days of "chillaxing" we are whisked off to the mountains for some "girl talk" let's sit by the fire and tell scary stories and tell funny stupid men jokes!!!

Can't remember how we got here maybe it was the Martini's but isn't it divine! (lol)

Our private getaway on our own island! They have amazing hand crafted goods made of wood and stone! Think I need a giraffe of some sort! Who cares what we drink as long as it has bananas, coconuts with little umbrellas!
>Time to fly to England and long trans-Atlantic flight! What movies are we gonna watch!
What's the choice of drink I suppose beer~~~I will pass here I think I am getting a hangover!

Then off to Greece! Who can shop here the history is so amazing as are the views! Can you say Vodka?

Now off to Italy~~ now we are living it up BIG time! Now can you imagine the food we will eat here! Yummy! Who wants to eat what? Where do we begin to shop here! A glass of Chianti please;)

At last our final destination...a small bed and breakfast in Niagara Falls, after all we need a vacation after all that drinking, shopping and travelling;) Oh did I mention the B&B is on a vineyard!
Ok so the funny thing is I am not even a real big drinker an occasional glass of wine or a Martini will do! ( Must be the shopping making me thirsty!)
Hugs French;)


Kathy said...

I loved it, all of it, but now I have a hangover and have to get on another plane in the morning geeeezzzz. hubby is about to pull the plug so see you when I get back hugs Kathy.

artis1111 said...

Can you say , I'll have another!. Beautiful pictures French.Kathy

Rue said...

I haven't drank like that in years... I need to go lay down now...... ;) Fun trip!

love ya,

Justine said...

Ooh, this was fun! And look, we practically ended up in Artie's backyard at the end! Boy am I tired now. Whew!

Justine :o )

onlymehere said...

Boy do you know how to travel! I know who to call when I retire and get to see the world!

Penny said...

That was fun. Let's do it again!
I haven't had a Brandy Alexander in years. Hmmmm.... might have to make that again soon!

Buffie said...

Either it's the shopping or hanging around ME too much, LOL! Wow, I had fun but I left my Prada bag in Gigi's luggage, hope she'll give it back, you know her! lol

Bridget said...

Prada bag? Hmmm? I have no idea what Buffie is referring to!

i've tagged you to play a little blog/music game if you are interested! Come by my space for details.

Old House Junkie said...

French, I'm so tipsy I may have posted twice-I know something funky happened! You ladies are a bad influence, I usually stick to one type of drink, but I just HAD to succomb to all that peer pressure. Thanks for sharing your blog award with me-made my day! ohj

Bridget said...

"I Did it My Way!" could be your theme song! i love that you do it your way. Stay that way! You are a special lady. {{{{{LISA}}}}}} Love ya girl!!!!

Buffie said...

Just wanted to check in with you...hope it's going ok...I'm thinking of you during this time...

Deb said...

Ok Lisa, now you did it up! We're shopping in the right places now! Deb

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Lisa did we actually shop? I just remember laughing and having a grand ol time!!

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